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Students / Alumni Talks

João Costa
  • NameJoão Costa
  • NationalityPortugal
  • BatchClass of 2019

I am João – yes, I know, no one knows how to pronounce my name– and I am a Portuguese lawyer from Lisbon. I studied law in the Portuguese Catholic University and I have done exchange programmes in Stockholm University, Sweden, and in Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil.

I have always looked for an international career and after a great experience as a trainee-lawyer in a leading law firm in Portugal, I decided to move to Asia and I worked in one of the most reputable law firms in Macau.

I chose the HKU MBA because I do love Hong Kong and I know that doing an MBA here will give me an advantage while looking for new career perspectives in Asia. The University of Hong Kong is widely recognised in Asia, and the alumni network is impressive. In addition, the HKU MBA will also allow me to study in Columbia Business School for one semester, which I am sure will be an unforgettable experience.

So far, the MBA experience has been quite enriching. I have made so many friends and I have learned so much already that it is hard to believe that the MBA has just started. I know that I will always remember these months in Hong Kong and I am looking forward to the challenges to come in the MBA.

Kritika Taneja
  • NameKritika Taneja
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2019

You don’t have to have a degree in business or a background in consulting or finance to study at, what we call in Hong Kong, the “Hong Kong University”. A look at our MBA class profile will attest to this fact.

The HKU MBA classroom is like none other. Containing over 16 nationalities, our MBA classroom has doctors, entrepreneurs, media reporters, interior designers, lawyers, and students from virtually every background. Being a non-traditional student is more common than one may think.

Why Hong Kong?

Before HKU, I was working in risk advisory in India with a boutique firm and what brought me to Hong Kong is its dominant position in the Asian market. Home of Bruce Lee, divine dim sum, lofty buildings, loftier real estate prices and – despite all those buildings -- easy access to incredible stretches of great outdoors, Hong Kong remains a competitive and independent city, consistently ranked as one of the world's best places to live and in no time, one falls in love with it. As the biggest financial hub and gateway to Chinese markets, Hong Kong helps you accelerate your career.

HKU MBA Journey

HKU MBA is pleasantly unique and enriching in its experience. We start our journey well before we start attending MBA classes. The month-long China Immersion Programme is a remarkable excursion. Not only does it allow us to study Mandarin, travel around Beijing and network with industry professionals, very importantly it allows us to build and enhance social relations with our batch mates, which one may draw on in group projects. 

HKU provides flexibility to customise your study according to your career goals by choosing from a vast set of core curricula and electives, and another set of specialised electives at your partner college – LBS, Fudan, or Columbia. While developing your fundamental and technical skills, it offers you a global as well as Asian business outlook.

Having studied finance as an undergraduate and previously worked in consulting, I had never pictured myself sitting through a ‘Marketing for Tech Intensive Industries’ (MTIT) course. Gladly I did. MTII remains my favourite subject so far. The MBA is about gaining as much knowledge as possible, in courses as diverse as possible.

Apart from coursework, HKU allows you to be a part of many groups such as the Consulting Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Tech Club, and Women in Leadership. I am currently leading the Women in Leadership Club. WIL has allowed me to expand my network across various different clubs throughout Hong Kong. I have been fortunate to attend various events with women leaders from Bloomberg, UBS, McKinsey and others.

HKU MBA offerings don’t just stop here. One of the most useful is the Mentorship programme in which every student is aligned to an industry expert from their prospective career path. This allows you to gain personal guidance from your mentors and helps build your network. We have been part of several networking events, interview skills sessions, and case study sessions, preparing us for our corporate job interviews from the start.

Here at HKU, having classmates from all around the world and a spread of industries, the classroom discussions are dynamic and intellectually stimulating. There is so much to learn when you are grouped with such a variety of individuals as part of the course projects.

HKU MBA has been a remarkable journey so far!

Dr. Neeladri Verma
  • NameDr. Neeladri Verma
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2019

After completing my master of dental surgery in 2014, I worked for close to four years with India’s largest multi-specialty corporate dental chain- Clove Dental. My tenure with Clove Dental was entrepreneurial in nature as running a dental clinic is like running a business and during this professional collaboration, I developed substantial clinical expertise and a very detailed and process-oriented approach to problem solving. I learnt a lot from my experience. However, I realised the importance of understanding the business side of running a good clinical practice and felt the need to hone my leadership, teamwork, data analysis and innovative thinking skills. The logistics of delivering healthcare services are becoming more and more complex day by day and proper business training can help doctors navigate these challenges more easily.

Therefore, for me to pursue a master of business administration was a natural progression in taking my professional experience to the next level- my first step towards becoming a healthcare entrepreneur.

I chose The University of Hong Kong MBA programme for three reasons:

1) Location: Hong Kong is Asia’s world city so yes, the location of the University was a very important reason for me to choose this programme. I wanted to be able to broaden my horizons by learning about best business practices across the globe while staying focused on Asia’s uniqueness.  HKU MBA offered me that global perspective with regional focus.

2) The HKU MBA’s experiential-learning approach: Teaching through business cases that could equip me with an understanding of real-business challenges from different industries appealed to me.

3) The cohort size and profile: I believe the small class size makes learning more interactive and the diversity helps us to understand different points of view.

Today, I am proud to be the first dental surgeon from India to join the HKU MBA family. So far, my HKU MBA experiences have been extremely satisfying. The journey started on 23rd June 2018 when I met all my batch mates in Beijing during the China Immersion Programme- which was basically 1 month of learning Mandarin, getting to know the batch mates, exploring Beijing and understanding the culture, and meeting people from industries and the business world. I still think of it as the best part of my MBA journey so far.

The core courses and electives began in Hong Kong from the first week of August. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride with a series of interactive lectures, events and networking sessions, sleepless nights preparing for group projects, finishing assignments and other activities.  Yet the enthusiasm of the class is unparalleled and every day I look forward to the classes as I get to learn new things not only from the extremely knowledgeable professors but also my classmates.

This programme has taught me about business practices and  given me an opportunity to grow as a person.

Jansen Uy
  • NameJansen Uy
  • NationalityPhilippines
  • BatchClass of 2019

Born and raised in the Philippines, I graduated from De La Salle University-Manila with a BSc in Business Management. Having spent most of my four years’ work experience in Samsung Electronics, I immersed myself in account and project management, e-commerce, and events execution. These encounters allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the supplier’s side of the industry, which led me to join our family business; a corporate and retail electronics company that provides total B2B and B2C solutions throughout the Philippines.

With a desire to satisfy my intellectual curiosity and wanting to bring about a positive and lasting impact on our company, I have decided to take up an MBA to learn from a diverse group of exceptional people as well as to expand my network. I have a firm belief that an MBA will jump start my career from managing products, projects, and events, to leading people.

Both the city and the programme attract an impressive sense of internationalism. But what really convinced me to pursue an MBA here in HKU is the unique value and experience of Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York within 14 months; a great mix between Western and Eastern cultures with a clear focus on Asian business. It is also an opportunity for me to explore best practices within top corporations and it is a venue for me to be exposed to the international reputation that the University of Hong Kong represents.

I am two terms in and everything is moving very quickly. We have had various corporate visits, company talks, and a succession of networking events, which are coupled with our regular classes. Without doubt, I can say that the experience is quite intensive and exceptionally fulfilling. It is a matter of choosing what it is you want to get from this fast-paced 14 months. I came into the programme with my mind set on building my soft skills, networks, and management capabilities. These developments are progressing smoothly, now, with an added aspiration – entrepreneurship. The Business Lab elective allowed me to think creatively and set my sights on honing my ideas and crafting my own business. With this in mind, I am looking forward to what more this programme has to offer!

Jonah Liu
  • NameJonah Liu
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2019

Prior to the HKU MBA, my focus was to use my quantitative background and multi-markets experience in investment risk, and my skills in research and trading with data, to achieve greater efficiency. I worked as an equity trader for a boutique China focused fund management firm, after an earlier position working as an analyst for RBC Global Asset Management. I am originally from the northwest part of China, and before moving to Hong Kong, I lived in the US for 9 years where I obtained my undergraduate degree in statistics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. 

I have always believed that the people who have taught me, inspired me, motivated me are what influence me the most and I always try to learn from their qualities to better shape myself. Thus, having a strong community such as HKU MBA would be invaluable to me for the opportunity to meet motivated and talented people from different cultural and professional backgrounds who are passionate about exerting a positive influence on others. Moreover, HKU is constantly pumping fresh blood into top financial institutions that are based in its key location, at the financial center of Asia where it has connections with top industry leaders and where I aim to lay my future career path.

Already it is proven that I have made the correct choice and I have learned so much from the faculty, my classmates and alumni. The programme truly provides a diverse and dynamic environment and I believe diversity of global proportions can prosper the most energetic and innovative ideas. In addition, I really appreciate the opportunity to improve my team-working ability and my presentation skills through engaging in all kinds of group projects on a variety of topics.

After my MBA, I hope to devote my career to seeking investment opportunities in the Greater China markets and eventually I want to build my own team that can help better define the financial industry in Asia. The success of such an endeavor will depend on strong leadership skills and a strong network which I am working on to equip myself with through the HKU MBA programme.

Atsuro Sato
  • NameAtsuro Sato
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2019

I spent more than 17 years in Japan working for 5 different companies in different roles and came to realise that more and more innovations come from Asia, while Japan has been stagnant for the last a couple of decades.

Asia is so attractive to me because emerging economies evolve quickly, and they can bring disruptive changes to developed economies in the region. In order to expose myself to such an exciting situation, I decided to pursue an MBA at the most renowned school in Hong Kong, which is simultaneously one of the hubs of Asia and the gateway to China.

I am now so happy, enjoying spending time with classmates here who are all young talented persons, and I can imagine how the corporate executives in the upcoming era will lead their teams and organisations. Most importantly, HKU MBA gives me the incomparable opportunity to become true friends with them. Now I am really looking forward to the rest of my MBA life.

Sampeenong Sarayu
  • NameSampeenong Sarayu
  • NationalityThailand
  • BatchClass of 2019

I completed my undergraduate degree in business administration majoring in marketing. After graduation, I worked as a sales and marketing officer for the cement and building materials business unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG), Thailand’s largest business conglomerate. The experience led me to work on a challenging task, planning and implementing business plan with retailers and key trade channels. The experience allowed me to engage in many aspects of business operation and establish relationships with customers and suppliers. Then, I went on to join the Social Business office, my primary responsibility being to explore, select, and implement a digital platform and social media tools to improve the current business operation internally and externally. After that, I joined the strategic implementation department of SCG Cement and led several cross-functional project teams using my understanding of the business operation and industry to develop and implement new products and service strategy, value chain optimisation, and a new business model strategy.

I choose to pursue an MBA to elevate my business management and leadership skill and to enhance my international exposure.  The reason why I prefer HKU MBA was because I believe that Hong Kong as the heart of the Asia business world, opens doors to many business opportunities and the HKU MBA programme has excellent credentials both in Asia and the world. Moreover, HKU MBA also offers me a chance to study in both Hong Kong and New York, two centres of the business of the world.

My experience in HKU MBA so far has been fun and challenging at the same time. The classmates from many different backgrounds contribute significantly to my learning experience. The curriculum is challenging but practical. I can easily see myself applying the skill and knowledge I got from HKU MBA in the future. My most favorite course so far is Marketing for Tech-Intensive Industries. The course not only provides me with the opportunity to update my marketing knowledge but also prepares me to do business in today’s fast-changing business landscape. Outside of class, there are many network events, company visits, and student club activities that HKU MBA students can join.

Hong Phuc Nguyen
  • NameHong Phuc Nguyen
  • NationalityVietnam
  • BatchClass of 2019

Xin Chào, I am Hong Phuc. Welcome to my profile!

Upon graduation from Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech (Vietnam campus), I tried different roles in real estate and local start-up companies before landing one of the six regional APAC management trainee positions in Japan Tobacco International and I later became one of its youngest brand managers. During my four years with the company, I headed a team of five, responsible for strategy and activation of its leading brand, “Mevius” and I rotated through Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

HKU MBA’s comprehensive and unique curriculum arouses my interest because it provides me with first class, real-world, case method learning and  immerses me in three different cultures which will really give me  a better understanding of  Asia and international business. I am particularly interested in the New York Track. I firmly believe the perfect East-West combination with CBS will make me a better rounded strategist.

HKU is a small, close-knit yet highly varied student body in its thought processes, thanks to which I have been able to learn from my peers and the faculty, become immersed in learning about all the critical business functions, begun building life-long friendships and made connections to the most extensive alumni network.  HKU has not only proximity to and close relationships with the top powerhouses but also an amazing career services team who have been extremely engaging and supportive in helping me land my dream jobs.

On top of coursework, I also volunteer for non-profit organisations with elderly-related causes. I am helping Hope Worldwide (to maximise their SEO and online presence) and Sau Po Aging to develop an app to connect dementia patients’ families to professional and non-professional caregivers in Hong Kong. Through these experiences, I have been given  a better understanding of local Hong Kong perspectives and been able apply my business acumen to meaningful causes to enrich my MBA journey. 

I hope have enjoyed reading my profile. If you would like to connect and know more about me, please stop by my personal website at

Aishwarya Kausstub
  • NameAishwarya Kausstub
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2019

I was born and raised in Chennai, India. I qualified as a chartered accountant. Before joining this programme, I worked in India, then did a stint in London for a year and then moved to Hong Kong where I have been working for the last 4 years. I have worked for over 6 years in leading banks (Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered Bank) in different roles and functions. Through my professional education background, I gained attention to detail, academic rigour, knowledge of finance and its application methods. What I felt I needed to accelerate my career and be able to take up leadership roles was the  ability to demonstrate management skills and increase my business acumen, to widen my horizons, and to get a solid knowledge of the industry I am aspiring to move into. I believe, among a plethora of other things, that only an MBA can offer this learning which is invaluable in today's dynamic world.

Having lived in Hong Kong, I could see the heritage associated with this institution and I wanted to be associated with this prestigious university which is ranked among the best in the world. That is why I chose HKU MBA. 

Since joining this MBA programme, I have been constantly juggling course work and extra-curricular work In the capacity of class representative and as an AVP of the Women in Leadership Club, which I'm thoroughly enjoying and learning a lot from along the way! 

I am really excited to progress through the rest of my HKU MBA journey and by the opportunities that await upon its completion!

Wonwoo Jang
  • NameWonwoo Jang
  • NationalityKorea
  • BatchClass of 2019

My name is Wonwoo Jang and with an academic background in biomedical engineering my career has been in the healthcare field where I did customer based engineering work as a Field Service Engineer in GE. For 6 years in GE, I led projects installing medical equipment and I managed top tier customers in Korean hospitals.  I was able to build up two key abilities; customer management skills and project management skills. Now, I want to make a transformation which takes me to the next career level in the healthcare industry. I want to expose myself to different industries, build up my finance abilities and broaden my networks and business perspectives in Hong Kong.

The reason why I joined this particular MBA in Hong Kong is to understand the China market in the healthcare industry. Recently, multinational hospitals and companies, including in Korea, have been trying to expand their markets in mainland China and Hong Kong is the gateway to that. Also, Hong Kong is a great environment for my career success. Right now, I need intensive work experience in Hong Kong which is commercially international and a meeting point for the cultures of East and West. This kind of environment will broaden my business perspectives. I enjoy challenge and I am eager to build my career.  Hong Kong is the right place for that spirit.

My short term goal is to work in a multinational medical equipment company as an APAC regional product manager and play a key role in driving growth and successfully penetrating new markets. In the long-term, I want to work for the healthcare consulting firms that provide bio-tech or healthcare related total solutions to clients. Especially as a consultant working with Korean hospitals and government agencies, I want to assess the business feasibility of Korean medical groups that plans to enter the China market.

Since I joined the MBA, I have been actively participating in or organising a variety of events as a director of the Consulting Club and as a class representative, at the same time. We have faced challenges day by day yet every one of my classmates enjoys their MBA journey, collaborating with each other as one team in HKU MBA.

Yixuan Tang
  • NameYixuan Tang
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2019

A passionate business leader with a master’s degree from the University of Sydney, I worked as a senior training director at New Oriental Education and Technology Group before joining HKU MBA. My story is typical of an international student; building on my cultural background of values from my oriental origin and the globalised world, using diligence and education as the means of getting ahead, and with a strong belief in dreams and service to others.

Although leading cross-functional groups including HR, marketing and operating teams to develop professional education services provided me with the opportunity to grow as a young business professional, I still recognised the importance of continuing to improve my theoretical and practical knowledge of business administration and  learning in a wider region’s dynamic business environment. Only in this way can I maximise my potential, and the distinguished HKU MBA programme is truly my best choice.

Joining HKU MBA means I have the opportunity to be engaged in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, where the broader region’s dynamic and the ever-evolving business environment are truly attractive to global talents. The HKU MBA experience extends beyond the classroom lectures as the programme provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities to widen our skills and personal experience. I  feel the strong support and guidance I need from the MBA office and  the LBS and Columbia tracks offer us an expanded global vision which is critical to our future development. 

Yuto Taneda
  • NameYuto Taneda
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2019

After graduating from Keio University with a bachelor of economics, I worked for Daiwa Securities Company in Japan for more than six years. In the company, I changed my role twice and really enjoyed my office worker life, Nevertheless, I was getting bored with my job. To understand what I wanted to do and to gain an opportunity to change my functions, I decided to join the MBA programme.

With the language training in Beijing as the lead, my experience in the MBA has been beyond my expectations. Since I had lived only in Japan before I came to the programme, I could now learn not only theory and practice in the class room, but also about different cultures and viewpoints with my classmates. While doing the MBA programme, I have realised I can learn a variety of things from this opportunity. I still do not know what I will do after the programme but this MBA journey itself is a precious time for me. I would highly recommend the MBA programme to anyone who is considering a world-class MBA in a  diverse environment.