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International Field Trip

The international field trip (IFP) does not lend itself neatly to the pattern of the other taught courses on the MBA programme, as it involves, as its name suggests, a visit to a country or region outside Hong Kong. Although the trip, whose aim is to investigate the destination’s business environment, involves some classroom teaching, the pedagogic process takes place primarily through visits to companies, university campuses and government institutions. For example, a recent 10-day field trip to Belgium included a visit to the Council of the European Union in Brussels, the University of Brussels for presentations on aspects of business in Belgium, and visits to businesses and major banks in the country. In the United Kingdom, we visited London for presentations at financial institutions, insurance and financial groups, and government organisations. The IFP involved a trip to the University of Cambridge, where we visited the Innovation Centre, attended a presentation at Queen’s College Cambridge and met and exchanged views with members of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.