About FBE

Faculty Vision, Mission and Core Values



The Faculty of Business and Economics aims to be a leading institution in Asia for business and economics education and research.

Core Values

We strive to hone knowledge and skills that are distinctive and purposeful to make an impact.

We engage in innovative activities that advance businesses to create value for society.

Global Orientation
We broaden our horizons and endeavor to leverage globalization for benefits of society.

Social Responsibility
We promote a culture of integrity, ethicality and professionalism to contribute meaningfully as citizens of our communities.


  • Recruit bright, intellectually curious and motivated students.
  • Provide the highest quality education in business and economics.
  • Advance the frontiers of business and economics knowledge by fostering innovative research that addresses significant global and regional issues.
  • Promote understanding and acceptance of diversities in cultures and values.
  • Build and utilize knowledge of globalization to improve efficiency and effectiveness of individuals and organizations.
  • Cultivate the principles of ethics and social responsibility.
  • Develop leaders in business, society and scholarship.