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The University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1911, HKU is the territory's oldest and most well-known tertiary institution. While embracing our rich heritage and traditions, we endeavor to drive frontier research and develop the next generation of leaders for the world.

The HKU Motto

The shield and motto of The University of Hong Kong were granted in 1913, two years after its foundation. They tell us a lot about what the founders wanted to say about the university: a harmonious balance between Western and Chinese traditions—a mix of East and West.

The Latin motto Sapientia et Virtus means "Wisdom and Virtue" in English. The Chinese motto 明德 ("to manifest virtue") 格物 ("to investigate things") are taken from the Confucian classic The Great Learning. Together the two phrases reflect the role of a university, which is not simply to inculcate knowledge, but also to train students to become responsible members of the society.



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