GBIA Alumni Sharing

“Studying and living in Hong Kong and Shanghai for four weeks was a rewarding experience. The two cities were the most vibrant places in Asia and they are worth to visit in your lifetime. Not only I could build academic knowledge about the most developed cities in the world, but I also learned lifetime experience by interacting with local people and international students. “
CHOI Sung Il, Yonsei University, South Korea
"Overall the experience was very good. 4 weeks went by so fast that I didn’t even notice. I especially enjoyed the company visits in Hong Kong. The two classes were very interesting. Although towards the end the workload was a bit heavy, but our group enjoyed working on it, and I really learned a lot. I am now very interested in marketing, and I’m planning to add marketing as my second major.“
JIANG Yichun, Arizona State University, United States
"An amazing experience. In four weeks you get so many experiences, both academically and cultural. You make a new network of friends from all around the world.

After attending the program you really feel inspired to get an international career. The mix of the academics, cultural exchanges and new friends from all around the world really motivates you to pursue an international career in the future."
SKALL Thomas, Aarhus University, Denmark
"I will recommend GBIA Programme to my friends. It helped me gain understanding of China, especially its economic environment and evolving culture"

YEUNG Ivy, University of Chicago, United States