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Programme Details & Objectives

Programme Details

The Master of Business Administration (International) is a two to four years part-time Programme jointly offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics of The University of Hong Kong and the School of Management of Fudan University in Shanghai. The Programme is intended for executives with a proven track record as they progress in their business career. There are two streams under the IMBA Programme - General Stream and Executive Stream.

MBA (International) – General Stream

This is open to graduates who shall comply with the General Regulations of The University of Hong Kong and have attained a satisfactory level of performance in GMAT, GRK or equivalent. They shall also satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination if required and shall be a manager who can provide evidence of successful business experience of at least three years.

This programme is flexibly designed. Students are required to attend classes for one-and-a-half days per week, either Friday afternoon plus the whole day Saturday, or the whole day Sunday plus Monday afternoon.

MBA (International) – Executive Stream

This is open to senior executives with minimum 7 years of track-able full time work experience, of which 3 years are in the middle to senior management position. Classes are scheduled in block mode from Friday to Monday.

The Programme emphasizes regional applicability, professional relevance, and innovation. The IMBA Programme is housed in modern seminar rooms in Fudan University in Shanghai. Students will be taught by faculties from both Fudan University and The University of Hong Kong.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the Programme are:

  • To provide advanced management education which has a multi-disciplinary approach and an international perspective with emphasis on the Asian region;
  • To provide the opportunity for candidates to specialise in a number of fields in management; and
  • To develop essential managerial skills in dynamic international business settings.

At the end of the Programme, candidates are expected to be able to take a strategic overview of management and to analyse the complex and inter-related demands on management from the perspectives of the various stakeholders of the business enterprise with the context both of local needs and the global economy.

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