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Current Students

Building on
a Century of Excellence

Our Mentors

2016 Mentors | 2015 | 2014 |

Mr. Adam Chan
Mr. Lambert Chan
Mr. Francis Cheng
Mr. Patrick Cheng
Ms. Amy Cheung
Mr. Billy Choy
Ms. Denise Chu
Mr. Barry Ho
Ms. Celine Ho
Mr. Michael Horowitz
Mr. Johnson Kong
Mr. Tim Koo
Mr. Jacky Kwan
Dr. Kate Kwan
Mr. Frankie Kwong
Mr. Alvin Lam
Mr. Herman Lam
Mr. Benjamin Lee
Mr. Bernard Leung
Mr. Michael Leung
Mr. Ryan Liew
Mr. Teddy Liu
Ms. Elley Mao
Mr. Allen Mo
Mr. Edwin Morris
Mr. Anthony Muh
Mr. Sam Ng
Mr. Nilesh Prabhu
Mr. Geoffrey Suen
Mr. Vincent Tam
Mr. Dennis Tan
Mr. Yong Sheng Tan
Mr. Sachin Tipnis
Mr. Barry Tong
Mr. Jo Tsang
Mr. Alvin Tse
Mr. Philip Tso
Ms. Bianca Wong
Mr. Brian Wong
Mr. Edward Wong
Ms. Lyris Wong
Ms. Rebecca Woo
Dr. Wai Hung Yeung
Mr. Edward Young
Mr. Eric Yu
Ms. Minmin Zhang

*in alphabetical order of the mentor's surname


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