1. What are the prerequisites for admission?

To be eligible, a candidate should:

  • hold a Bachelor's degree of this University; or a qualification of equivalent standard from this University or another comparable institution accepted for this purpose;
  • obtain statements from two referees, regarding the suitability for the programme; and
  • obtain a TOEFL/IELTS score* if he/she is not from an English teaching university.

For the Financial Technology Stream, candidates with computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics, or science and technology related background are highly preferred. 

* A score of 577 or above (paper-based test), 233 (computer-based test), or 90 (internet-based test) in TOEFL, or a minimum overall band of 7 with no subtest lower than 6.5 in IELTS is required.

Exceptional performance in one dimension may compensate another dimension.  


2. What factors are considered in admission decision?

We will consider the overall assessment of the degree honors/GPA, referees' recommendation and working experience, if any.


3. I am not sure if I need to take the TOEFL.

An applicant who wishes to be admitted on the basis of a qualification from an university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong where the language of teaching or examination is not English is required to obtain a score of 577 or above (paper-based test), 233 or above (computer-based test) or 90 or above (internet-based test) in the TOEFL. Test scores that are more than 2 years old will not be accepted.

A minimum overall band of 7 with no subtest lower than 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is also accepted as an equivalent standard.


4. What is the HKU code number for TOEFL?

The HKU code number for TOEFL is 9671.


5. Do I need to submit my GMAT/GRE score?

GMAT/GRE scores are not required, but a good GMAT/GRE score will be favorably considered and can be helpful for marginal cases. Should candidates wish to submit a GMAT or GRE score, they should upload a copy of the test report together with other supporting documents to the application system.


6. How can I submit the degree certificate and transcript?

Supporting documents as listed below should be uploaded to the on-line application system by logging in https://sweb.hku.hk/tola/servlet/CreateUserScreen/loginForm before the application deadline or expiry of the application account (which is valid for four weeks only), whichever is earlier: 

  • Latest official academic transcripts
  • Award certificate/ degree certificate (學位證書), if available
  • Graduation certificate (畢業證書), only applicable to Mainland China students
  • English language score report (TOEFL or IELTS), if applicable
  • Proof of internship experience of all positions, or full-time employment of the most recent one, whichever is applicable
  • Certificate for professional qualification (e.g. CFA), if applicable

The original copy of supporting documents is NOT required at the application stage. Should a candidate be given an admission offer by the Programme, he/she will receive notification of the need to submit original/certified true copy of the documents by one of the following methods:

  • get your documents duly declared as true copies before a notary public (e.g. A Commissioner for Oaths at a District Office in Hong Kong), or certified by the appropriate officials of your institution if you are an overseas applicant; or 
  • send your documents directly by the issuing authority.  

The above is also applicable to HKU undergraduates.  



7. How can I submit the recommendation letters?

Applicants should download the form of reference from the application website and invite two referees to complete the form. Completed forms of reference should be emailed to mfinref@hku.hk by referees via their valid email accounts before the application deadline.   


8. What is the cost of the programme?

The proposed tuition fee for the 2018-2019 intake is HK$381,600. The fee shall be payable in 3 installments over one year for full-time study or 6 installments over two years for part-time study, irrespective of the number of courses taken in each module.

Subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned, advanced standing of core courses, except the capstone course, may be granted and the tuition fees will be deducted by HK$31,800 per course accordingly. There is also a non-refundable application fee of HK$300.

Note: The fees are subject to final approval of the University.


9. Is there any financial aids, scholarships, fellowships or loans for this programme?

Local students of the MFin Programme can apply for Non-means Tested Loan Scheme offered by the HKSAR Government.

The Master of Finance Scholarship shall be awarded to new students in the Master of Finance Programme on the basis of academic merit at the time of admission. The number of scholarships to be awarded shall not exceed 10% of the intake number in the relevant academic year.  The value of each scholarship shall range from 10-50% of the prevailing Master of Finance tuition fee, subject to the performance of the candidates. All eligible candidates will automatically be considered and no application for the Scholarship is required. 

Fargo Wealth Excellence Scholarship is donated by Fargo Consulting Limited which was set up by a group of Master of Economics (MEcon) and Master of Finance (MFin) alumni.  Five scholarships shall be awarded, starting from the academic year 2016-17, to full-time Year One students in the MEcon and MFin programmes on the basis of academic performance in the respective programme and contributions to the community of the MEcon and MFin Programmes. The Scholarship shall be of the value of HK$10,000 each.




10. When are the classes held?

Courses are offered on a modular basis to allow students to focus on one area of study at a time. Normally, each module consists of 7-8 weeks including the examination week. Courses are normally scheduled in the daytime at HKU Town Center in Admiralty or Cyberport Campus. Some classes are offered in weekday evenings or on Saturdays. Examinations are normally on Saturdays.

The full-time curriculum shall extend over a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of two academic years for full-time study. Students normally need to take four classes each week.


11. Can I apply for exemption and/or advanced standing?

Course Exemption

Course exemption of up to four core courses, except teh capstone course, may be granted (normally by examination) if candidates

(a) can produce evidence, such as transcript and course syllabus, that a course is equivalent in content to another course taken elsewhere for which a satisfactory grade has been obtained; or

(b) are holding relevant professional qualifications which were obtained before admission to the programme. 

No credits will be given for the exempted course and candidates shall be required to take an approved alternative course of the same credit value.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing of up to two (for single concentration) or three (for double concentration) required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted if

(a) the course is completed at a graduate, postgraduate or master level from a recognized programme elsewhere within the last four years before admission to the programme and achieved a good grade in the course; or

(b) the candidate possesses a relevant professional qualification which was obtained before admisison to the programme. 

In such cases, no replacement courses will be required and the tuition fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

Applications for course exemption and advanced standing are subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned.


12. Does concurrent registration allow in HKU?

Students registered to read for a postgraduate curriculum at this University MUST NOT be registered simultaneously to read for another qualification in this University or at another institution, except with the approval of the Board of Faculty of Business and Economics given in advance. A breach of this Regulation in Hong Kong or elsewhere may result in the student concerned being required to discontinue studies at this University.


13. Can I have an accommodation in the campus?

Full-time postgraduate students are eligible to apply for accommodation at a monthly rental charge for a single room in a number of designated halls. For details about housing for postgraduate students, please visit the website of the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) at http://web.cedars.hku.hk/pg_housing/files/docs/general-info.pdf.

CEDARS also collects and compiles data on off-campus privately-owned rooms or flats, in the vicinity of the university campus that are available for rental to students.  


14. Are MFin courses included in the list of reimbursable courses for the purpose of the Continuing Education Fund (CEF)?

The MFin Programme has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for CEF purpose. The Institution Code for HKU is 001 and the Course Code for “Master of Finance” is 23M02189-1. Please visit the following website for more details:


All CEF applications should be sent to the MFin Programme Office, together with a self-addressed envelope, for verification and then be submitted to the Office of CEF before the commencement of the programme. Please note, in accordance with the policy of CEF Office, CEF claimants in the MFin Programme would be eligible for fee reimbursement only upon their successful completion of the entire programme. They are not eligible for fee reimbursement upon completion of individual courses.

For those who completed the individual course(s) which started before April 1, 2007, they are eligible for fee reimbursement upon completion of individual courses.



15. Arrangement of classes and examinations when Typhoon or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted.

Please refer to the arrangement of the University: http://www.hku.hk/exam/.