"Dragon" Yongjun Tang  (汤勇军)


Professor of Finance

Area Head in Finance

HKU Business School

The University of Hong Kong


Office: Room 1004, K K Leung Building

Tel: (+852) 22194321

E-mail: yjtang@hku.hk


Managing Editor, International Review of Finance

Ph.D., Finance, University of Texas at Austin, 2005

M.S., Physics, Texas A&M University, 2000

B.S., Physics, Jilin University, China, 1997


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  26. 中国地方债的资产证券化”, 2015,清华金融评论


Selected Working Papers:

  1. "Credit Protection and Animal Spiritis: Product Market Competition with CDS", with Jay Li

  2. "Bank Dividend Payouts and Contingent Convertible Bond Issuance", with Chenyu Shan and Meng Xie

  3. Does the Introduction of One Derivative Affect Another Derivative? The Effect of CDS Trading on Option Pricing”, with Jie Cao, Jimmy Jin, and Neil Pearson

  4. “CDS Trading and Stock Price Crash Risk”, with Rui Zhong and Jinyu Liu and Jeff Ng

  5. How Does CDS Trading Affect Bank Lending Relationships?”, with Chenyu Shan and Hong Yan

  6. “Liquidity and Credit Default Swap Spreads”, with Hong Yan


Research Grants, Honors and Awards:


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