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HKU Full-time MBA Advantage

Students / Alumni Talks

Cristina Finn
  • NameCristina Finn
  • NationalityUnited Kingdom
  • BatchClass of 2012

In 2010, I ‘pressed pause’, looked at my professional life and decided it was time to make some changes. I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2007, and then worked in middle-office operations for JPMorgan before taking on a management role with a small engineering firm in the UK. However, as I looked around the office at the career paths of the more senior managers around me, I had the gnawing feeling that I wanted to achieve more. Like most people, I want to do great things with my life. The difference is that I decided to put this desire into action in 2010.

Studying in Hong Kong appeals to me, as the city is highly dynamic, fast-paced and home to pretty much every major financial and corporate organisation in the world. I want to take advantage of the ties that HKU has with the business community and further my local knowledge while building connections. The city is a melting pot of cultures, economic perspectives and ways of doing business. A sizeable portion of the assessment will be group-based projects, and I relish the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students with different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.

Yang Tianrong
  • NameYang Tianrong
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2012

I come from Shenzhen, a beautiful and dynamic city in China, and I have worked for 10 years in the hi-tech industry, both in China and elsewhere in Asia. In the third year of my career, I successfully transferred to a sales position from my previous R&D role, and moved overseas. My subsequent life in India, Sri Lanka and Korea, as well as my years in China, constitute my treasure. It has built the current me: professional, confident and credible. To meet my long-term goals, I chose the HKU MBA because I believe it will help to enhance my knowledge and expand my career perspective.

Jessica Lee
  • NameJessica Lee
  • NationalityTaiwan
  • BatchClass of 2012

I worked for Philips Electronics for eight years after graduating from National Chengchi University in Taiwan in 2003. My job functions included strategic planning and sales and marketing, which required travelling globally to coordinate and collaborate with colleagues and vendors worldwide on many important projects. Throughout the period, I participated in various product groups (the semiconductor, television and accessories groups) in Taiwan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, amongst other countries, after receiving multiple promotions. I was awarded Philips’ High Potential Talent Pool and Best Employee Awards in 2009 and 2006, respectively.

After eight years in the technology industry, I strongly believe that I require further vigorous preparation to fulfil my career aspirations. The HKU MBA was my programme of choice because of its good mix of Asian and global exposure—not only am I able to focus on what is essential to Asia business, but I can also develop my financial and analytical skills at London Business School.

Current Status

Employer: British American Tabacoo
Position:   Regional Brand Manager, Travel Retailer
Location:  Hong Kong

Alex Luo
  • NameAlex Luo
  • NationalitySingapore
  • BatchClass of 2012

Originally from China, I moved to Singapore at the end of 2000, where I developed IT domain knowledge and gained international exposure at various multinational companies. Before joining the HKU MBA programme, I was a project manager at Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), with responsibility for regional and global ICT projects. I love sport, tennis in particular, not only because it helps to make friends and promotes teamwork, but also because the determination, tenacity and focus of sport has inspired me to advance in my career and life, which is part of the reason I am now pursuing an MBA.

Current Status

Employer: Schmidt-iSoft Limited
Position:   Sales Manager
Location:  Hong Kong

Kurt Huang
  • NameKurt Huang
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2012

When I was still a computer science college student, I dreamt of developing an artificial intelligence computer and making it an equity trader, which given enough capacity would absorb all available information and trading patterns to become an ‘auto-solver’. This idea was aggressive, and perhaps even wild, but it does indicate my early zeal to pursue a career in the financial industry.

After graduating from Peking University, I won an opportunity to work as a financial market risk manager at China Merchants Bank, the largest non-state-run bank in China. This position strengthened my in-depth understanding of the financial market and enhanced my analysis and decision-making abilities. After four years of finance-related professional experience, I consider this the perfect moment to join an MBA programme to lay a more solid and well-rounded foundation from which to realise my dreams.

Current Status

Employer: China Merchants Securities Co. Ltd
Position:   Senior Manager
Location:  Shenzhen

Hyuseon Shin
  • NameHyuseon Shin
  • NationalitySouth Korea
  • BatchClass of 2012

My career goal is to become the CEO of a quality consulting firm specialising in the diagnosis and establishment of company quality systems and the training of systems operating technology. In particular, I seek to help to improve the quality and competitiveness of IT-oriented manufacturers and small-/medium-sized companies in China and other developing countries in Asia.

To realise my dream, I need an understanding of technology and business skills. Fortunately, I have been able to obtain some technical knowledge from my studies and work. I studied electronic engineering at Yonsei University in Korea and worked for Samsung Electronics for more than five years. At the company, I analysed statistical data from mass production, developed quality systems and dealt with customer audits.

However, I still need to develop my business skills because I have not yet had the chance to acquire them. I hope that the skills obtained from the HKU MBA will help me to realise my dreams.

Current Status

Employer: LG
Position:   Consultant
Location:  Korea

Roxanne Chan
  • NameRoxanne Chan
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2012

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. After I finished my secondary school education in Hong Kong, I went to the United States for my college education and decided to stay there to develop a pension actuarial consulting career. I am now attending the HKU MBA programme to transition back into Hong Kong, where I hope to begin a new career in hedge fund or private equity marketing. My previous employers include Mercer and Towers Watson. In addition to English, I have mastered Cantonese and Mandarin, and am able to write, read and type Chinese. I have also passed Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst Examination and the majority of the exam requirements to become an associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Current Status

Employer: Lingnan University
Position:   Assistant College Lecturer
Location:  Hong Kong

Amanda Wang
  • NameAmanda Wang
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2012

I worked as a sales manager in corporate banking for around three years, consistently exceeding my sales targets. I have engaged in frequent travel and liaisons with Chinese enterprises, both state-owned and private. I was selected as a Jockey Club Scholar in Hong Kong and received the President’s Award upon graduation. I am proficient in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and achieved a GMAT score of 750. Always eager to learn new things and grab opportunities, I served as a social service worker in Thailand and Yunnan Province in China. I always try to bring positive energy to my surroundings.

Current Status

Employer: Bank of China (HK)
Position:   Corporate Relationship Manager
Location:  Hong Kong

Shaista Jhaveri
  • NameShaista Jhaveri
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2012

Since graduation, I have been inclined towards finance. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in finance, I was the only one of 85 graduates to be selected for the investment banking team at Edelweiss Capital, one of India’s leading financial services organisations. I was a member of the business development team, and introduced numerous companies in the healthcare and infrastructure sectors looking for fund-raising opportunities to Edelweiss. I also executed many large deals in the Indian capital markets, including initial public offerings, private equity and qualified institutional placements. I chose HKU because of its reputation, close ties with and proximity to the financial job market, and its strategic location in one of the most vibrant and international cities in the world. I am already benefiting from the class diversity ...  where else can you study and interact with people of more than 20 nationalities? It is an amazing experience! In addition, the Finance Club will help me to leverage my connections in the industry and provide me with access to an immense network of prominent business professionals in Hong Kong, thereby helping to further my career.

Current Status

Employer: ANZ
Position:   Relationship Officer - Affluent Banking
Location:  Hong Kong

Connie Van
  • NameConnie Van
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2011

My name is Connie Van, and I currently work for a multinational company in the luxury industry in Shenzhen, China. I feel strongly that the HKU MBA has given me a life-changing experience and helped me to take another step forward in my career.

The programme has not only enhanced my soft skills, but also helped me to greatly improve my English and Chinese. The HKU MBA has also helped me to better understand myself. The time spent in and outside the classroom during the programme has helped me to build up a network, which will prove a priceless asset in the future.

With assistance from the Career Development Office, I explored new opportunities during the year and secured a new job at the end of my studies. Working with my MBA classmates of different backgrounds taught me that cultural differences really do matter, and I learned a lot from them. I also learned to be more flexible and to accept that there are many right ways to get things done.

Although my current work is very different from what I have done before, I am still able to use my previous experience in retail and people management. It is very important to stretch oneself and to move out of one’s comfort zone to achieve more. The capability to work in teams is also key to standing out as an individual.

I spent my three-month exchange semester in Shanghai studying together with the MBA students at Fudan University. Living and experiencing China for months helped me to better understand the Chinese market. The Shanghai stay also encouraged me to move to China to obtain more career opportunities. I think HKU has provided me with a great way to access the Asian market and to understand what doing business in China really means.

Current Status

Employer: Bally
Position:   Store Manager
Location:  Hong Kong

Frederick Wong
  • NameFrederick Wong
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2009

An MBA is a significant investment. It is a powerful engine of career development for people like me without formal business training but with a couple of years of work experience. The HKU MBA is the ideal programme for those in the business elite who are interested in Asia, China in particular, but at the same time want more international exposure. The programme gathers young executives from all over the world with a diversity of industry and cultural backgrounds to be taught by top professors from different fields of studies. Company visits in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, and consulting projects in Asia and Europe, in addition to London, New York and Shanghai tracks, gave us both regional and international exposure, providing the environment to network and study with global executives. The HKU MBA proved to be a watershed in my life. It brought me to a professional level with a wide spectrum of possibilities and opened doors to exciting and challenging internships, with full time job opportunities in globally renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, LVMH, ExxonMobil, InterContinental Hotel Group, Microsoft, etc. I experimented with my newly acquired knowledge in internships with ExxonMobil and the InterContinental Hotel Group, which further polished my skill set and enriched my experience. My current career with the Jebsen Group is one that I had never dared imagine – working with top management on M&A initiatives and strategic development. The HKU MBA provided me with all-round training, lifting me to an entirely new level.

Current Status

Employer: Jebsen & Co. Ltd.
Position:   Corporate Development Manager
Location:  Hong Kong