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Mentorship Programme

Your participation is very important to the success of HKU MBA Alumni Services and to strengthen the alumni network. By offering alumni opportunities to serve as student mentors, career coaches, industry contacts and internship providers, Alumni Services establishes close connections between students and the business world.

Leaving school does not mean the end of learning, but rather the beginning of lifelong learning. Are you a leader who wishes to share your insights with young professionals? Would you like to play a vital role in a student’s life? If so, our Mentorship Programme is for you.

The Mentorship Programme facilitates the development of mentor-mentee relationships between students and alumni. It connects students with experienced graduates who are senior executives and professionals and achieves the following objectives on each side.

Mentors’ Objectives:

  • To connect with young professionals to strengthen the alumni community and expand its network
  • To influence future business leaders by providing guidance and sharing relevant experience
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange on new business trends and industry developments

Mentees’ Objectives:

  • To connect with senior professionals and  obtain real-life business knowledge
  • To enhance and enrich the MBA experience
  • To strengthen communication and networking skills