Academic Programmes

Course Offered


Code Course TitleSemester Lecturer Outline
ECON6068Advanced Topics in Applied Econometrics (Financial Econometrics)SummerDr. Wong, Ka-fu
ECON6064Advanced Topics in Economic Analysis (Economics of Population Aging)SummerProf. Lau, Paul S.H.
ECON6069Advanced Topics in Economic Policy (Development Economics)SummerDr. Chiu, Stephen Y
ECON6001AApplied Econometrics (Session A)1Dr. Qin, Bei
ECON6001BApplied Econometrics (Session B)1Dr. Qin, Bei
ECON6057China in the Global Economy1Prof. Xiao, Geng
ECON6034Competition, Regulation and Business Strategy2Dr. Hung, Victorious
ECON6067Computation and Analysis of Economic Data (18-hour course)1Dr. Wong, Ka-fu
ECON6033Corporate Finance2Prof. Wong, Keith K.P.
ECON8002Dissertation (Double Course)1
ECON6005Econometric Theory I1Dr. Yu, Ping
ECON6056Econometric Theory II2Dr. Kwok, Hon Ho
ECON6037Economic Forecasting2Dr. Wong, Ka-fu
ECON6006Economics of Organization and Strategy2Dr. Chen, Cheng
ECON6063Environmental EconomicsSummerDr. Tsui, Kevin
ECON6038Health Economics1Dr. Yuen, Chi-Wa
ECON6007Industrial Organization2Dr. Xu, Steven Pai
ECON6032International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment 2Prof. Qiu, Larry Dongxiao
ECON6009Labour Economics2Dr. Park, Sangyoon
ECON6022AMacroeconomic Analysis (Session A)1Dr. Chen, Heng
ECON6022BMacroeconomic Analysis (Session B)1Dr. Chen, Heng
ECON6012Macroeconomic Theory1Dr. Luo, Yulei
ECON6042Mathematical Economics2Prof. Wu, Joseph Shao-kong
ECON6066Mathematics and Statistics Review (18-hour course)1Dr. Yu, Ping
ECON6021AMicroeconomic Analysis (Session A)1Dr. Zhang, Hongsong
ECON6021BMicroeconomic Analysis (Session B)1Dr. Zhang, Hongsong
ECON6011Microeconomic Theory1Dr. Tian, Jianrong
ECON6061Network Economics2Dr. Ching, Stephen
ECON6015Public EconomicsSummerDr. Hau, Timothy D.
ECON6031The Chinese EconomySummerProf. Wu, Changqi
ECON6014Trade, Investment and Development in East AsiaSummerProf. Fung, K.C.