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About FBE

Building on
a Century of Excellence

About FBE

The Faculty of Business and Economics was created through the amalgamation of two schools -- the School of Business and the School of Economics and Finance. Forming an alliance of excellence, the Faculty of Business and Economics takes an entrepreneurial approach to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing economic and business environment by drawing together the strengths of the two schools.

Our students now can choose from an unusually rich set of cross-disciplinary studies offered by both institutions. The School of Business equips students with the vision and practical tools necessary to become successful business leaders in Hong Kong, Greater China and in the region. The School of Economics and Finance provides strong grounding in both theoretical and applied aspects of economics, allowing students to analyse how business and policy decisions are made in a dynamic world.

The combined innovative curriculum offerings include the first officially recognised MBA (International) programme delivered in Shanghai from Hong Kong. Other specialised degrees in economics and finance, accounting and finance, and double-degree programmes for business and law, and business and software engineering provide requisite skills as well as a broad disciplinary reach to students pursuing regional and international careers. Our English-language curriculum familiarises students with the inner workings and corporate culture of global companies, while our teaching faculty's regional expertise provides specialised know-how on doing business in Hong Kong, China and East Asia.

The continual transformation of the local economy into a knowledge-based economy creates an enormous demand for highly trained executives and entrepreneurs whose knowledge and abilities must reach beyond the confines of traditional business and economic education. As a leading repository of scholastic excellence and original research, the Faculty of Business and Economics continues to place our commitment in helping our students to be responsible practitioners, innovative researchers, and visionary leaders of tomorrow; and our teachers and researchers continue to challenge the boundaries of knowledge and learning to help foster a better future for the community.

The Faculty's pioneering research outputs continue to be a leading source of innovative thinking for government and business in Hong Kong and the region. The research centres shared between the two schools facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and foster inter-disciplinary work. In 1999, the University Grants Committee - Hong Kong's higher education funding body - recognised the Faculty's research work in economics and business strategy as one of the three Areas of Excellence in Hong Kong.

Remaining true to the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Faculty of Business and Economics aims to become the leading international centre for the study of economics and business in Asia and to serve the development needs of Hong Kong as an international financial centre and the future needs of Greater China.

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