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Alumni Sharing: GBIA 2012

Christine Bancroft, Queen’s University
I have gained a broad understanding of business environments in a variety of industries in both HK and Shanghai. The programme provides two interesting courses particularly the Chinese economy and you also get a very good knowledge and taste of the two cities. Visits to the Peace Hotel, Convention Center and China Merchant Bank were my favourite site visits. I also enjoyed being in a group of international students.
Loved the Bund in Shanghai and the proximity of the HKU Center to it. Overall a terrific experience!
Anne Bruntse, Aarhus University
The programme provides insight to China's economy, marketing and culture while at the same time offers the opportunity for an international network and a great experience. It has been a tight schedule but I want to come back to both Hong Kong and Shanghai to work and live.
It was good to have the combination of site visits, lectures and sightseeing. I would recommend GBIA to my friends!
Queenie Guo, The Ohio State University

The program provides a platform for us to understand China and HK economy and business and to communicate with successful people in various areas. It is a good opportunities to learn and grow. I enjoy visiting different industries and listening to the guest speakers.
It is an interesting experience and I get to meet new friends.
Dana Adobritei, King's College London
My experience in Hong Kong and Shanghai was a really good one, especially in Hong Kong I met new people and made a lot of friends from different countries. The programme helps us to better understand the business world.
I would recommend GBIA programme to all my friends in Europe and especially at my university.
Michael Cropper, University of Exeter
The programme has a good balance between site visits and academic lectures. It highlights the opportunities in China and opens your mind to different cultures. The two courses were very useful and informative, and improved my career prospects. We had a diverse group of students and I have made global friends.
Jon Ma, Princeton University
The schedule was very well designed and I enjoyed the guest. I enjoyed the lectures especially those about the Hong Kong Economy, China trade, Hong Kong financial system, and Hong Kong and China cultures.

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