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Director Message

At the HKU School of Business, we are proud of our tradition of excellence in business education. We are committed to producing graduates who are destined to become world-class business leaders and outstanding global citizens. The pursuit and study of key business knowledge, skills and capabilities are central to our School’s educational programs. We foster an integrated approach to teaching and research which focuses on business issues which are both regional as well as international. In this regard, we strive to nurture graduates who understand local business culture, but at the same time, are equally aware of global business concerns. Although we are one school, we offer our local as well as non-local students many options in terms of program scope and variety.

By working in close collaboration with other faculties at HKU, corporate partners, and other partner institutions around the globe, we are continuously seeking ways to integrate and innovate in the areas of both teaching and research. Providing students with an exceptional educational experience in terms of quality and diversity is our central mission. Through innovative courses and programs, we prepare students to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing and intensely competitive global marketplace. At the HKU School of Business, we produce graduates who are successful, responsible and highly productive members of their communities. We strive to bring out the very best in our graduates, and we welcome you to join us in our pursuit of excellence. Be a part of our “Tradition of Excellence in Business Education at HKU” in one of the most dynamic business centers in the world – Hong Kong.

Professor Chau, Patrick Y. K.
Director, School of Business, HKU

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