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Words from Students & Alumni

Betty Li

Ms Betty Li

Master of Accounting, Class of 2020
Auditor, KPMG China

Emma Xu

Ms Emma Xu

Master of Accounting, Class of 2020

I am from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, which is quite near Hong Kong, and I heard about HKU when I was in my first year. From that time, I came to understand and learn more about HKU and found it a charming place. When I was in my third year, I took part in our summer school, where Dr. Sammy Fung and other teachers gave us some lectures on several interesting topics, such as corporate governance. I came to love the academic atmosphere at HKU. Students read and discuss group projects everywhere. So, when I was considering applying for a Master Programme, I chose to apply for HKU.

To future applicants, firstly, do not hesitate to choose HKU for your master programme. It is not just about the learning environment; your teachers and classmates are all excellent. It’s an experience really worth having on a daily basis in HKU. Prepare all your materials carefully, from language tests to GMAT/GRE, and be prepared for the interview all the time. Also, always practice your oral English and train yourself to read English newspapers or books to improve your reading ability.

Hope to see you in summer 2020 at HKU.

Yijie Wang

Ms Jane Wang

Master of Accounting, Class of 2020

As our programme director Professor Hui always says: “Please enjoy the torture!” If you cherish your time and desire to learn fast and grow fast, you’ll be welcomed to the HKU MAcct family!

Olivia Huang

Ms Olivia Huang

Master of Accounting, Class of 2020

Kent Guan

Mr. Kent Guan

Master of Accounting, Class of 2019
Trader, Galaxy Digital