Dr. Shiyang HUANG received his Ph.D. degree in finance from the London School of Economics in 2015. He also holds a master degree and a bachelor degree in economics from Tsinghua University. He joined The University of Hong Kong in 2015.


Shiyang is interested on financial economics and empirical asset pricing. He won the best paper awards at Paris December Finance Meeting 2014 and China International Conference in Finance 2015.




Room 834, KK Leung Building


(852) 3917 8564













Research Interests:

Financial Economics

Asset Pricing

Information Economics


Curriculum vitae [ PDF ]

Awards and Honors :

Winner of Best Paper Award at the 7th Melbourne Asset Pricing Meeting, 2019

Winner of Best Paper Award at CICF, 2019

Winner of Best Paper Award at China Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2017

Winner of Best Paper Award at 14th Annual Conference in Financial Economics Research by Eagle Labs, IDC, 2017

Winner of Yihong Xia Best Paper Award at CICF, 2015

Winner of Best Paper Award in Paris December Finance Meeting 2014

Winner IdR QUANTVALLEY / FdR Quantitative Management Initiative Research Award, 2013

Winner of Europlace Institute of Finance Research Grant, 2013




[1] "Attention Allocation and Return Comovement: Evidence from Repeated Natural Experiments" [ PDF ]

Online Appendix [ PDF ], (with Yulin Huang and Tse-Chun Lin from HKU)

Journal of Financial Economics, 132(2), 2019, 369-383

[2] "Offsetting Disagreement and Security Prices" [ PDF ] Online Appendix [ PDF ]

(with Byoung-Hwang from Cornell, Dong Lou from LSE and Chengxi Yin from CICC),

Management Science(forthcoming)

[3] "Institutionalization, Delegation, and Asset Prices"[ PDF ]

(with Liyan Yang from Toronto University and Zhigang Qiu from Renmin University), 2019

Journal of Economic Theory (forthcoming)


Working Papers

[1] "Delegated Information Acquisition and Asset Pricing" [ PDF ]

(Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Financial Studies), 2016

[2] "What Determines Word-of-Mouth Effects in Financial Markets" [ PDF ]

(with Byoung-Hyoun Hwang from Cornell and Dong Lou from LSE), 2019

[3] "Innovation and Informed Trading: Evidence from Industry ETFs" [ PDF ]

(with Maureen O'Hara from Cornell and Zhuo Zhong from Melbourne), 2019

[4] "Noise Trading and Asset Pricing Factors" [ PDF ]

(with Yang Song from University of Washington and Hong Xiang from HKU), 2019

[5] "The Effect of Options on Information Acquisition and Asset Pricing", 2016 [ PDF ]

[6] "Speed Acquisition" [ PDF]

(with Bart Yueshen from INSEAD), 2019

[7] "Informed Trading in the Government Bond Market" [ PDF]

(with Dong Lou from LSE, Tianyu Wang from Tsinghua and Robert Czech from Bank of England), 2019

[8] "Skill Acquisition and Data Sales" [ PDF ]

(with Liyan Yang and Yan Xiong from Toronto University), 2019

[9] "Public Market Players in the Private World: Implications for the Going-Public Process" [ PDF]

(with Yifei Mao from Cornell, Cong Wang from Texas Tech, and Dexin Zhou from Baruch), 2019

[10] "The Booms and Busts of Beta Arbitrage"

(with Dong Lou and Christopher Polk from LSE), 2018





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