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HKU Full-time MBA Advantage

Suki Chen
  • NameSuki Chen
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2018

Suki Chen, Full-time MBA Class of 2018, previously worked in PwC on IPO-audit and Spring Airlines on treasury and forex management prior to joining HKU MBA.

Hong Kong is an ideal location for Suki to pursue her MBA because it is one of the world’s international financial centres where  headquarters for leading financial institutions and banks are based. Hong Kong also benefits from its proximity to China, out of where HKU MBA offers our students China focus regional case studies, field trips, seminars and conference, and company visits.

Janelle Chenglay
  • NameJanelle Chenglay
  • NationalityPhilippines
  • BatchClass of 2018

I graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in management engineering. Before joining the MBA degree programme, I worked as an associate manager in the Project and Strategic Management Group at Avida Land Corp., a national real estate developer in the Philippines.  My valuable experiences in this role of leading cross-functional teams throughout the project development process, made me fully appreciate and get a grasp of the business side of real estate, which later on motivated me to pursue a full-time MBA degree.

HKU’s MBA programme has a holistic approach that combines lectures from esteemed professors covering technical know-how and real-life applications, networking with classmates and industry professionals, company visits and seminars, and a host of other events and activities that cater to the different interests and needs of the entire cohort. The university also provides career assistance as well as opportunities for its students to better navigate the business world in and out of Hong Kong. 

The diverse mix of nationalities and professional backgrounds not only makes for well-rounded discussions inside and outside of the classroom, but also forms interesting groups of peers who enrich the experience. On top of that, Hong Kong  bustles with continuous growth across industries and hosts a wide range of cultures that make it a unique place to be. Overall, with its structure coupled to the city’s dynamic environment, I have to say that the HKU MBA programme definitely has something to offer for everyone.

Yanzhe (Zach) Sun
  • NameYanzhe (Zach) Sun
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2018

Yanzhe (Zach) Sun   

Preparing our MBAs to reach their career goals and objectives is one of the mandates of the  HKU MBA. Both Praj and Zach shared a similar professional background in consulting and they told us that the career services at HKU MBA had provided them with a foundation of understanding about different industry expectations and their career journeys. Having their time packed with different career services activities such as the mentorship programme, company visits, career takes and even case competitions opened up  a lot more possibilities for them. 

Learning in class also plays an important role during the intensive 14-month journey.  They worked on strategy, in teams and on common goals and professors provided spot on feedback on assignments, both to individuals and groups, for our MBAs to continue their development.

Abir Kapur
  • NameAbir Kapur
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2018

Working with diverse clients as a consultant specialising in IT strategy and solutions, I realised that finance is the backbone of any organisation. My  background is in engineering and  I have always had a penchant for numbers so a career in finance was the next goal I set for myself.

Before I became a consultant, I started my own venture with the aim of promoting extracurricular activities among children to ensure their holistic development and better preparing them for the challenging world ahead. The venture (Center for Extracurricular Development) focused on organising several after-school extracurricular activities for children within the safety of their housing societies. The development that parents could witness in their children, through participation in these activities, helped them to encourage more and more people to pursue the same vision.
It is a fact that the growth of China is unparalleled in the rest of the world and Hong Kong is in the centre of this action. Hong Kong is not only a stepping stone for China’s global outreach but also for those looking to jump on the Chinese growth wagon.

In my search for the most suitable programme, the HKU MBA stood out. What I find most exciting about this programme is the opportunity to learn about management in the APAC region, along with spending a semester at one of the finest schools in Europe. This global approach has helped me develop cross cultural skills in addition to the technical know-how of finance and general management. With a wide variety of elective subjects to choose from, I am not only spoilt for choice but am also able to expand my knowledge in areas that will help me progress towards my career goals. One such example is the FinTech elective course which lets me dip my fingers in the ever growing and changing digital world through enriching interactions with industry experts and regulators in the region. The HKU MBA also provides a wide variety of club activities that are mentored by external industry experts. As the Vice President of the Consulting Club, I am able to meet and interact with industry professionals and learn in real time about the ever changing industry landscape and how to cope with such changes. 

The HKU MBA is a very diverse family. While our class size is small and limited to 59 full time students, there is no lack of diversity with 19 nationalities in our batch. I personally believe that I get to learn a lot more from my peer group by understanding their ways of thinking and approaching situations. 
The list of distinctions goes on. Another thing that makes the HKU MBA stand out is the extensive case based approached followed for each course. With a center (Asia Case Research Center) dedicated to case writing, there is no shortage of cases and many of them are fresh off the press, presenting current real life challenges faced by companies.

Maxine Chan
  • NameMaxine Chan
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2017

Prior to joining the HKU MBA programme, I worked at Cartier in the High Jewellery Department as a marketing and merchandising coordinator.  We managed the APAC region, and my main duties were to allocate stock to different markets, while monitoring their sales and working on yearly budget forecasts.  Although I learnt a lot during my 2 years there, the work soon became dull and repetitive.  Majoring in biochemistry during university also meant I lacked sufficient business knowledge to contribute to my company any further.  Since I wasn’t sure whether I loved my job or the industry itself,  I decided it was time to pursue my MBA. I hoped to gain some insight and experiences during the programme, as well as from my peers, and  figure out where my passion lay and what I wanted to pursue upon graduation.

I was born and raised here in this very city. Therefore, having access to a world class faculty, gaining an international perspective from the diverse student body, and having the opportunity to travel abroad for one semester, all from the comfort of living at home, made the decision to go for the MBA programme at HKU an easy one.  The variety of learning methods they offered would be beneficial for me as well, since I have a lot to learn about business, a lot of catching up to do and not enough time to do everything.

Although we have only just started our second week here in Hong Kong, I am already loving it.  The classes and workshops have been both interactive and stimulating.  Beijing was also a great way to connect with the rest of the students in our class.  I’m 100% sure that, had we not spent the month in Beijing, we would not have been able to form these life-long friendships nor be as close as we are now.  I am excited to find out what’s to come!

Priyank Gandhi
  • NamePriyank Gandhi
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

From social entrepreneur and chartered accountant to Deloitte employee of the year, I have played a myriad of roles. My career journey thus far is composed of self-discovery, triumphing over challenges, and staying true to the cause. At Deloitte India, I worked on their top projects, garnering expertize in the specialized field of transfer pricing. Amidst these projects, I realized the underlying theme to my career success: complexity intrigues me and challenges motivate me. Taking this theme forward, the uncertainty and associated risks at a start-up, Vista Rooms, provided the perfect feeding ground for my inquisitive intellect. Here I worked closely with the founders and investors to execute their vision.

Supplementing my three and a half year internship at Deloitte Audit with Rotaract gave me confidence in my inter-personal abilities and made me value my role in society. I successfully implemented the acquired leadership skills in the professional sphere and in co-founding Young Volunteers Organization, a crowd funding social initiative. While I continued to exercise these strengths and grow in my current role, I realized that for me to make a successful transition to a career in management consulting, an MBA from a top business school was a critical apparatus.

Asia is where the future lies. Along with being the financial capital and the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is the home to Asia’s No.1 business school. This made my decision to pursue my MBA at the HKU an easy one. The HKU MBA provides an international MBA experience. The focus on Asia is deeply incorporated in the curriculum through the China Immersion Programme as well as the case study teaching methodology. The career development opportunities offered by the Mentorship Programme, along with the networking opportunities and supplemental training provided by the Consulting Club, will further support my endeavour to venture into my industry of interest.

It has only been a month and a half since the start of the programme, and my decision to join the HKU MBA has already been re-affirmed. The experience in Beijing introduced us not only to the Mandarin language, but also to the deep historical roots and culture of China. Meeting my new classmates  was a wonderful experience, and the knowledge  and life experiences shared by my classmates, representing 15 different nationalities, have made me even more excited about what this MBA experience has to offer. Also the career development and the business communication sessions have been thoroughly thought provoking.

I also look forward to the London Track at the London Business School, that will not only help me further my global exposure, but also give me access to LBS’s distinguished student, alumni and corporate networks.

Current Status

Employer: Deloitte Consulting
Position:   Senior Consultant
Location:  India

Athens Lu
  • NameAthens Lu
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2017

I was born in Guangzhou and went to  Jinan University where, I gained my bachelor degree, majoring in pharmacy with an associate in international trade and economics. Driven by my family environment and own interest, I went to the US for a master’s in finance after I had finished college. After my master’s graduation, I continued to pursue my career in the finance industry in HSBC for almost 3 years, first as an information management analyst and then as an investment banking analyst. So, looking back , my experiences are very diverse, which I do appreciate and find  works well as a solid base for the long term goal I want to achieve– to explore more and deeper into the finance industry and to compete with those world class talents to see how far I can get.

In order to achieve this goal, I decided to pursue an  HKU MBA, which provides me with the best grounding for  and an easiest access to the well-established international financial market, filled with the world’s top talents. To further explain my motivation in doing this, I would list 3 main reasons. First of all, the brand name of HKU MBA is highly recognized in the world, not to mention in HK. The second is that  this programme makes it possible for me to communicate and exchange ideas with intelligent people from different fields within my class and alumni, allowing me to understand more of real business besides the cold financial figures I used to deal with. The  last reason but far from the  least is that the programme itself (the courses, company visits, career workshops and so on) truly helps me further improve my understanding of the business world and the skills which I would need in the future.

The programme has already been running for two months and I  am really looking forward to going through this journey and growing with my adorable classmates.

Current Status

Employer: Marriott International
Position:   Manager, Financial Analysis & Strategic Planning
Location:  Hong Kong

Shouvik Sinharay
  • NameShouvik Sinharay
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

The business world is reinventing itself, reading every economic symptom it receives. To stay abreast of these changes and to obtain a sound understanding of business fundamentals, it was imperative that I learnt the intricacies of business management practiced in an emerging economy such as China. To achieve a holistic viewpoint, I sought a learning environment that would provide commensurate international exposure.

At Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, I gained a diversity of  experience in the fields of product engineering and product strategizing. I led the Vehicle Integration team of a new generation product and was involved in the development of the vehicle, both for the Indian and the international markets. I worked across all the four verticals of designing, proto-type planning and manufacturing, validation and vehicle production. This exposure gave me ample opportunities to strategize and coordinate the events that surrounded vehicle manufacturing and to imbibe a basic understanding of the economics involved in the efficient administration of a project.

My goal in the short term is to join the Strategic Business Planning function of one of the leading automobile manufacturers where I can garner 360-degree perspectives on the management of an organization and be efficient in overcoming obstacles to meet its major challenges.

The case-based approach to learning, the gaining of perspectives through frequent interactions with pioneers of the business world, the guidance of a supportive and distinguished faculty, the ability to hone my skills and the opportunity to learn about different economies through partner schools such as the London Business School and the Columbia Business School are some of the major reasons for pursuing my MBA at the University of Hong Kong.

Thus far at HKU, the experience has been inspiring and exciting. The Chinese Immersion Programme was indeed a very fruitful experience as it not only gave me an opportunity to learn Mandarin and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of China but also gave me an opportunity to learn more about my class mates. With close to 2 months completed, the learning experience so far has been extremely enjoyable and I now eagerly look forward to the rest of the year.

Current Status

Employer: ExxonMobil
Position:   Manager - Butyl Sales
Location:  Mumbai, India

Isabel He
  • NameIsabel He
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2017

Born and raised in the northeast city, of Harbin in China, I left my  hometown and started my overseas adventure after my schooling. I graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey,  majoring in business finance. Before coming to Hong Kong, I had been in Tokyo and San Francisco doing business consulting for a private equity’s fundraising activities whilst  also doing sales and marketing for high fashion & jewelry.

After nearly a decade of working and living overseas, I noticed that back in China the economic transformation was causing numerous industries to develop and alternate at a completely new pace. People’s lifestyles had changed significantly along with the fast growth of the economy. Countless business opportunities were being generated. I felt the strong desire to enrich myself with a more comprehensive knowledge of business in China, to bring back the expertise gained overseas and take part in the grand wave of innovation.

With its multi-cultural perspective and evolved business environment, its  concentrated focus on China business and the benefits of a  life-long  elite alumni circle, HKU MBA is the right channel connecting where I have been to the place I intend to be. It offers me the best opportunity to consolidate business knowledge, to efficiently integrate and make use of the abilities and experiences I gained from overseas, and at a further stage, to achieve my career goal of devoting myself to business development in China. I am super proud to be a member of HKU MBA, and I look forward to the adventurous and fun journey it will bring to me in future!

Current Status

Employer: CICC
Position:   Investment Consultant
Location:  Hong Kong

Tanuj Bathla
  • NameTanuj Bathla
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics I started my professional career with a job in corporate banking. While still working for the bank, I took up a part time role in my family business. We began supplying premium coffee beans to select customers across north India. Our business grew quickly and it motivated me to take on additional entrepreneurial projects.

My next part time venture involved co-founding an online forum for youth to share their views on economics and finance. While my second venture was mildly successful, it did open up an avenue for me to start working with an incubator in Silicon Valley. I spent two years incubating high tech, dynamic startups leading them to receive venture funding.

Although I was working in the United States, I always wanted to return to Asia, a market that I felt has tremendous potential. The HKU MBA presented many niche aspects that were well aligned with my long term plans.

The focus on Asian business and case studies has given me the invaluable learning to understand Asian markets in-depth and get a much broader understanding beyond India and the United States. The immersion course in Beijing was an excellent introduction to Asia, followed by the opportunity to study in Hong Kong and London, which are both new markets for me.

A strong finance focus coupled with the compact class size has enabled me to receive the full benefit of faculty and industry learning. Personally, the most compelling aspect of the programme is the focused attention on individual growth by the school. The hands on training and personal interest that we have been receiving from the Career Office should ensure that all of us reach our full potential and find the best opportunities. 

Current Status

Employer: FinFabrik
Position:   Product Manager
Location:  Hong Kong

Nirav Gala
  • NameNirav Gala
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

I am a CFA charterholder, lawyer and a company secretary by qualification, an investment banker by profession and a problem solver by passion.

I have work experience of more than 6 years in investment banking, valuations, M&A, due diligence, compliance management and corporate advisory. I was previously working in a leadership position with Pantomath Capital Advisors, a Mumbai based investment banking firm specialising in IPOs for small and medium enterprises. It has been one of the leading I-banks in the SME space for the past 2 years. 

In my career trajectory, I have donned different hats and thus acquired varied skills. I have also played a significant role in transforming an organization’s culture and image. I can successfully accomplish work that I have had no experience in. I easily adapt to different work cultures, as I have, working in conservative as well as progressive organizations. Yet, for me to progress towards my goals, I need to add a few missing ingredients for success. I need to enhance my understanding of business, garner networking opportunities, groom myself, and build the confidence to aggressively pursue my goals. A reputed business school like HKU MBA is the platform I need to acquire this learning.

The HKU MBA provides me with the environment conducive to learning, exploring, and developing myself. The programme is recognized around the globe, which vouches for its academic quality. The 14-month format suits me well as I perform best in a fast-paced, stimulating environment. The curriculum will offer me a holistic understanding of all facets of business, while experiential learning components, such as the case based approach, will help me see management learning in a practical perspective. Through the London track with London Business School, I will gain great exposure to a global business environment. The diversified class, the  learning and the interaction with such a student body will help me expand my personal horizons.

It has been a wonderful experience knowing and interacting with my batch mates from across the globe, in Beijing, during the China Immersion Programme.  I enjoyed every bit of it. One month in Beijing has taught me a lot about people of various countries, taught me how to interact with people whose language you do not understand and how to survive in a foreign country.

The Career Services team has organised many productive workshops which have helped me to reflect upon myself and helped me discover my true self. The workshops have helped me to polish my soft skills which are as important as academic ones for success in business and life.

I am sure that my 14 months at HKU will  enrich my knowledge about various subjects and transform me as a person. And I do eagerly look forward to it.

Current Status

Employer: Finfabrik
Position:   Tokenisation Advisory Lead
Location:  Hong Kong

Anurag Goyal
  • NameAnurag Goyal
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2017

I come from a service class family and investment in education is always a priority.

I did  my undergraduate degree  in Information Technology at  Guru Gobind Singh University in Delhi, India.  After that, I started my professional career in the  development of mobile applications for Samsung and a start-up. I have also worked for The Times of India Digital, developing web pages for various events, the Indian Elections being one of the highlights.

With good technical know-how, experience of a start-up environment in mobile marketing and a ubiquitous media approach, I believe this is the right time for me to step up and explore product and business development. All businesses are going digital and IT has become a big part of knowledge transfer and revenue generation.

HKU MBA is a hard thought out decision. With all its  major benefits clear to me, the one that suits me best  is  HKU’s history and hence, the network. I want this MBA to be a career accelerator and geography changer. Hong Kong is a big global centre for China, India and the world. Also, the HKU and LBS MBA programmes present an interesting mix of core and elective courses on this new learning, which I am eager to experience.

MBAs in Asia, and I guess in the world, are largely about networking. And it has started so, with the China Immersion Programme and a new MBA class in Beijing trying  to figure out a new country, a new people, and a new course. It has been the best time to start your conversations, to make your  mistakes, to improve and to join up again in a month’s time. So, as the course commences in Hong Kong, you already know the cohort and feel comfortable in this uncomfortable but exciting zone.

The biggest learning from the MBA so far has been to acknowledge that can I be useful to you and I hope that, with this insight, I may have added some value to your visions.

Current Status

Employer: HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management
Position:   Junior Tag Analyst
Location:  Hong Kong