Academic Programmes

Courses Offered


Code Course TitleSemester Lecturer Outline
BUSM6013Doctoral Accounting Seminar I2Prof. ZHANG, Guochang
ECON6005Econometric Theory I1Dr. Yu, Ping
ECON6056Econometric Theory II2Dr. Kwok, Hon Ho
ECON6881Economics and Finance Workshops I1, 2
ECON6882Economics and Finance Workshops II1, 2
ECON6883Economics and Finance Workshops III1, 2
ECON6884Economics and Finance Workshops IV1, 2
ECON6885Economics and Finance Workshops V1, 2
ECON6017Financial Economics1Dr. Liu, Tingjun
Prof. Wong, Keith K.P.
ECON6036Game Theory and Applications2Dr. Chiu, Stephen Y
ECON6054AGraduate Seminar (Economics)1, 2Dr. Xu, Yujing
Dr. Xu, Steven Pai
ECON6054BGraduate Seminar (Finance)1Prof. Lin, Tse-Chun
ECON6012Macroeconomic Theory1Dr. Luo, Yulei
ECON6011Microeconomic Theory1Dr. Tian, Jianrong
ECON6010Monetary Policy: Theory & Practice2Dr. Kwok, Hon Ho
BUSM6001Research Methods for Business Studies1Prof. ZHOU, Kevin Zheng
Dr. LEE, Hsiao-Hui
Dr. CHAU, Michael C.L.
Dr. WANG, Xin
Prof. WAN, Echo Wen
BUSM6009Research Seminars in Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour2Prof. HUI, Chun
BUSM6006Research Seminars in Information Systems2Prof. CHAU, Patrick Y.K.
BUSM6016Research Seminars in Operations and Innovation Management2Dr. PARK, Eric
ECON6053Selected Topics in Financial Economics1Prof. Lin, Chen
ECON6052Selected Topics in Macroeconomics I2Dr. Zhang, Lei
ECON6002Selected Topics in Microeconomics I1Dr. Zhao, Chen