Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). The University defines KE as engaging, for mutual benefit, with business, government or the public to generate, acquire, apply and make accessible the knowledge needed to enhance material, human, social, cultural and environmental well-being.

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In alignment with the University’s strategic theme of promoting KE, the Faculty of Business and Economics promotes the dissemination of research-based knowledge to non-academic sectors of society through a wide range of KE activities: public lecture, executive education and expertise sharing through the media to benefit the Hong Kong society. Our faculty members and students have also been engaging in KE projects and activities that have generated impact in the community.

External organisations are welcome to visit the HKU Scholars Hub to look for our researchers to explore opportunities of working together on contract research or consultancy projects. The HKU Scholars Hub is the University's online expertise directory, which makes HKU researchers and their research visible. It provides an expert finder for businesses, industries, social enterprises, the public sector, and interested student applicants to find HKU experts for research collaborationcontract research, and postgraduate student supervision etc. Members of the media can look up contact information of the University's staff members by Faculty or area of specialisation from the Media Contact Directory or on the HKU Scholars Hub.




校外機構可從香港大學學術庫(只有英文版)搜尋港大學者及研究人員的資料,發掘以合約研究方式共同合作的機會。香港大學學術庫是港大的專業知識數據庫,用以收集、保存港大的學術成果及為其提供公開存取。學術庫為工商業、社會企業、公營機構、學術界人士及有志申請入讀港大的學生提供搜尋港大專才的途徑,方便建立科研合作關係開展合約研究,以及培訓研究生等。 傳媒如欲查詢港大教職員的聯絡資料(按學院或專業領域劃分),請參閱傳訊及公共事務處的相關網頁香港大學學術庫