BBA(IBGM) - IBGM student committee


An initiative consisting of students from all years

To give students a taste of real-world management, the BBA(IBGM) programme has established a Student Committee run by students. Supervised by the Programme Director (Dr. Olivia Leung), the Committee is divided into 4 departments. 

Department heads and other core members discuss important matters in the Senior Management Meeting, held every two or three weeks. Each department/group may conduct their internal meetings when necessary.

BBA(IBGM) students are able to hone their soft and hard skills in various committees and events. Such events include overseas field trips, open day, interview receptions, job placements and student sharing sessions. Internal gatherings are also held regularly to strengthen the bonding among BBA(IBGM) students with different cultural backgrounds.

Key objectives: 

  • Innovate, improve, develop & evaluate all areas
  • Promote & Brand IBGM internally & externally
  • Continue the legacy of IBGM Students