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HKU Full-time MBA Advantage

Students / Alumni Talks

Angela Tai
  • NameAngela Tai
  • NationalityCanada
  • BatchClass of 2018

Upon graduation from Sauder School of Business at The University of British Columbia, I joined HSBC Bank Canada in the Retail Banking and Wealth Management Division. Through generating client trust and ensuring high quality wealth services while adhering to HSBC’s strict Global Standards, I was able to develop as a more motivated and dedicated individual. These strengths carried through after I had made the decision to relocate from North America back to Asia.

Before I joined the MBA Class of 2018, I was the marketing and business development director at a start-up artificial intelligence company based in Shenzhen, China. With my previous knowledge and experience, I could actively contribute to the growth of the company, now valued at CNY 200million and making its impact in the artificial intelligence community.

Educated in both Asia and North America, I possess the holistic, quantitative and team-based ways of the East as well as the analytic, creative and initiative approaches of the West. Hong Kong is indisputably the right place for me. My experience of Hong Kong’s lively environment and HKU’s welcoming atmosphere has been a fruitful one since Day 1. From lectures, to workshops, not to mention eventful networking opportunities, the MBA life has provided a valuable experience in every aspect.

In the following months, I hope to maximise my experience at HKU MBA. By enrolling in subjects I have not had the chance to come in contact with, I will be able to strengthen core skill sets and expand my knowledge field. By participating in Live Projects and Student Club activities, I will be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way. By utilising the many advancement opportunities the Career Development Office provides, I will be able to seek my value in the business community of Hong Kong and Asia as a whole. The elective courses at CBS will certainly expand this journey and broaden my vision.

 The HKU MBA programme has provided me with the opportunity to meet and get to know outstanding individuals from all sectors and professions. By working together and learning from each other today, we are able to become the better business leaders of tomorrow. 

Di Xie
  • NameDi Xie
  • NationalityChina
  • BatchClass of 2018

I come from Guangdong province, which was the pilot province for China's reform and opening to the outside world, and it is one of the most developed areas in China as well. When I was in high school, Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiment had a deep impact on me.  At that point, I set the ideal for my life – to improve myself and contribute to society.

After graduating from Sun Yat-sen University and receiving my bachelor of economics, I joined China International Capital Corporation Limited(CICC)’s investment banking department. I started my career as a banker and, fortunately,  I never let go of my ideal. CICC not only made me an excellent and professional investment banker, but also taught me to contribute to society. I helped Asia's largest livestock company go public, which made thousands of farmers millionaires. The company became the largest listed company on China's GEM board and on the date of listing, its stock value exceeded 40 billion dollars. I also assisted many state-owned enterprises in reforming and reorganising through M&A, which greatly improved their domestic and international competitiveness. My project experience covers IPO, M&A and bond projects in A and H shares, which gave me a deep understanding of capital markets in China and Hong Kong.

On my 24th birthday, I decided to step outside China and broaden my horizons. I prefer the HKU MBA to an MBA in North America because China and Hong Kong are developing and changing rapidly. I can keep pace with the change only if I live in it. The HKU MBA programme has a unique location advantage, the top business school exchange programme and a diversified student source. I believe that after studying at HKU and CBS, I can become a better person and contribute more to society.

Abhijit Sharma
  • NameAbhijit Sharma
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2018

My past years saw me complete my bachelor of engineering degree from India, and gathered over six and a half years of global experience in IT delivery, consulting, and stakeholder management. I led programmes initially at Wipro and later at Amadeus, and donned several hats, including those of quality lead, business analyst, and consultant, which gave me the opportunity to conceptualise processes and solutions to alleviate clients’ business problems by leveraging technology.

My experiences soon led me realise that Asia was going to be the epicentre of growth and opportunity for decades to come and witnessing the energy during my stint in Hong Kong convinced me to learn about business in the financial heart of Asia. The undisputed prestige of The University of Hong Kong in Asia and the world, and the excellent structure of its full-time MBA made this programme my easy first choice.

Now, a month and a half since the inception of the Beijing part of the programme, the learning atmosphere created by the energy of the classmates and the passion of the college staff and lecturers is truly inspirational. The mix of nationalities, backgrounds, aspirations and personalities is already reaping benefits in the classroom and beyond, and it has set quite a stage for us all to excel in our journeys throughout the next year!

Toru Watanabe
  • NameToru Watanabe
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2018

I was born in Japan and graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature. It was a great experience to learn how to look at one circumstance from several different points of view. Soon after graduation, I began to work for a financial company as a sales officer which gave me a sense of contributing to society.

After four and a half years at a branch in Japan, I moved to the Hanoi office of the same company. I was promoted twice to manager positions during my three and half years there and led different staff groups as a team head. I was in charge of approximately 200 large clients and the core businesses were corporate finance, transaction banking, and advisory for market investigation and/or M&A. Apart from front-sales activity, I also jumped into middle-back tasks such as products development and ALM control of the region. The experience not only enriched my finance related knowledge, it strengthened my managerial ability to handle a task force until a problem is solved.

I’m pursuing HKU MBA to strengthen my skills in personal appeal on the basis of my professional experience, to expand my connections with future global talents throughout the world, and to have my previous experience endorsed by a top level business school, since I have a limited academic background in terms of finance or economics. My HKU classmates are all exciting. They constantly refresh my views and wipe away stereotypes. I do believe HKU MBA is the best place for me, not just because we can hear good lectures from professors on the beautiful campus but because we can create theories/ideas with world-wide perspectives and put them into practice.

HKU and I are always open to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Eric Leung
  • NameEric Leung
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2018

A persistent team player with diverse work experience and ambition to make the world a happier place.

Having studied in Hong Kong until grade nine, I had the opportunity to travel to America to further my studies. I completed my high school education in Boston and was very fortunate to be accepted by Columbia University in New York City for my undergraduate studies, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

After I graduated from Columbia University, I joined EY as a Technology Consultant. During my time at EY, I not only had to utilise my programming skills, but also my soft skills because consulting was truly about understanding my clients’ needs and working with my team to provide the best solutions. I then joined Ivy Labs Education in Beijing as an Education Consultant, where I further honed my communication and leadership skills through providing consultations to different families with diverse backgrounds and values, and organising forums throughout major cities in China. Even though I enjoyed what I was doing, I wanted to become a better leader, especially in management. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA degree.

I joined HKU MBA because I believe that this programme is the portal to propelling my career to the next stage, and for three main reasons. First, HKU’s wide network can connect me to more opportunities in Hong Kong. Second, the HKU Career Office’s professionalism will also aid me to fully use these resources. Finally, I will also have the opportunity to take classes at LBS, which will definitely be an invaluable experience for me.

Isabel Chen
  • NameIsabel Chen
  • NationalityTaiwan
  • BatchClass of 2017

My last job was in the globally renowned luxury brand, Gucci, where I worked for more than four years. I started as an assistant to the head of the retail operation department  and later was promoted to be a business analysis specialist. My years of experience in a luxury brand helped me to gain in-depth knowledge of the retail industry and market, the business cycle of consumer goods and companies, and how a luxury fashion brand operates. I completed my high school education in a local high school in Sydney Australia and gained  my bachelor degree in business administration in the United States.

My primary motivation for pursuing an MBA degree is to strengthen professional knowledge and skills through a steep learning curve. My second is to accelerate my career progression. I look to widen my career horizon from strategy planning and business analysis inside a luxury fashion brand to strategy planning for an M&A focus on the consumer retail industry. My third motivation  is to benefit from HKU’s renown as a university that provides  a first-class education and have the exceptional experience of  living in Hong Kong, undoubtedly one of the key financial hub for the world’s most famous banks and host to  a pool of talents from both West and East.

So far my HKU MBA experience has been fruitful and eventful every day. Starting on orientation day one, I met a group of talented students from very diverse backgrounds which was an overwhelmingly exciting experience. Since then, learning with and from my classmates has happened every day, throughout in-class discussions, experience sharing, and social events that we attend together. The guest speakers and the career workshops are very inspiring, insightful, and professional. The sessions I have attended so far have already begun to make me mindful of  my future career development.

It has been just  two weeks for me with HKU MBA, and yet it is an  unforgettable start!

Jeremy Jing
  • NameJeremy Jing
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2017

I was born and raised in mainland of China. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Trading and Economics from Jiangxi Agriculture University, I began my career and gained over seven years working experience in the consumer goods trading and manufacturing industry in the areas of project planning and liaison with international clients from the US and Canada. Since I have a strong enthusiasm for exploring further career opportunities in marketing strategy management, and for gaining an in-depth understanding of business and an international perspective, I am eager to undergo rigorous management training.  With its renowned diploma and the fantastic interpersonal relationships which stem from its programme and which will accelerate my career improvement, the HKU MBA is my best option.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city which has prospered for decades now and is still the centre of business and finance in Asia. It has a competitive advantage in attracting business and elites from all over the world.  I prefer this environment and the familiarity with the China market, so I hope it will afford me the chance of more responsibility in the multinational market in the near future. HKU MBA is a top class business faculty in Asia and worldwide. It provides progressive teaching facilities and the best teachers from all over the world, including PhDs from famous university overseas. These established features are a pledge of the level of education and teaching quality we will receive.  Ultimately, I am very attracted by the personalized programme for each student, based on specific talents and experience, the one-to-one mentorship programme and the individual career sessions, which afford lots of opportunities to interact intensively with career development experts.

My new chapter has just begun, and it’s really a great honour to be a member of this big family. The world economy is developing so fast and there is no time to waste. There is no better way of honing our business skills so effectively in one excellent faculty. I cannot wait to compose my unique story in HKU MBA . 

Marius Gamser
  • NameMarius Gamser
  • NationalityU.S.A.
  • BatchClass of 2017

Hello, I am Marius. Welcome to my profile!

I graduated from the University of Vermont in the USA and began working in Hong Kong six years ago. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the passionate free enterprise spirit of the city, one that was bringing out the best of entrepreneurs from all over the world. Working first in insurance and then hotel communications and marketing, I was networking with leading business minds as we launched five local hotel projects in three years. This unique environment, one of unmatched connectivity and hustle, has fueled my desire to further my education and career in Asia.

HKU MBA was my first choice and I am delighted to be here with the class of 2017.  This university offers a unique vantage point on China, Asia and the world. The curriculum is modern, practical and challenging. The professors, advisors and students I have met are smart, diverse and passionate to succeed.   I have already made some great friends here and look forward to our journey ahead.

Shreya Bahri
  • NameShreya Bahri
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

I was working  at a leading international management-consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, as a risk analyst for about three years prior to joining the HKU MBA programme. During my time at the firm, I  had the opportunity to work closely with a variety of clients globally and interact with many senior partners and directors. Although, my job profile enabled me to work on many projects worldwide, nevertheless, I do believe that there was a need for me to further hone and develop my technical and intellectual skills and hence, I decided to pursue my MBA.

My HKU journey as an undergraduate student had been one of the most memorable and enriching phases of my life and returning to my ‘second home’ had an obvious appeal. The strategic location of Hong Kong as a financial centre, the diversity of the school and the top class faculty with the  rich curriculum of the MBA programme drew me towards HKU once again.

It has been little more than a month so far and I believe that my learning curve is already on a steep growth trajectory. The China Immersion Programme in Beijing was a great platform for me to learn Mandarin and network with my classmates. In addition, the Career Development and Personal Branding workshops have kick-started my MBA with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

After my MBA, equipped with the necessary skills and expertise, I would like to continue my career in consulting in an elevated position. The brand of HKU is a badge I will wear with honor and pride all my life and it will be an integral part of me. I am very excited to return to Hong Kong and I look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Chris Choi
  • NameChris Choi
  • NationalityU.S.A.
  • BatchClass of 2017

I come from an aerospace engineering background, working in Rolls Royce and GE Aviation, two of the worlds’ largest commercial jet engine manufacturers.

As an engineer, I have a wealth of experience in working on many different components and versions of gas turbines. During my time at GE and Rolls Royce, I found that many engineering decisions were either driven or overridden by business concerns.

I believe that getting an MBA from HKU will bridge that gap as well as provide insight into business in Asia.

HKU MBA offers me a unique programme, commencing in Mainland China from where I go on to enjoy the option of choosing either the New York/London/ Shanghai or Hong Kong tracks, allowing me to expand my networks. In the diverse class make-up, I can enjoy learning with and from talents from different backgrounds which give rise to varying methods for solving problems.

Arada Arayawuth
  • NameArada Arayawuth
  • NationalityThailand
  • BatchClass of 2017

Arada Arayawuth

Hannes Hebel
  • NameHannes Hebel
  • NationalityGermany
  • BatchClass of 2017

I am Hannes and I graduated from Hamburg University in Germany with both a master´s and bachelor´s degree in business administration, majoring in finance and accounting. My university studies also included an exchange year in Bangkok, Thailand, where I fell in love with Asia.

Prior to the HKU MBA, I was working for Ernst & Young, most recently in increasingly senior roles, where I acquired a comprehensive understanding of fundamental valuation techniques, accounting concepts and expertise in auditing consolidated financial statements for leading multinational businesses. During my time there, I contributed to diverse projects and engagements, and gained significant experience within the trade business of agricultural commodities and freight industry, private equity, oil & gas and manufacturing.  I was also part of their 19-month graduate trainee programme, which is recognised as one of the leading and most awarded programmes in Germany. This involved rotations through diverse departments, including the German Speaking Business Desk at the Shanghai office in China and the Transaction Tax (M&A) service line, thereby enabling me to gain valuable insight into financial services and commercial awareness.

Moreover, I was always engaged outside the company and have acted as a representative of Ernst & Young as a Young Leader in the German Asia-Pacific business association (OAV), a leading network of German companies with interests and activities in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Since my first encounter with the Far East years ago, I have been fascinated by the region. It was always my dream to work and live here. My goal after completing my MBA is to join a leading private equity firm or investment bank where I will get the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process on investments and transactions, tackling all of the tremendous challenges that may arise.

I chose to study my MBA in Hong Kong because I believe that Hong Kong is not only the heart of the Asian economy, but it is also a modern, highly developed, bustling and buzzing world that has always fascinated me. From my point of view, the Asian region is certainly more difficult to handle when looking from the outside in than it is when you are looking from the inside out. And this is exactly what the MBA at HKU is helping me to gain; a deep insight into doing successful business in Asia. In addition, HKU is the ideal place to study finance, as the Asian financial industry is rooted here.

Taking all factors into account, the HKU MBA was my primary choice due to the combination of a highly international network, modern infrastructure, a high rank as well as a thoroughly international curriculum (partnership programmes with CBS, LBS or Fudan), which all could help me to achieve a top degree in order to broaden my future possibilities.  

My HKU MBA experiences so far have been amazing. To study with fellow students from such diverse backgrounds and cultures is extremely enriching and exciting. The time in Beijing gave me the opportunity to acquire basic Mandarin skills and to become true friends with my classmates. Now I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead and the rest of my MBA life.