2020 HKU-Ivey Executive Leadership Programme in
Data Analytics and Big Data (DABD)

Many organizations and executives find they have access to vast amount of data but lack the skills and knowledge to leverage the data for business growth. The HKU-Ivey Executive Leadership Programme in Data Analytics and Big Data (DABD) will enable executives to use data to drive their operational & strategic decision-making and create more value for their businesses.

Leveraging on case development capacity of the Ivey Case Centre in Asia and also the Asia Case Research Centre of HKU Business School, this programme will be empowered by recent cases on Alibaba, WeChat, Chow Tai Fook+GIA, TouTiao, iFlyTek, NVIDA, Overstock tZERO, Amazon Go, Brooklyn Microgrid, etc., discussing effective use of data and analytics for operational & strategic decision-making.

Participants will Gain Insight in

  • methods to analyze data to improve understanding of complex business issues.
  • the role of data in acquisition of customers to create competitive advantage.
  • application of AI and Blockchain in real-world business.
  • recognition of opportunities where achieving an understanding of data can lead to enhanced performance or profitability

Target Audience

Middle to senior executives who are:

  • seasoned with technical backgrounds such as finance, actuary, revenue management.
  • heading a team of technical experts with mandate to use data analytics for business success.
  • leading departmental heads with technical background as direct reports.

Online and in-class sessions

Modules Date* Fee**
Module 1Leading Digital Transformation and Disruption ** June 15-16 & 22-23, 2020 USD 2,200
Module 2 Social Media Analytics and Digital Strategy ** August 10-11 & 17-18, 2020 USD 2,200
Module 3 AI and Blockchain Innovations  ** September 14-15 & 21-22, 2020 USD 2,200
Module 4 Data, Analytics, Business Value  October 12-13, 2020
USD 2,200
Participants will be conferred a certificate jointly issued by HKU and Ivey upon completing all 4 modules of the programme.
* Special 5% discount available for HKU/Ivey alumni or ≧ 3 registrations from the same company.
* USD 400 discount for Webinar’s registrants.
** Module 1, 2 & 3 are delivered online from 9:00am to 12:00 noon GMT +8 (Hong Kong time) each day.
Module 1: Leading Digital Transformation and Disruption
Module 2: Social Media Analytics and Digital Strategy
Module 3: AI and Blockchain Innovations
Module 4: Data, Analytics, Business Value

Summary of Webinars

Digital Disruption and Technology Trends amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professor Haipeng Shen, Patrick S C Poon Professor in Analytics and Innovation, HKU Business School, The University of Hong Kong has shared some examples on how technology help track the COVID-19 pandemic, including Internet of things (IoT), big data, AI and Blockchain, from monitoring, surveillance, detection and prevention of COVID-19 to mitigation of impact. He also shared real-world cases on how big data is applied in our daily lives, eg. e-commerce, China Light Power, illustrating how data can generate business opportunities and revenue during these disruptive times.

Professor Ning Su, Associate Professor, General Management, Strategy & Information Systems, Ivey Business School explained how Bluedot, a Canada-based AI start-up help monitor the spread of COVID-19 with big data and algorithms, using airline ticketing data to predict the spread of virus. He further emphasized that big data and AI provide promising solutions for mitigating COVID-19 and future pandemics, with collective and coordinated efforts of diverse stakeholders worldwide.

AI, Blockchain, Social Media opportunities amid Social Distancing and the COVID-19 Crisis

Dr. Hailiang Chen, Associate Professor, HKU Business School, The University of Hong Kong pointed out that COVID-19 has accelerated digitalization and that AI is more widely used. A more important technology- deep learning has emerged recently. AI techonologies are being commoditized and the worldwide search volume of AI and deep learning has shown an increasing trend in the past 5 years. Dr. Chen also illustrated on how AI is used for quality control within a chain pizza group.

Professor Shane Wang, Associate Professor, Marketing and Statistics, Ivey Business School shared his views on the increased volume of social media usage during COVID-19 and how social media help with sales revenue. Professor Wang also explained a few examples on social listening, including how video streaming affects consumption and how technologies can be used for new opportunities.

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