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19 Oct 2020

Financial Times Introductory Session

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading news organizations, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. In order to maximize the benefit in subscription of, we invited FT representative to give Q&A sessions about FT key content and tools available on  The Q&A session covered the following topics:  

  • Accessing FT (account creating and accessing via app) 
  • How to use FT in your assignments, for interview preparation and to become corporate ready
  • How to personalize your experience of FT

Our student services team invited Financial Times respresentative to give an in-depth session on the key content and tools available on This is to maximize our Master Programmes students' benefits in utilising the subscription available of The Financial Times (FT). The workshop went through the process of creating & accessing the Financial Times account via app, in addition to personalise their experience when using FT.  Most importantly, the representative advised how our students can utilise FT for their assignments as well as interview preparation so they can tool them up in being corporate ready.

To maximize students' benefit in subscription of The Financial Times (FT), the FT representative was invited to give an in-depth session of FT key content and tools available on 


Financial Times Introductory Session 1
Financial Times Introductory Session 2