Alumni Sharing


Ng, Yat Nam Alfred
BBA(Acc&Fin), Class of 2012

I am the co-founder of, one the top travel deals distribution channels in Hong Kong. The website was preliminarily set up in my final year study when I met my current business partner in HKU whom I shared the very same interests and thoughts with. Starting up a business is not easy at all, especially in the highly competitive travel industry. It is similar to taking care of a new-born baby, you have to be on call 24/7. It’s challenging but I get high level of satisfaction. Up until now, we have over 652K followers on Facebook.

Looking Back
I chose accounting and finance as my major at HKU as I was interested in devoting my career to this professional field. In addition to learning industry-specific knowledge in my major, the wide array of business courses and enrichment programmes equipped me with entrepreneurial skills and other core competences. Being an executive committee member of Business Association of HKU was also a value-added experience that broadened my horizon. Without all these knowledge, skills, and experience that I gained in FBE, I would not have possessed the necessary capabilities and courage to start my own business.

Looking Ahead
To me, to travel is to live. This is where I gain my career motivation and satisfaction. I will continue to make Flyday a resourceful and useful website for all travellers and tourists, and keep on exploring new business opportunities that can help enrich everybody’s travel experience.

A Piece of Advice
Textbook knowledge is of course very important. However, university life is not only about being a bookworm. You have to grasp every chance to explore your interests and broaden your horizons by actively participating in different extra-curricular activities. It might sound impossible to develop your own interest into a successful career, but my own experience convinces me interest and career can definitely be combined. As long as we have the passion, faith and are persevering, all of us can be successful in pursuing our dreams.