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Students / Alumni Talks

Yuetengzi Wu
  • NameYuetengzi Wu
  • NationalityCanada
  • BatchClass of 2019

I graduated with Bachelor of Commerce from Rotman School of Management, with a specialism in finance & economics, and a specialism in management. After studying in Canada for more than 10 years, I moved back to China to work at HSBC’s Premier Banking Centre.

During my three years of experience with HSBC, I was assigned to multiple tasks including operations, client acquisition, wealth management and investment advisory services. I was responsible for relationship maintenance of high net worth individual clients, investment recommendations, global account services and compliance controls.

I am dedicated to continuous self-improvement and have always wanted to learn more about equity investment. In the pursuit of a long term career in the financial industry, I passed all three levels of the CFA exams during work, and choose to attend HKU MBA to broaden my knowledge base. HKU MBA is the perfect programme by which to gain an exposure to international business and  be connected to the top international financial institutions right in the heart of Hong Kong. During the programme, I have worked with a diverse group of talented professionals, have been constantly challenged, and gained a deeper understanding of my personal aspirations. My experiences during the past few months were amazing, and I look forward to the remainder of the programme.

Rajendra Shroff
  • NameRajendra Shroff
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2019

Hello! I’m Raj and here is a little about me.

I pretty much grew up in Hong Kong. I graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Management and promptly returned to Hong Kong for work.

I then spent 7 years in the insurance industry in Hong Kong across finance and project management functions. I was part of the Asia Pacific regional office where we implemented strategic IT projects and transformation programmes to help our country offices do business more effectively. I also oversaw projects and other matters related to department finance analysis.

I was at a point in my career where an MBA would really accelerate my professional growth. I also believed that this was a great way to transition into other areas of financial services, particularly since a leading MBA would allow me to learn about real -world industry from actual practitioners. I saw in the HKU MBA an opportunity to forge relationships with peers and industry experts to figure out what businesses will do tomorrow and in the future so that I could be at the centre of it. Picking HKU and Hong Kong was a no-brainer since this is where the action is.

My HKU MBA is not even half done but has far exceeded my expectations. Our diverse peer group brings real insights across industries and geographies that cannot be found in textbooks. I have been exposed to exciting new areas and have discovered opportunities through MBA events that I had not dreamed existed. Most importantly, I have formed lasting friendships with people that I would have otherwise never met.

I am excited about the future.

Trista Wong
  • NameTrista Wong
  • NationalityMacau SAR
  • BatchClass of 2019

I was born in Macau, formerly a colony of the Portuguese empire, now well-known as one of the special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China and the gambling capital of the world. 

In 2004, I left my hometown and started my education journey with 3 years in mainland China followed by 7 years in the UK. After graduating from King's College London with a bachelor degree in Biomedical Science, I started to work as a project coordinator in a political campaign for the UK general election 2015, promoting the political representation of British-Chinese through education, participation and representation. It was a wonderful learning experience that broadened my vision and shaped my values on our community and the humanities. 

4 years ago, I started my career in international trading, focusing on cold-chain logistic services for China's export. As part of my job, I had to be a frequent traveller to maintain our service efficiency in Southeast Asia, US and Europe. I gained the necessary expertise which involves strategic planning, negotiation skills and an understanding of business culture in both East and West.

Pursuing an MBA had always been my teenage dream. I believed it was now the right time for me to enhance my knowledge of the current business world and to dig into my undiscovered talents. My MBA experience so far has been amazing. The Career Developmnet Office (CDO) provided us tailored training to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses. From those diverse workshops, I have found my real passion in my career and decided to focus on sales and marketing in the luxury brand business. I was so excited when I found out that my mentor is the director of the luxury group LVMH. A big thank you to the CDO office. 

I truly treasure the time with my bright classmates at HKU, and I strongly feel that this is the place that will take me to where I should be and give me what I want in my future career. 

Olivia Ying
  • NameOlivia Ying
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2019

I grew up in Shanghai and spent the past 7 years in Tokyo, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Communication Studies at Waseda University and began my first career. I joined Revamp Corporation, a consulting and venture capital firm, as a consultant soon after graduation. In an open and international working atmosphere as well as under the leadership of my supervisor, Mr. Yonemoto, my analytical skill was significantly improved by processing massive real-world data, and my teamwork ability was honed by professional collaboration with members from diverse backgrounds. Although I communicated with clients from various industries including media contents, tourism, retailers, food and beverage, and others, I found my interest was in marketing in several specific industries such as media and luxury, rather than consulting broadly on various subjects.

Later and before my MBA, I joined a multi-national graphic design start-up as a partner and director of marketing and business development in both Shanghai and Tokyo. However, when I took a step back and re-evaluated the career life I had gone through, I realised that my limited business and management knowledge might constrain me from succeeding to a higher level. Therefore, I decided to take the opportunity to further myself theoretically and practically with a comprehensive and refined MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong.

Having experienced my MBA life for over 3 months, I feel fortunate to have met classmates from different career backgrounds and to learn about different industries from them. I am fortunate too, with the help of the Career Development Office, to be connected with a mentor from a top position in the industry I would like to go into, and to have the privilege of taking elective courses at London Business School and experiencing a different culture; and all this within a short but intensive 14 months. Undoubtedly, the HKU MBA journey will be one of the most unforgettable and precious experiences of my life.

Iris Xie
  • NameIris Xie
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2019

After I graduated from law schools in China and UK, I went to Shenzhen and worked as an international commercial lawyer to provide legal services for domestic and overseas companies, especially for general aviation companies in Mainland China, HK and the US. Having made contact with many business elites throughout my ten or more years’ of work, I have deeply felt the importance of business acumen to the work of commercial law. Though most of my friends and colleagues thought I am already a highly competent firm partner, possessing more than eight years’ managerial experience, I am still convinced that an MBA programme will bring a qualitative leap to my business knowledge and competence and further accelerate my growth into someone with interdisciplinary managerial talent in the fields of both management and law. It is this deep conviction that motivates me to temporarily give up my enviable job and apply for an MBA programme.

The reason why I choose HKU is because the HKU MBA programme advocates the philosophy of “Asia-Pacific focus”, and I was also told by other alumni that the courses involved here emphasise the economic and business environment in Asia in a global context. That is exactly what I expect from my MBA journey. Now I have been studying in this programme for more than 3 months, I truly believe such a set of practical courses will allow me to flexibly use theoretical knowledge and management philosophies to help my clients to overcome challenges that Chinese and Asian enterprises will face during their development in both the global and regional business environment.

Apart from the set practical courses, HKU MBA frequently organises different kinds of events outside them to enrich our MBA experience, such as job interview workshops, company executive talks, hiking, networking and other activities. Those events enable all the classmates to know each other more and learn from each other, which I think is one important and valuable part of this programme.

Marco Stefanus
  • NameMarco Stefanus
  • NationalityIndonesia
  • BatchClass of 2019

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Binus University, Jakarta and after that I spent most of my working experience in an agribusiness company in Jakarta. I challenged myself by working as an IT trainer specialising in SAP programmes, a job which I had never considered before. Being an IT trainer gave me  broader experience and social skills because I had to travel a lot to different places and give training to different kinds of people, I learnt a lot about communication and how to connect with various sorts of people since  Indonesia is a very multicultural and multiethnic country.

Several years working in the same field made me want to challenge myself more and the eagerness to develop myself as an individual brought me to a decision to pursue an MBA degree. It was a degree which I knew would be very challenging for me as I had never been exposed to this particular field before. I chose Hong Kong as my MBA degree destination because my goal is to learn more specifically about Asia’s business and Hong Kong is a central point for doing business in the Asia region. It also has within it a multinational culture which made it a perfect choice for me to reach my goal.

Choosing HKU so far was the best choice I ever made. Being accepted in such a reputable university whose MBA programme has been rated best in Asia for 9 consecutive years, and one of the best in the world, has been a life changing experience for me. There have been so many nourishing and fruitful experiences inside and outside the classroom. Our MBA class consists of   professionals from many nations  and we can exchange our thoughts and change our minds in the engaging class discussions and conversations outside class. I truly believe that this will be a life-long, unforgettable experience.

Varun R Thakur
  • NameVarun R Thakur
  • NationalityIndia
  • BatchClass of 2014

After completing a Bachelor’s in Management Studies in Mumbai, India, I joined my family’s manufacturing and export business. Being part of a tightly managed SME, I gained exposure to the various functions within a small organization (sales, marketing, exports and product development, to name just a few). My role required me to travel extensively to a variety of countries for exhibitions and client meetings, thereby fostering my knowledge of business and cultural trends across the globe. I also started up a successful e-Commerce venture in India, in addition to a range of other new initiatives within the family firm.

Participating in many trade fairs held in Hong Kong over the past five years gave me numerous opportunities to visit this vibrant city for business and pleasure. The fast-paced yet comfortable lifestyle, vibrant work culture and tremendous growth opportunities in one of Asia’s best-managed cities made Hong Kong a natural choice for pursuing a professional degree that will help me to further my career aspirations and accomplish a career shift.

I chose HKU because of its heritage as Hong Kong’s premier university and as one of the best in the world. I chose the HKU MBA programme because it gives me an opportunity to sharpen my skill-set in a class of individuals from diverse backgrounds (we have an investment banker, a lawyer, a member of the air force, a brand manager, a teacher, a healthcare professional and a management consultant, to name just a few).

My inclination is towards strategy consulting, marketing and project management, and I am sure that the core courses, electives, networking events, and personal and professional growth opportunities offered by the HKU MBA will propel me towards a management career in Southeast Asia.

I believe that life is all about chances and choices. I had a chance, and I made a choice. I hope that you will too!

Employer:   Amazon
Position:     Senior Worldwide Marketing Manager
Location:    Luxembourg

Peter Brady
  • NamePeter Brady
  • NationalityU.K.
  • BatchClass of 2017

A passionate and highly ambitious business leader in technology, motivated by future developments in the mobile industry.

My most recent role was that of Sales Director for GSMA Ltd in Asia, responsible for delivering MWC Shanghai, a new business set-up in China in 2012. I aspire to be a highly motivated team leader whose strength lies in commercial leadership, corporate innovation and take-to-market strategies.  I have spent eight years working in mobile, technology and cyber-security B2B businesses, most recently creating innovative business platforms for the leaders of the mobile technology industry. I led a global team of 15 people across five countries, dedicated to convening the mobile industry for the largest tech week, annually, in Asia, bringing together over 70,000 CEO’s, executives, governments and media to consider the future of mobile.

I have been working in China for five years, before that living and working in London (four years) and northern Italy (six months). My education background includes a BA Joint Honours from the University of Nottingham, as well as one year’s executive training in 2013/14 at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan as part of an intrapreneurship programme. The experience was truly inspirational and led to the development of a successful new business launch.

I decided to pursue my MBA in Asia, not only to continue to grow my diverse network in the region but also to strengthen my business intelligence and my practical knowledge of different business disciplines. I have been fortunate enough to develop, through practical on the job learning,  such skills as leadership, innovation, product development, and sales and marketing. However, I desire to broaden my business knowledge in fields such as economic theory, particularly Asian economics, as well as accounting, finance and legal.

Naturally, the University of Hong Kong was the number one choice and I eagerly await the opportunity to spend four months studying at Columbia Business School in 2017. Already, I have learnt so much from the programme, the professors and my classmates. Even though I have been working in China for a number of years, I immensely enjoyed the Cultural Immersion programme in Beijing, initiating the MBA students in a fun, informal and stimulating environment. I will dedicate myself to learning many new disciplines but also to using the experience to improve my existing skills. After the MBA I intend to return to the tech market in Asia and hope to develop many new ideas and technologies.

Current Status

Employer: GSMA
Position:   Business Director
Location:  Barcelona, Spain

Hannes Hebel
  • NameHannes Hebel
  • NationalityGermany
  • BatchClass of 2017

I am Hannes and I graduated from Hamburg University in Germany with both a master´s and bachelor´s degree in business administration, majoring in finance and accounting. My university studies also included an exchange year in Bangkok, Thailand, where I fell in love with Asia.

Prior to the HKU MBA, I was working for Ernst & Young, most recently in increasingly senior roles, where I acquired a comprehensive understanding of fundamental valuation techniques, accounting concepts and expertise in auditing consolidated financial statements for leading multinational businesses. During my time there, I contributed to diverse projects and engagements, and gained significant experience within the trade business of agricultural commodities and freight industry, private equity, oil & gas and manufacturing.  I was also part of their 19-month graduate trainee programme, which is recognised as one of the leading and most awarded programmes in Germany. This involved rotations through diverse departments, including the German Speaking Business Desk at the Shanghai office in China and the Transaction Tax (M&A) service line, thereby enabling me to gain valuable insight into financial services and commercial awareness.

Moreover, I was always engaged outside the company and have acted as a representative of Ernst & Young as a Young Leader in the German Asia-Pacific business association (OAV), a leading network of German companies with interests and activities in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Since my first encounter with the Far East years ago, I have been fascinated by the region. It was always my dream to work and live here. My goal after completing my MBA is to join a leading private equity firm or investment bank where I will get the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process on investments and transactions, tackling all of the tremendous challenges that may arise.

I chose to study my MBA in Hong Kong because I believe that Hong Kong is not only the heart of the Asian economy, but it is also a modern, highly developed, bustling and buzzing world that has always fascinated me. From my point of view, the Asian region is certainly more difficult to handle when looking from the outside in than it is when you are looking from the inside out. And this is exactly what the MBA at HKU is helping me to gain; a deep insight into doing successful business in Asia. In addition, HKU is the ideal place to study finance, as the Asian financial industry is rooted here.

Taking all factors into account, the HKU MBA was my primary choice due to the combination of a highly international network, modern infrastructure, a high rank as well as a thoroughly international curriculum (partnership programmes with CBS, LBS or Fudan), which all could help me to achieve a top degree in order to broaden my future possibilities.  

My HKU MBA experiences so far have been amazing. To study with fellow students from such diverse backgrounds and cultures is extremely enriching and exciting. The time in Beijing gave me the opportunity to acquire basic Mandarin skills and to become true friends with my classmates. Now I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead and the rest of my MBA life.

Current Status

Employer: Deutsche Bank
Position:   AVP

Tim Chan
  • NameTim Chan
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2012

Before joining the HKU MBA programme I worked in HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management business. My major role was providing analytical support to Hong Kong business teams. After I completed my MBA I briefly worked for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts before rejoining HSBC to take on a regional strategic role in commercial banking.

My experience in the MBA programme definitely met my expectation of acquiring business knowledge while exploring the world through cases and exchange opportunities. The right mix of nationalities in my class also helped me to appreciate different cultures, which is an essential skillset in my new role. I gained a big group of friends from both inside and outside the class, and I believe we will all support each other along the way. In a nutshell I highly value the experience I gained through the HKU MBA and would recommend it to anyone who is considering a world-class MBA for career advancement.

Current Status

Employer: FWD Insurance
Position:   Customer Analytics
Location:  Hong Kong

Masaaki Yamane
  • NameMasaaki Yamane
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2013

After graduating from Osaka University with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I worked for JAFCO, which is one of the largest PE/VC firms in Japan, for five and a half years. I focused on growth capital and management buyout investment opportunities as an assistant manager. I negotiated the details of potential IPOs, buyouts and incubation deals with more than 500 presidents and directors of candidate firms, and then organised proprietary carve-out transactions with green technology companies.

Now is the time for me to pursue my MBA because there are few experts who can bridge Japanese domestic capabilities and foreign operations in Asia despite the desperate need for such expertise. Moreover, the ongoing recession in Japan has shown me that SMEs are begging for the guidance I aim to be able to provide. In addition to my continuing work in technology investments, I would like to drive Japanese client company strategies and become a bridge synergising Japanese techniques, products and sophisticated services with emerging Asian markets through investment and management consulting.

Current Status

Employer: Arcus Investment Asia Ltd.​
Position:   Portfolio Manager
Location:  Hong Kong

Alice Ban
  • NameAlice Ban
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2013

Alice Ban

Current Status

Employer: Hongtai Capital Holdings
Position:   Managing Director
Location:   Beijing, Mainland China