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Our faculty members involved in the Master of Accounting programme hold PhDs from prestigious universities worldwide. They deliver top-quality teaching and research by introducing acounting, finance and management knowledge and applications in a wide spectrum of professional fields. Experienced professional practitioners will also share and discuss current industry best practices of their area of expertise with students.

Faculty Members by alphabetical order

Dr. Kin Hang Chan

Dr Kin Hang CHAN

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Sammy Fung

Dr Sammy FUNG

PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

GAO Pingyang

Prof Pingyang GAO,
Area Head of Accounting and Law

PhD, Yale University, United States

Prof Kai Wai Hui

Prof Kai Wai HUI, MAcct Programme Director

PhD, University of Oregon, United States

Dr. Jasmine KWONG

Dr Jasmine KWONG

PhD, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Mr. David S. LEE

Mr David LEE

J.D., UCLA School of Law, United States

Dr Winnie LEUNG

Dr Winnie LEUNG

PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Jing LI

Dr Jing LI

PhD, Columbia University, United States

Dr Christina Ng

Dr Christina NG

PhD, University of Stirling, United Kingdom

Dr. Derrald STICE

Dr Derrald STICE

PhD, University of North Carolina, United States

Prof Xin Wang

Prof Xin WANG,
Assistant Dean (Taught Postgraduate)

PhD, Duke University, United States

Prof. Guochang ZHANG

Prof Guochang ZHANG

PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada


Dr Xiaowei Zhang

Dr Xiaowei ZHANG

PhD, Stanford University, United States


Dr Winnie Leung



Mr David Lee