BBA(IBGM) - Student Overseas Exchange Experience


Hosea Lee, 2014' IBGMer

Having an opportunity to study abroad at Yale University for a full academic year is proving to be the best experience of my life. With the full scholarship offered by The University of Hong Kong, I am able to take advantage of the amazing resources at Yale University while interacting with global elites and academics in various disciplines. Having been assigned to one of the twelve colleges at Yale, I have the chance to fully integrate into the larger Yale community. Moreover, the world-class liberal art education at Yale is fully leveraged through my academic endeavor and pursuit of multi-disciplinary education. I am also engaged in many extra-curricular activities through involving in different student organizations such as Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group and AIESEC Yale. Indeed, my experience at Yale has been truly enriching, enthralling and unique.


Emily Wong, 2013' IBGMer

As I have always wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking country, I chose to go to Mexico for exchange. As Universidad de Monterrey is a small university in terms of its student population, it’s likely you will get to know everyone on campus. I found Mexican culture to be vibrant, with an emphasis on traditional family values. This exchange experience changed me because I had to step out of my comfort zone, I learned to see the world from a different perspective, and as a result, became more independent than I was before this exchange experience.


Esther Cho, 2013' IBGMer

For my exchange, I went to Pforzheim University in Germany. Pforzheim University has one of the top business programs in Germany, and emphasizes on the practical parts of business because of their professors’ work experience in large German corporates such as Mercedes, Deloitte, and Bosch. These experiences have made me convinced that Germany is the perfect place to learn about business and gain cultural exposure because of its important standing within the world economy.


Keith Yuen, 2013' IBGMer

My exchange to UBC provided me with an opportunity to explore a new country and experience a different campus life. As Vancouver has quite a few attractions - Capilano Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park, etc- part of my exchange was spent visiting them. Living on campus residence meant it was really convenient to meet up with friends and getting to class. Because the campus is huge, I had to bike most days, which was a memorable experience. It was also my first time living away from family, which did me the world of good because I learnt to become more independent and manage my own life. All in all, I’m glad I went on exchange to UBC.


Adam Wan, 2013' IBGMer

Going on exchange has been a fruitful experience for me in and out of the classroom. Inside the classroom I have experienced the Canadian learning culture and have been taught by very able professors. Outside the classroom I have been travelling around both the US and Canada, gaining exposure to the culture and also having a bit of fun. It an experience that really made me more independent, there is a lot more to it than just going to class in a foreign country. The highlight for me is the ski trips I have taken with my friends, it is a sport that I have always loved and being in Vancouver meant there was plenty of opportunity for me to pursue this sport. Being able to ski almost every other week in the early parts of the exchange up until March meant that I was starting to manage the more difficult slopes, which is something I am proud of.


Edwin So, 2011' IBGMer

IBGM offers me many opportunities to explore the world, and my exchange experience to the New York University Stern School of Business is definitely a highlight. Studying in the heart of the financial world, I learnt a lot about the latest developments in the financial industry. The exchange has also let me develop global outlook, enhance cultural understanding and grow personally.


Olivia Cheung, 2010' IBGMer

My exchange experience in the United States will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in my life! IBGM offered me the opportunity to see and feel the world which helps my personal growth. Studying abroad has also given me an insight into differences between cultures which will benefit my career in the future.


Ricky Cheung, 2010' IBGMer

I am so grateful for having the chance to study in Edinburgh as an exchange student. There are always new acquaintances and close bonds to make.Cultural differences haven't been as tough as it seems, as long as you are willing to open up yourself, abandon all your burdens from home, and adapt to the changes.


Sally Wong, 2010' IBGMer

Being an IBGMer is an extraordinary experience. With our unique field trips and exchange programs, we have the opportunities to meet with smart people from diverse backgrounds and learn how to look at things from different perspectives. We learn not only from books – and that's why we are different.