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Message from the Programme Director

Prof. Paul Lau

  Prof. Paul S.H. Lau

Economics provides us with a rigorous and coherent framework to understand human behaviour at the individual and aggregate levels. Such understanding has important implications to public policy and business decisions, helping the society to allocate scarce resources efficiently and improve the well-being of its citizens. With phenomenal and sustained economic growth in many countries in recent decades, talents with economics knowledge are in great demand.

The MEcon Programme offered by HKU has a long history of success and is one of the highly sought-after programmes of its kind in the region. We aim to bring together advanced training in economic theories and real world applications. Building on rigorous training from the core courses of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, students can choose to concentrate in one of three streams, namely the Data Analysis Stream, Policy Stream and Theory Stream, according to their interests and career aspirations. Our MEcon students also enjoy the opportunities to learn from and interact with outstanding researchers and teachers of the Faculty of Business and Economics, who come from a wide spectrum of background and expertise.  The intellectual capacity and knowledge acquired in the MEcon Programme have made a lasting impact in the students’ academic life, equipping them with acumen in decision and policy making.

Our graduates are well-trained to meet the challenges of the emergence of Greater China and the ongoing evolution of Hong Kong as an international financial centre. Many of them have moved on to launch successful careers in different fields, including consulting services, financial sector, multi-national businesses, and the public sector. Students who choose further academic pursuit also find themselves well-prepared for their PhD study afterwards. Our graduates have established invaluable network which connect alumni, current students and a broader business and academic community. We are proud of the success and achievements of our alumni and we strive to continue our drive in nurturing talent and leaders for the region.

Our excellent teaching and research environment, together with the reputation of the University and the extensive alumni network of the Faculty of Business and Economics, make us a preferred choice for postgraduate studies. We invite you to learn more about and apply for our programme. Together we hope to build a bright future for the students, the University and the society.

Paul S.H. Lau
Programme Director
​Master of Economics Programme