Alumni Sharing

Chan, Y.M. Carmen
BEcon&Fin, Class of 2004

Apart from my full-time middle management role at Citibank, I am also a part-time writer of thirteen story books targeting teenagers.

On one hand, I am a sentimental person. On the other hand, I am also a rational person knowing what career best fits me. That’s why I chose HKU FBE, where I could fully stretch my potential.

At FBE, I gained professional knowledge which provided me a key to get into the financial market, contributing to the multi-national investment bank and granted me satisfaction in career. In addition, the variety of free elective courses offered me a platform to study multiple disciplines. This enriched my social network and also helped me develop my career as a writer. The flexible curriculum made me realize that career and interest can be running at the same time.

There is a list of five must-do at university: Enjoy hall life; Join associate committee; Get someone to date; Find part-time jobs; and Gain exchange experience. Pity that I had not completed all tasks. Instead, I spent a lot of time on writing stories and sharing the stories online. Feedback from all over the world was encouraging and eventually I was invited to publish my first book which I spent nearly a year to complete. Writing is the best way for me to share my feelings and thoughts with others. Being a writer is a big challenge but the time spent on each word makes me feel fulfilled. The writing career will not make you rich, but writing lights up hopes, records our culture and lives, and spreads positive values to the next generation.

Looking Back
It is lovely to recall those old days at FBE. It is always the best fertilizer in my life.

Remember the day we bought the first business suit for the group project to look mature. We practiced presentation somewhere near the main library, cold and hungry, and we finally slept on the floor till sunrise. We ate sweet soup everywhere around the western district at mid-night and put on a lot of weight. We joined the Economics and Finance Society’s academic tour to South Africa during summer holiday, leaving footprints in the Johannesburg Exchange Square. We were “team parent(組爸組媽)” at the Faculty Orientation Camp, giving unforgettable nightmares to freshmen(新鮮組仔組女).

Life is full of ups and downs. I never forget everyone wearing masks in classroom during SARS. The memory of the coolest atmosphere can never be erased.

FBE is a big family with students from all walks of life. You can definitely build a great network here.

I am proud to be one of the members of FBE, and I’ve found long-lasting friendship here. We share happiness and excitement, explore the unknown future together. All these memories sweeten my entire life.

Looking Ahead
Wear more than one hat — my career at Citibank, a writer and a mom of two kids, time engagement is always the most challenging task for me. I will do the best in every role!

Today’s world is overloaded with internet and electronic devices. I appreciate students who still enjoy reading and writing. I will keep writing stories and visiting schools to share my thoughts and writing experience with students. I do not aim at changing the mindset of any reader but I do wish I can bring some positive energy to teenagers via the stories I create.

A Piece of Advice
Time is limited and life is short, so please work hard and play hard! (You will learn something useful about maximization from economics and management at FBE!) Programmes at FBE deliver diversified skills and knowledge which will make you strong. Do join the big family! Network with other brilliant minds and prepare yourself well for the wonderful business world.

Take every opportunity to colour your life. Do not regret for waiting too long!