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Bachelor of Economics [BEcon]


The BEcon programme trains students in economic theory, statistical tools, and the application of theory to solve practical economic problems in trade, banking, and the labour market. Students will also learn to evaluate the regional economic performance of China, Hong Kong and other economies. Students will be furnished with solid theoretical and empirical economic knowledge to analyse and understand human behaviour and social interactions. The programme allows students a high degree of flexibility in planning their futrue career specialisation. Students may also declare a minor or a second major if they are able to meet the respective requirements.

BEcon students are required to take a total of 240 credit units of courses for the 4-year curricula.


4-Year Curricula

Bachelor of Economics [BEcon]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses

Intake Regulations Syllabus & Structure List of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2016-2017 B Part I | Part II F
Intake of 2015-2016 BBA.REG.2013-14.pdf Part I | Part II FBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015 BBA.REG.2013-14.pdf Part I | Part II FBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014 BBA.REG.2013-14.pdf Part I | Part II FBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013 BBA.Regulations.12-13.pdf Part I | Part II FBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf


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