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"Credit Risk Propagation along Supply Chains: Evidence from the CDS Market" by Dr. Jing Wu

Publishing Date: 08/01/2019      (Last Update: 08/01/2019)

IIM Seminar


  • Dr. Jing Wu
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Management Sciences
    City University of Hong Kong


Event Details

DateWednesday, 23 January 2019
Time2:30 p.m. — 4:00 p.m.
VenueKK 910, K.K. Leung Bldg

Abstract :

We find that credit risk propagates through multiple supply chain tiers for both positive and negative credit shocks. Specifically, rating and industry-adjusted CDS spreads change by 44-71 bps for the first tier. Strong propagation persists for 2nd and 3rd tiers for adverse shocks, but attenuates for favorable shocks. Such effects are not observed for inactive supply chain links. Credit risk propagation is magnified with longer-term supply-chain relations, trade credit, differentiated products, and leverage, but is moderated with investment grade rating and high inventory. Credit risk propagation is stronger for supply chain partners followed by the same analysts.