Knowledge Exchange

Faculty KE Award

The Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Awards were introduced in 2011 in order to recognise each Faculty's outstanding KE accomplishment that has made demonstrable economic, social or cultural impacts to benefit the community, business/industry, or partner organizations.


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2017:

Mr. David Bishop

Project Title: Bringing Transparency to the Hong Kong Employment Agency Industry
Project Summary:

This KE project focuses on bringing transparency to the employment agency industry in Hong Kong and abroad. The team partnered with several external organizations and governments to establish standards for proper and ethical agency behavior, and created Hong Kong’s first online platform whereby employment agencies can be transparently listed, their services rated, and customers can provide public feedback about their experience.


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2016:

Dr. Michael Chau

Project Title : Engaging Young People Online
Project Summary:

Thie project aims to enhance the capabilities of  public services organisations to effectively engage young people online via websites and social media. The knowledge helped these organisations engage their target audience, manage their online channels and maximise their resources on web initiatives. The project adds value to organisations that are planning or already have on-going online activities. (More details)


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2015:

Mr. David Bishop

Project Title:  Migrant Worker Advancement Project
Project Summary:

This project focuses on the advancement of migrant worker rights in Hong Kong and beyond. Through partnership with governments, social entrepreneurs, labour unions and media groups, it has addressed long-standing employment problems and exploitation these workers face. The Fair Employment Agency, non-profit making in nature, has been established and successfully helped migrant workers to find their employers by avoiding the debt bondage problem that exists in many other agencies. The project provides tremendous benefits and support to workers and raises public concerns about migrant labour issues in the society. (More details)


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2013:

Dr. Michael Chau

Project Title:  Data Analytics for Blood Donation and Transfusion in Hong Kong
Project Summary:

In this project, data mining and data analysis had been performed for the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) to investigate the blood donors’ habits and demographics and to identify the best location for a new blood transfusion centre to boost blood donations in Hong Kong. The new centre attracted more than 400 donations per week and most of the donors came from the district, just as predicted in the analysis model. The analysis is also important for ensuring the steady supply of blood in Hong Kong and beneficial to public health in Hong Kong. (More details)


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2012:

Dr. James Vere

Project Title:  Social Mobility and Economic Policy in Hong Kong
Project Summary:

This project generated an independent background report and analysis of Hong Kong’s proposed minimum wage to the Provisional Minimum Wage Commission. The findings were circulated at the policy level of the Hong Kong SAR Government and created substantial impact on the legislation of public policy, benefiting many underprivileged people in Hong Kong. (More details)


Recipient of the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2011:

Asia Case Research Centre

Project Title:  Development and Distribution of Business Case Studies on Asia Organisations
Project Summary:

The Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC) is Asia’s premier developer of business case studies which have been a core tool for graduate and executive business education. The business cases it develops deliver skill and knowledge that enable users to thrive in the rapidly changing global business environment. Its cases are distributed globally through its own website and those of its distributors. In 2010, the ACRC made its case collection available to all Hong Kong registered companies at no charge. The business community benefits from the ACRC’s expertise in turning every day business problems into high quality teaching materials which can then be used to train both the current as well as the next generations of business leaders. (More details)