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Secondary School Summer Programme

The Faculty of Business and Economics values every knowledge exchange opportunity with the community. This is the very purpose that the Faculty offers two modules every summer targeting secondary school students who have an interest to pursue knowledge in the fields of Business and Economics. Through the modules, participants can have a taste of the university life with an active participation in classes lectured by our experienced teachers. They also have  opportunities to interact with the current undergraduate students who serve as a role model and an inspiration to the younger generation. Outreach activities such as corporate visits are also arranged for students to gain exposure to the real business world.

Economics Module – Economics in Our Lives

Economics in our Lives endeavours to introduce students to a basic understanding of demand and supply.  Learning microeconomic principles would help students understand how externalities could be addressed, for instance.  An understanding of how inequality comes about and how poverty is transmitted across generations locally is also sought.

Business Module – Selected Topics in Business

This Summer Programme aims to introduce some selected business topics to the secondary students through 6 days of intensive class trainings and group presentations. After completing the programme, the participants will be able to acquire fundamental technical skills to analyse various business scenarios. Except traditional class training, the participants will be required to deliver final presentations on the assigned business cases on group basis on the last day of programme. They will be expected to apply the knowledge learnt from the classes and present their analysis in a professional way.


Details of the 2016 Summer Programme will be announced in due course so please stay tuned with us!

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