Prospective Students

FAQ - UG: Other Aspects

1. What are the durations of the double degree programmes?

BBA(Law)&LLB: integrated programme for 5 years

BBA(IS): 4 years; BEng(CS): 1 year (total 5 years).

2. What will be the composition fees for the additional year?

Government funding only supports the first four years of undergraduate studies and the additional year of these programmes are operated on a self-financing basis.  The current fees for the fifth year of BBA(Law)&LLB and BEng(CS) are around HK$60,000 per year (for local students).

3. What are the requirements for entering into the fifth year of the double-degree programmes?

For the BBA(IS) programme, there will not be any additional requirements for admission to the second degree other than satisfactory completion of the first degree.  Students will be asked to submit the application form for their second degree once they have fulfilled the requirements of the first degree.

For the BBA(Law)&LLB programme, students are required to decide whether they will opt out of the LLB degree before the end of the second year of study.

4. Can I have a second major or minor within or outside the Faculty? What are the possible choices and how should I apply?

Students may declare their second major or minor within or outside the Faculty after the first year of study. Declaration should be done via the Student Information System (SIS). Students may visit the Academic Advising office website for the list of possible choices of a second major or minor since the list is too long to be included.  Some majors or minors may also have a minimum GPA requirement.

5. What is the chance of going on exchange? How can I apply for the exchange?

GPA of 3.0 is normally considered as a competitive academic result for exchange study. Most applicants who can fulfil the GPA requirements are allocated with a place to go abroad. Application period is normally around middle to end of the first semester each year. Written representation or personal statement will be needed and optional interviews might be held for the purpose of selection. In 2014-2015, more than 300 students went for exchange in 26 destinations.

6. What is the chance of getting internship? How can I apply for the internship?

Our Faculty will inform students of internship opportunities by email. Students are advised to check their emails regularly for openings of internship. Students may also visit the Faculty website listing openings.

In addition, students may attend various recruitment talks and visit placement section organized by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) for internship opportunities.

7. What is the chance of living in a residential hall? How can I apply for the residence?

Students are welcome to apply for hall residence via the Student Information system (SIS).  Hall residence is open for application in summer before each academic year starts.  The selection criteria vary from hall to hall.  Different weighting will be put on various factors like hall interview performance or talent in extra-curricular activities, depending on individual hall’s policy.

8. Is there any financial assistance available other than scholarships?

Financial assistance is available to local full-time students.

From the HKSAR government:

The Non-mean-tested Loan Scheme is open to all local post-secondary students while the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme is a mean-test scheme for students who are in critical situation.

From the University:

There are a number of bursaries and interest-free loans managed by the University to assist students with financial hardship. These awards are allocated to on the basis of their financial needs.

Students anticipating difficulties in balancing their budget should submit application via SIS to CEDARS in September after the academic year start.