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About GBIA

“Global Business in Asia: New Horizons” (the program) is a summer academic program launched by the Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). It aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding and first-hand experience of the current economic development and business environment in China, leveraging on the Faculty’s long-standing foothold and resources in two of the foremost international business centers in Asia: Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The emergence of China as a world economic power in the past decades has drastically changed the international contours of business and economic activities. The recent financial tsunami that brought the West to a protracted slowdown further moved the world center of gravity to the East. More and more aspiring young people are attracted to this part of the world to understand its development and to explore personal career prospects. The program targets overseas undergraduates with such interests, while students from HKU and other institutions in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland are also welcome.

“Global Business in Asia: New Horizons” is an intensive academic and cultural exchange program. The program lasts for four weeks with the first two in Hong Kong and the last two in Shanghai. The mornings are devoted to classes with lectures and discussion while the afternoons are left for guest speeches, site visits and group projects. Group activities such as sightseeing will be arranged to broaden the participants’ exposure.

Course Contents:

  1. Chinese Business and Marketing

    This course begins with an overview of the China business environment and macro-/micro-environmental factors, followed by the analysis of Chinese business practice, cultural value, consumer behavior, manufacturing and servicing industries’ development, etc. Practical China business management issues including corporate culture, people management, quality management, etc. will be discussed. Besides, various marketing techniques in China including brand management, marketing strategy, marketing research, etc. will also be explored during the course. 
  2. The China Economy: Implications for Global Business

    This course begins with an overall understanding of China’s recent economic development, followed by deeper analysis of the major sectors such as external trade and investment, industry and technology, finance and other services, the labor force and human resources. It will end with some specific current economic issues such as the value of the currency, China’s investments overseas, energy and the environment, etc.


Two weeks in Hong Kong and two weeks in Shanghai


Students will be assessed in each course according to the following scheme:

  • Participation in class, guest lectures and site visits: 20%
  • Test at the end of the second week (in Hong Kong before going to Shanghai): 20%
  • Group project and presentation –30%
  • Students will submit an individual written report on the topic of his/her group project: 30%

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