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Prof. Geng XIAO

Prof. Geng XIAO

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Geng XIAO is Professor of Practice in Finance and Public Policy at School of Business and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong.

Geng is also an Executive Member of the Academic Committee of the International Finance Forum (IFF) and an Independent and Non-Executive Director of the Board of HSBC Bank (China).

Previously Xiao Geng held a number of positions in academic and policy institutions, including Senior Fellow and Vice President for China of the Fung Global Institute, Director of the Columbia Global Centers | East Asia, Founding Director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, honorary and tenured professor at School of Economics of HKU, Head of Research and Advisor to the Chairman at the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, Vice President of the Chinese Economists Society in the U.S., an Independent Director of the London-based Genesis Emerging Markets Fund, a member of the board of supervisors at the Shenzhen Development Bank, a Faculty Associate at Harvard Institute for International Development, and a Consultant at the World Bank.

Xiao Geng has done extensive empirical and policy research on the Chinese economy, covering macroeconomics, exchange rate, finance, SOE reforms, productivity, urbanization, US-China relations, and institutional economics. He holds B.S. in Management Sciences from the University of Science and Technology of China and MA and PhD in Economics from UCLA.


肖耿現任香港大學商學院及社會科學院金融與公共政策實踐教授。他還是國際金融論壇(IFF)學術委員會執行委員及匯豐銀行(中國) 獨立及非執行董事。他曾任經綸國際經濟研究院中國研究副總裁、哥倫比亞大學全球中心東亞部主任、 清華-布魯金斯公共政策研究中心首任主任、 布魯金斯學會資深研究員、香港大學榮譽教授及港大經濟金融學院終身教授、香港證監會主席顧問及研究部主管、中國留美經濟學會副會長、在倫敦上市的新興市場基金(GEMF)獨立董事、深圳發展銀行監事會監事、哈佛國際發展研究院聯席研究員,以及世界銀行專職顧問。肖耿擁有中國科技大學管理科學學士學位以及美國加州大學洛杉磯分校經濟學碩士及博士學位。他的研究涉及中國經濟的實證與政策分析,包括宏觀經濟、匯率、金融、國企改革、生產率、城市化、中美關係、及製度經濟學領域。

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