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Business Lab


The Business Lab is a stimulating elective of the HKU MBA programme that provides students with opportunities to pursue their passion for entrepreneurship. The aim of this module is to incubate the development and consolidation of business concepts by HKU MBA students whilst making use of all of the knowledge and tools learnt throughout the MBA programme.

Session Dynamics

Business Lab sessions (with the exception of the initial presentation, semi-finals and finals) are based on a sequence of topics delivered in case studies presented by Lab Coordinator and Facilitator Pedro Eloy and industry experts. Slides, start-up pitch videos, related documentation and audio-visual materials are widely used throughout, and active discussion is strongly encouraged.

Invited Guests

Entrepreneurs, investors and business people with sector-specific experience offer a real-world perspective on student projects. Invited guest speakers act as both a ‘reality check’ and a source of potential networking opportunities for the student teams.

Industry experts lead subject-specific sessions and generously donate a substantial amount of time to answering students’ questions.

  • Tiago Silva, Programme Manager, Disaster Response Teams Global Coordinator, Cisco Silicon Valley
  • Luisa Soares de Brito, Business Development Manager, Li&Fung – Dragon Concept
  • Bruno Vaz, Real Estate Design Director at Walmart
  • Raphael Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder at GOBEE.BIKE, YET Member
  • Aram Armstrong, Manager, Knowledge Deployment at Fung Group
  • Mathias Krostewitz, Founder of
  • Simon Karner, Founder of
  • Brian Sin, Head of Innovation, Cigna
  • David Bertet, Solution Director, Schneider
  • Ludovic Lang, Marketing & Business Development Director, Thales
  • Marie-Claire Slama, Associate Director of Digital Health, AIA Group
  • Philip Liang, Chief Executive Officer, General Sensing
  • Pedro Eloy, YET Chairman, Founder businesslab, SVP Fung Group
  • Zane Moi, Head of Business Development, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, Amazon Web Services
  • Luisa Alves, Executive Vice President, Sourcing, Hong Kong
  • Ron Kwok, Partnership Engagement Microsoft, YET Member
  • David Bishop, BBA(Law) & LLB Programme Coordinator, Senior Teaching Consultant
  • Diana Massada, Global Financial Management, European Business & Capital Markets
  • Musheer Ahmed Syed, Founding Member Hong Kong Fintech Association, YET Member
  • Brad Hagen, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Brandr and Studio Design
  • Amy Pan, Co-Founder & CEO Natives, YET Member
  • Wilson Chan, Manager Incubation Promotion, Cyberport
  • Richard Kelly, Chief Catalyst, Fung Group
  • Alberto Carvalho Neto, President AJEPC, YET Member
  • Madalena Correia dos Santos, Entrepreneur and Partner at NPVSocial
  • Elliot Leung, Founder Gaifong
  • Jens Janssen, Owner & Managing Director, Eximius Entertainment and Business Development Director
  • Rameses Villanueva, Chief Financial Officer, Naxos International
  • Ivan Chu, Founder & CEO Hong Kong SDRI, YET Member
  • Miguel Lopes, VP Product Line Management, Dialogic, YET Member
  • Astrid Angvik, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Naxos International
  • Kiril Popov, Senior Analyst FGRT
  • Yvonne Mak, External Relations Director, Fung Global institute
  • Charles Gu, Global Supply Chain Consultant
  • QinQin Ma, Executive Director JP Morgan Chase
  • Frank Filser, Co-Founder NexPaQ
  • Julian Gartner, Founder and CEO FYLP
  • Andrew Au, Managing Director (Southeast Asia) / Asia Pacific Board Director, Imagination
  • Sunny Wong, Managing Director, Fung Investment Group
  • Quinn Lai, Founder EONIQ
  • Ray Chung, Compliance EONIQ
  • Christopher Hugentobler, Head of Growth Snapask
  • Guillaume Teyssie, Co-Founder quaPioneers
  • Holly Li, Founder & Managing Partner IP Advantages LLC
  • Pritish Sanyal, Director of Business Development at Hype ltd, YET Supporter
  • Raghu Narain, Head of Investment Banking, APAC at Natixis
  • Jessica K Lau, Account Manager, Google
  • Lynn Hung, Employer Brand Consultant, LinkedIn
  • Guy Parsonage, CEO & Partner of fluid, Vice-Chair of The Marketing Society
  • Michiel Waaijer, Founder & Director, Rock Solid
  • Michelle Fno, Founder Miscatto
  • Christine So, Founder Hosbby
  • Isabella Carvalho Silva, Fintech Consultant and Angel Investor
  • Barbara Meynert, Adviser Fung group

WIIFM (What’s in it for me)?

The Business Lab gives HKU MBA students opportunities to:

  • Learn how to articulate concepts and package them into effective business proposals
  • Actively engage in discussions on a wide range of business-related topics
  • Interact with top industry professionals (guest speakers) and perform an ‘acid test’ on their own projects
  • Receive a distinctive diploma of participation (conferred upon all members/teams) that can be added to CVs, LinkedIn profiles and the like
  • Earn prizes and recognition
  • Develop problem-solving and framing capabilities
  • Improve presentation skills (every class involves group presentations and class discussions)
  • Learn to work with ongoing iteration models
  • Enjoy a supportive communal environment both in class and outside/online
  • Participate fully with classmates from a variety of business fields

Prizes and Project Evaluation

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Interim projects are evaluated throughout the programme, and all teams have the opportunity to present their final project to a selected jury. A diploma of participation with a final grade is conferred upon all students, and a prize is awarded to the two best projects.

The MBA Office also seeks venture capital investment funding for the best project, although such funding cannot be guaranteed.