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Building on
a Century of Excellence

Message from the Dean


One hundred years ago, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) was founded.  Our long and illustrious heritage has placed us at the vanguard of innovations in teaching, learning and research. This longevity – unrivalled in Hong Kong – arms the Faculty of Business and Economics with the maturity, the knowledge, and the credentials to realize our mission.  We strive to not only educate first-class business leaders for the global economy and the 21st century, but to nurture individuals who make a positive difference in the world. We foster competence, confidence and responsibility. These are the qualities that characterise pioneers in every walk of life.

Over the past century, HKU has drawn first-class educators and thought leaders from all corners of the globe. These scholars have instilled in our students a passion for leadership with a truly global perspective. The Faculty of Business and Economics provides an intellectual infrastructure which facilitates innovative scholarship that addresses the demands of the new Asia-led economy. Our emphasis may be on Asia, with an eye on China, but our alumni are not confined by the boundaries of a city, or a region. Indeed, generations of our graduates have gone on to make an impact in industries worldwide.

Quite felicitously we now find ourselves supremely well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities thrown up by what some term ‘the Asian century’.  Nestled in the centre of a city celebrated for its cosmopolitan culture we also hold open a door to China. Our Faculty has forged alliances with some of the leading business schools on the Mainland. Add to that our engagement with government, our collaboration with global business school partners, along with the multi-disciplinary nature of our programmes and our robust links with the corporate world, and you begin to appreciate how solemnly we take our commitment to cultivating leaders and business professionals who will shine on the global stage.

It is these factors that help make our Faculty a world-class institution and we back up our declaration with a reputation that is widely recognised and trusted. I warmly invite you to connect with us and experience Asia’s premier Faculty of Business and Economics.

Professor Eric C. Chang

Chung Hon-Dak Professor in Finance
Chair of Finance

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