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HKU Part-time MBA Advantage

Students / Alumni Talks

You Ri Choi
  • NameYou Ri Choi
  • NationalitySouth Korea
  • BatchClass of 2020

I majored in Material Engineering in Yonsei University in South Korea. After 2 changes in my career (5 switches in job position), I got relocated to Hong Kong to continue my career in supply chain at a multinational retail company.

The more responsibility I got, the clearer it became that one of the key capabilities I had to develop was “connecting the dots across the business.” It required me to resist the temptation to get more knowledge in my area and instead meet the right people on the right platform to expand my horizons by understanding the real business world.

It is not a surprise to me that I chose HKU MBA. Along with its great reputation, the programme is very well structured and a great vehicle for meeting industry leaders, prestigious professors and outstanding peers. Exchanging ideas during the case study, having a heated discussion in the class and having a community to share the knowledge; all these activities have been pivotal in inspiring me and motivating me to move forward. And the network we have built together will continue to help us to navigate the business world for years to come.

Jörg Riebel
  • NameJörg Riebel
  • NationalityGermany
  • BatchClass of 2021

The future of work – modern careers require a continuous learning journey

In today’s environment of constant and accelerating change, the future of work is without a doubt a major factor that drives our career choices. Digitisation, AI and automation heavily impact employability as new jobs emerge and old jobs change or cease to exist. Consequently, we should not expect to be able to capture new opportunities with our initial education alone. A continuous learning journey throughout our entire working lives is required to stay ahead of human and/or machine competition.

My personal learning journey – passion and perseverance

After finishing law school, I started as a tax consultant at KPMG in Germany helping clients with their compliance obligations. This career track required additional professional qualifications in German and US tax law, which in turn allowed me to take up work assignments abroad. Working in the U.S. and later Hong Kong, I gained invaluable international exposure and cross-cultural experience. Lately, clients expect their advisors to have more of a holistic, cross-functional business understanding. Therefore, I supplemented my tax specialisation with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and in 2019 started my MBA journey with the University of Hong Kong.

The current stage of my journey – MBA at HKU

Finding the right MBA programme depends mostly on our personal criteria and expectations. Considering online-only and traditional MBA programmes, I decided to go with the latter, as they offer better networking opportunities with classmates and alumni. I further wanted a curriculum that offered a concise but complete general business education as well as relevant, transferable and interdisciplinary skills, especially in technology related subjects such as AI, business intelligence and big data.

The HKU MBA was my first choice due to its brand and alumni network, its facilities and HKU Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)’s extensive electives catalogue that allows personalisation of my MBA experience. The programme further stresses collaboration with classmates, communication and critical thinking, skills with increasing relevance in our teamwork-driven workdays.

While my HKU MBA journey continues, are you ready to start yours?

Steven Ho
  • NameSteven Ho
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2021

“To transform and grow one’s mind, you start by stepping out of your comfort zone” has always been my life motto.


As a local, born and raised, I always strive for breakthroughs by taking steps out of my comfort zone as I strongly believe that the only way to broaden one’s horizons is by broadening one’s mind first. And this is why I decided to get into HKU MBA to further transform myself from an engineering based individual into a top-class business executive/entrepreneur, with all-round capabilities. 


With manufacturing engineering as my undergraduate degree, I started my career in a Japanese camera company as a senior quality engineer. Soon after, I took up the challenge to join a start-up electronic company, in which there was less than 10 co-workers. This is where I grew and cultivated a business and management mindset, contributing to the evident improvement and changes needed in a start-up company. To continue this growth in skills and mind, I gradually moved and am now working in a renowned US based multinational infants and toddler lifestyle brand with 7 offices around the globe in a managerial role, leading a team.


These career movements have shaped a steep learning curve along which I transformed from an individual contributor to a people manager, requiring experience and leadership, strategic thinking and management capacity. This took me to the point where I started questioning myself. How do I shape and bring myself to become a better leader? That is when I decided to pursue an MBA degree. 


Without a doubt, HKU MBA came to my mind as the top and first choice: With a renowned international reputation, a strong MBA programme ranking, a strong network, and a flexible learning mode, the programme encourages continuous career growth and the search for intellectual growth. 


In just 6 months since the start of programme, I have been exposed to a comprehensive curriculum, from accounting to data science.  The “up-to-date, case-based” learning approach provides a realistic and informative way to understand the stories behind firms. Professors inspire and enlighten our way of thinking. Additionally, through the strong connections built with brilliant classmates from all over the world and various industries, we learn and share ideas from different perspectives, forming project teams to solve business problems - and this is exactly what an all -round leader should be equipped with. 


For those who wish to unleash their full potential, the HKU MBA programme is the choice for you.

Pakning Luk
  • NamePakning Luk
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2020

After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued my career in the e -commerce field. I am currently working at UberEats as a sales leader. 

To better prepare myself for more career opportunities ahead, I decided to study for my MBA.  I wish to equip myself with wider knowledge of whole fields of business which I haven’t had a chance to learn at work, such as finance and human resources.

I have definitely learnt some new skills and new perspectives during my study, especially from those very experienced business leaders who are now our professors such as Professor Royce Yuen and Professor Philip Chen. 

One of the things I have found most valuable is networking. I can meet people from different industries and in different roles, exchanging opinions and experiences about work. Some of them became my good friends. We play hard after study and we travel together. Therefore, I highly recommend this programme to you!

Jaime Manon Macias
  • NameJaime Manon Macias
  • NationalityMexico
  • BatchClass of 2021

I am currently working in global strategy at BASF, the largest worldwide chemical company, having spent the past 10 years with them in Mexico, the United States, and now in Hong Kong. I have led global R&D activities and new product launches, regional capital investment projects, sustainability initiatives and the implementation of new sales and marketing frameworks. After having previous working experience in applications development, sales, marketing, asset management and new business development, I am currently responsible for the implementation of a multi-billion business strategy globally.

By 2030, China’s share of global chemical production will increase to nearly 50%. Asia-Pacific is a growing market for innovations from chemistry and BASF has announced numerous large investments to capture growth in the region. This is one of the many reasons I decided to embark on my MBA journey with HKU. So far, the programme has proven its ability to equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge about the market dynamics and business environment in Asia-Pacific to support my current organisation in this fast-growing stage. I do believe that other economies in the world can also learn from the ability of this fascinating region to adapt new business models and technologies and I would love to be an ambassador for my learning here wherever I go next.

Additionally, this has been a great opportunity to expand my network globally and enlarge my toolbox to become a successful leader in the future. I have had the fortune to live in North America and Europe in the past and now that I am in Asia-Pacific, I want to utilize my time here to the fullest potential by learning from a diverse class, comprehensive curriculum and the well-balanced regional and global focus offered by the HKU MBA.

Grace Leung
  • NameGrace Leung
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2020

From being a small business owner to a pharmaceutical product specialist, I learned about business management on various scales and from several perspectives. I knew that seeking advancement to upper management in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as growing my ventures, required more than my current business acumen. HKU MBA worked out to be the perfect choice for me.

Unequivocally, the programme has given me a solid foundation to really delve into any career, from a start-up environment to the corporate world. There is a fusion of presentation, collaboration, group work, and open discussion that strengthened my existing skillset and developed new ways to think.

As I continue to meet professionals and engage in thought-provoking business conversations in class and in the field, I have become aware that my learning is accelerated when participating in discussions with diverse ideas. Given the numerous opportunities to become involved and to develop valuable network connections, I am confident that I will have taken full advantage of this masterful programme when I graduate.

Samantha Pei
  • NameSamantha Pei
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2019

I graduated from The University of British Columbia in Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Since my graduation, I have been developing my career path in Hong Kong’s financial services sector.

As a multi-tasking person who always looks for new challenges with a “never stop exploring and learning” spirit, I decided to pursue Master of Business Administration (MBA) study which has always been on my bucket list. The MBA Programme at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has become one of my most valuable assets.

Whilst I have been specialising in relationship management within the corporate banking industry for a while, the HKU MBA Programme has enabled me to think outside the box; it has broadened my international horizons. In addition, the programme has helped me to develop a growth mindset, strategic management and critical thinking skills, plus an entrepreneurial spirit. It has also equipped me to transform into a better leader with essential competencies for future career advancement and personal growth.

Making use of the resources provided by the HKU MBA Programme, the expertise of inspirational lecturers and the experience shared with classmates, I have gained up-to-date knowledge and skills as well as new insights and exposure. The comprehensive curriculum has led me to identify both challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing business environment.

The flexibility of the HKU MBA Programme has allowed me to balance work, study and personal life well. I have been enjoying a variety of activities including case studies, panel discussions, interactive presentations, integrative exercises, workshops, networking events and last but not least, the memorable international field trip to Europe.

HKU MBA Programme has enhanced my cross-cultural competency. I have expanded both professional and social networks. The programme has connected me to many lecturers and guest speakers who are seasoned and influential market leaders. It has also helped me to build cordial friendships with a group of high calibre individuals who are of different nationalities and professional backgrounds.

As a class representative, I am thankful for the support and guidance which the MBA office, lecturers, classmates and alumni extended to me throughout the programme. I treasure the insights and experiences that we shared together. My two-year part-time MBA journey at HKU was an enjoyable one. It is my honour to be part of HKU MBA community!

Jozef Mansy
  • NameJozef Mansy
  • NationalitySwitzerland
  • BatchClass of 2020

I was raised in Switzerland, a country which offers a traditional and vocational education path. By choosing the vocational education path, I had the opportunity to work and study from the very beginning. My career started in 2006 in one of the country's tier 1 banks.  Switzerland is not only famous for its chocolate and watch industries but also for traditional financial services.  Following the two year Junior Banking Programme at the bank, my company offered me  full-time employment at the head-office in Zurich city center in the private banking sector. By 2010, I got the opportunity to join the FX & Commodity Sales department of my company's office in Hong Kong. My 1.5 years international assignment in Hong Kong ended-up with me becoming a full-time employee of the bank's Hong Kong office in the private banking sector. After 7 successful years within the same firm, I decided on a change of company in 2013 and joined a privately owned Liechtenstein Private Bank in Hong Kong. I have been happily occupying  my role there ever since, however I felt the need to add an MBA programme onto my CV in order to widen my horizon and progress further in my professional career.

In late 2017, I spontaneously joined an information session of the HKU MBA programme in Cyberport, after reading about the event on LinkedIn. Having talked to various alumni, existing students and programme officials, I decided to submit my application right afterwards. The main motivation for joining the programme was to widen my horizon in regard to knowledge and different industries. The various modules provided me with great insights into different aspects of the business world, since my professional role is very much focused on the financial world. The mix of cultures, the different ethical backgrounds of students as well as the long history of  Hong Kong  University convinced me I have picked the right MBA programme for my future professional development.

Shawn Jia
  • NameShawn Jia
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2021

I was born in China, lived in Canada for 16 years, and spent one year in the UK before coming to Hong Kong. While I was in Canada, after graduating from McGill University with a degree in Architecture, I pursued my dream of entrepreneurship by starting several companies that operated in digital manufacturing, real estate consulting, import and distribution, and e-commerce. Seeing the huge potential of the greater China market, I’ve decided to come to back to my native land to explore better opportunities.

To further my professional development and to build a strong network for the future, I decided to pursue an MBA degree at the University of Hong Kong. I chose Hong Kong because out of all cities in the greater China area, it has the best combination of different cultures from around the world while having a focus on Asia. The University of Hong Kong was the most attractive school because of its illustrious history, stellar reputation and quality of programme.

While studying, I am also working full time as a business consultant for the wine industry in mainland China. The part time programme was a perfect fit for me, leaving me Monday to Friday to work on my business. The class was diversified and composed of high caliber people. I was able to make a lot of great friends and build meaningful relationships that I believe will become long lasting friendships and potential business partnerships in the future.

Evon Hui
  • NameEvon Hui
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2020

I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology at the University of Toronto and continued with Master’s studies in Human Biology and Nutritional Science. I have over 16 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries in various fields including regulatory affairs, clinical research and project and business management.

There has always been a very science and clinical research focus in my studies and career. My role has evolved to become more business focused and I realised the need to gain more business management and finance-related knowledge. I decided to take an MBA with a goal of understanding some fundamental theories and also gain insights into making business decisions.

I have chosen HKU MBA because of the reputation of the HKU. Hong Kong University is ranked consistently the top university in Hong Kong and Asia as a whole and amongst the best in the world (ranked 25th worldwide in the QS World University Rankings 2020). The MBA programme itself is also very well known and widely respected. Other than the reputation, the programme offers flexibility to choose either weekend or weekday modules. Lastly, most of the courses are offered in a convenient location at Admiralty Centre.

I am really glad that I have chosen the HKU MBA programme. I am able to get acquaintanced with many people from various industries. The group is certainly very dynamic and fun. While the studies and homework are quite intensive, I am certainly enjoying every single bit of it!

Taichi Iura
  • NameTaichi Iura
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2021

I spent my undergraduate years at the Waseda University in Japan where I was introduced to Asian politics, economics and culture. Since then, I have wanted to have a taste of what it was like to live and study in other Asian countries, and have yearned for an opportunity to do so.  

However, this dream of mine was somehow left aside, and I eventually entered the workforce in Japan after graduation. I started my career as a sales and marketing representative for the domestic market in a Japanese manufacturing company. I was then assigned to work in the China branch where I was in charge of business planning for the China market. The experience of working in Beijing and Shanghai has turned me into a businessperson who is always eager to learn more about China business. Now, I work for the Hong Kong subsidiary company where I have to manage almost all aspects of running, overseeing and supervising a business operation on a daily basis. To tackle the challenges and to become more competent and all round, I keenly felt the need to understand Asian business in greater depth as well as strengthen my management skills. I decided to take courage to make it happen and therefore rushed to apply for an MBA programme.

I strongly believe that the HKU MBA programme will develop me into a competent business leader. The courses are interesting and are of a great variety. In addition to teaching knowledge about general management, the courses also give special focuses on Asian business which is one of the unique characteristics and strengths of the MBA programme. I tremendously enjoy the time spent with the enthusiastic, motivating and capable classmates and professors both inside and outside the classroom, as every interaction with them allows me to gain new and valuable insights, which I am sure will drive me to a successful career.

Renée Lau
  • NameRenée Lau
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2019

After working in the UK for 7 years, I decided to move back to my home town.  In order to expand my professional network, and at the same time, prepare myself to be a better leader, I chose to enroll in the MBA programme at HKU, which is renowned for its outstanding academic standards.  Since I had completed my bachelor degree overseas, it would be nice to get the master qualification in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.

The programme allowed me to gain an understanding of what is happening in the global business world.  Particularly, I found the case-based learning approach useful as it let us analyse business problems and develop strategic solutions from a senior management’s point of view.

Being a marketing professional, I wanted to round out my skill set and HKU MBA equipped me with practical knowledge in accounting, finance and economics, as well as different aspects of management, leadership and entrepreneurship.  I genuinely enjoyed working and discussing projects with my fellow classmates, who are brilliant minds from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Studying while having a full time job could be challenging, and therefore, time management is also part of the training when taking the MBA courses.  I also very much appreciate the HKU MBA office which keeps organising social and networking events and  informative workshops for students from time to time, so that they can relax and have fun while pursuing their studies.

I highly recommend the HKU MBA programme to professionals who are considering taking the courses in Hong Kong.  You will find the process very rewarding.