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Programme Evaluation: GBIA 2013

Strongly Agree
The programme as a whole was a great experience. - 32.26 67.74
The programme was well organized. 32.26 48.39 16.13
Orientation was effective and informative. 19.35 41.94 38.71
Programme activities were interesting and fun. 25.81 41.94 32.26
The two courses provided a base for understanding China economy and markets. 6.45 22.58 70.97
The courses were challenging and interesting. 6.45 41.94 51.61
Instructors were stimulating and dynamic. 6.45 45.16 48.39
Time allocated to activities and work was appropriate. 22.58 16.13 25.81
Visits to off-campus sites were effective and instructive. 41.94 29.03 16.13
Library and other facilities were sufficient and accessible. 35.48 29.03 16.13
Internet access was convenient and coverage was satisfactory. 16.13 12.90 9.68
Classroom in campus (K.K. Leung Building) was well-equipped. 6.45 32.26 61.29
Classroom in Shanghai Study Centre was well-equipped. 29.03 16.13 19.35
The accommodation locations were convenient. 22.58 25.81 48.39
Facilities in and around accommodations were sufficient and accessible. 32.26 29.03 19.35
Transport around the accommodations was convenient and easy. 19.35 38.71 35.48
Transport arrangements for the programme were sufficient. 9.68 41.94 38.71
Promotional materials and brochures clearly outlined the programme’s purpose. 22.58 35.48 35.48
The website provided adequate information about the programme. 25.81 32.26 32.26
Promotional materials (including the website) made me want to know more about the programme. 22.58 29.03 41.94

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