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Words from MEcon Alumni

Words from MEcon Alumni

  Karen Qian
(Class of 2007)
Sales Director of Greater China,
Fitch Solutions, Hong Kong


The one-year intensive HKU MEcon programme is demanding intellectually, however, proved to be very rewarding by laying out a good foundation for my job in Hong Kong. Not only I have gained solid understanding of economic principles, but also made great friends through projects and after-class study groups. This together helped me start fast with my career in Hong Kong.
  The MEcon programme at HKU equipped me with a thorough understanding of economic and financial knowledge. The exchange with experienced faculty and classmates right in the financial heart of Asia prepared me well for a global career.
Joe Buetzler
(Class of 2009)
CFO, Linde Engineering,
Dalian & Hangzhou


  Yaran Zhang
(Class of 2009)
Associate Director,
Moody's Analytic, US


The year of MEcon study was a very exciting journey to me, in which I felt filled up with new knowledge and information every day, and got lots of chances to learn from the people at the frontier of research side and business side -- very challenging and encouraging too!
  The MEcon programme provided me with a solid foundation in economics and was instrumental in helping me build a career as a professional economist.
Tristan Zhuo
(Class of 2009)
Senior Economist,
Bank of China (HK), Hong Kong


  Ashley Khoo
(Class of 2010)
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts, Hong Kong


I greatly enjoyed HKU’s MEcon experience, and made new friends as well as professional contacts. The curriculum was both topical and practical, the faculty was world-class, and the diversity of the student body reflects the course's standing as a truly international MEcon programme.
  I am originally from Singapore, working in Beijing for a Chinese Private Equity Fund Management Company that has portfolio companies in China and overseas. It is quite difficult to fully understand all of the business and cultural nuances of China. The Chinese economy and business landscape is moving faster than any other markets. This programme really provided me with insightful on-the-ground Eastern and Western perspectives on management and business environments.
Kevin Chung
(Class of 2011)
Group Vice President,
Lancapital Investment Holdings Group, Beijing


  Leon Qi
(Class of 2011)
Director, Head of China FIG Research,
Daiwa Capital Markets (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong


HKU MEcon was a great experience to me in gaining both academic excellence and broadening exposure in the modern economic analysis through classroom discussions, public lectures, individual projects, and peer-group cooperation. I appreciate the flexibility offered to explore the areas that are most appealing to each individual – monetary policy practice to me. The vulnerable global economy and volatile financial markets after GFC call for talents with rigorous economics theory and well-versed market understanding. I believe HKU MEcon is one of the programmes to advance in both.
  HKU MEcon offered me deep and broad exposure in fundamental theories and practical implications in economics, which helped me hone not only my analytical and technical skills, but also presentation skills and market understanding, through interaction with practitioners and other part-time students.
Nick Chan
(Class of 2012)
JPMorgan Chase & Co., Hong Kong


  Carrie Liu
(Class of 2012)
Investment Manager,
CNCB (HK) Investment Ltd,
Hong Kong


HKU MEcon programme provides not only a valuable learning experience which you'll treasure in future academic and professional life, but also an initiative platform where diversified social network can be developed, entrepreneurship enlightened and global vision broadened. It is a rewarding experience and a great asset of my life. So will be yours!
  HKU MEcon completes me, on top of my technical actuarial background, with a broad spectrum of exposure from public policy to data analysis. The critical thinking skills involved are not only valuable at work, but also indispensable to day-to-day problem solving. I am very pleased to have joined the curriculum.
Danny Choi
(Class of 2014)
(Actuarial Service and Strategy),
Food and Health Bureau,
HKSAR Government


  Terrence Lo
(Class of 2014)
Head of Equity Trading,
Bank of China (HK), Hong Kong


The MEcon programme adds great value to working professionals to sharpen their knowledge on the subject.

This is probably one of the best choices in Asia.
  The experience at HKU MEcon has been one of my most memorable moments. Not only have I learnt the skills that can be applied to my work, I’ve also joined a family of MEcon buddies who share common values and interests. I’m proud to have been part of the family.
Ken Liu
(Class of 2015)
Vice President,
Taikang AMCHK, Hong Kong


  Zeno Lui
(Class of 2015)
Manager, Private Banking,
Standard Chartered Bank,
Hong Kong


I got deeper & broader exposure in various aspects of economics through HKU MEcon. The programme also enabled me to explore other courses offered in the MBA and MFin Courses, which in turn, further expanded the spectrum of knowledge offered to me. These would require commitments, good time management and inevitably some heavy-liftings at times, but the result has been equally rewarding. There is no doubt that I made a right choice to come to HKU MEcon.