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Aveta Zhou

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAveta Zhou
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyChina Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd
  • LocationBeijing

I graduated from HKU MBA in 2018. The day following my graduation ceremony, I returned to Beijing for my job. I returned to my pre-MBA company, coincidentally, and got promoted to the branch in Shenzhen to be in charge of the business segment of the Greater Bay Area. I did not realise the impact of the HKU MBA on myself, but my previous colleagues did. They said that my knowledge and opinions were more diverse. In the face of adversity of some international public opinions, I gained a deeper understanding of differing cultural views and was able to distinguish these cultural differences from international competition, rather than simply dividing enemies and friends as black and white.

Colleagues also said that my network had expanded. Before joining HKU MBA, my main network was friends from my undergraduate course and in-service colleagues working in similar industries, such as finance and banking. The University of Hong Kong is well-known as a comprehensive university, both locally and internationally. As one of the largest alumni associations in the mainland, the Beijing Alumni Association of HKU brings the elite from the top ten faculties and schools together. The diversity of the circle is unimaginable. The president of the Beijing Alumni Association is one of the top executives of Deloitte in Greater China, but he is also a 60s hipster who likes to mingle with young people. This was eye opening and a totally unique experience for me.

People now say that I know how to enjoy life to the fullest. The flexibility of the HKU MBA has given me many opportunities for travel and adventure, especially during my exchange course in London, which allowed me to drive 8,000 kilometers in three months and visit ten countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The journey fully inspired my adventurous spirit. I once drove along Van Gogh’s life in the farmland of southern France and even saw the rotating star halo in Starry Night in the countryside at 1 am. Furthermore, once my tire unexpectedly exploded along the way to Sky Island in the Scottish highlands. After 8 hours of thrills and perseverance, I finally saw a beautiful scene of nature that overwhelmed me. What is more precious than these experiences is the freedom and enterprising spirit cultivated by such a life. It is the state of MBA life that is temporarily carefree and self-indulgent, and is not constrained by work and life.

For me, HKU MBA is like a rich buffet. Everyone's preferences and gains are different, but we will all enjoy the feast, and continue to enjoy the long-term benefits brought to us.

Iris Xie

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameIris Xie
  • IndustryAviation
  • CompanyChina Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited.
  • LocationHong Kong

Reasons I joined HKU MBA

The reason I joined HKU MBA is because it is well known to mainland students that the teaching quality and reputation of the University of Hong Kong are very high. My first choice, the HKU MBA, is oriented towards Asia. The focus on research and teaching of Asian economic development for students makes me feel that it fits well with my future development. Moreover, the HKU MBA has been ranked first in Asia for 8 consecutive years. So, it is the positioning of the MBA programme and comprehensive strength of the programme which were the basis for my consideration.

My overall HKU MBA experience

The HKU MBA programme leaves me with an ‘endless aftertaste.’ I often review the MBA learning and life process up to now. First, the curriculum is designed with a variety of choices that provide different directions, such as finance, marketing, law, business strategies and other different courses. These courses are additional to the core courses that equipped us for facing the modern business world. Since I have a legal background, one of the purposes of studying for an MBA is to combine my knowledge of law and business to effectively serve society through my job. With this in mind, I chose more courses with a business and financial direction. The most impactful course for me was the Corporate Finance course. Professor Alex is very popular in our class. Every lecture he gave was simple and straightforward, which is the best way to learn the complex financial theory and practical knowledge. This course was very useful for me as the Chinese aircraft leasing company I am currently serving involves asset financing, financial product use and other operations studied in this course.

Because of my previous MBA learning, I could understand and focus on the risk points of the project when reviewing the company's financing contracts, which develops a better protection of the company.

The help from HKU MBA to my new role as a Legal Counsel at China Aircraft

The help was great. I moved to Hong Kong for University of Hong Kong’s MBA programme and easily adapted to the vibrant city life afterwards. In addition, the MBA programme has greatly expanded my understanding of Asia, especially for Hong Kong local companies. It inspired me to continue my professional development in this fast-paced working city. My MBA became an additional advantage when looking for a legal position in an aviation company. My current company believed the importance of combining my professional knowledge as a Chinese lawyer, my 8 years of aviation legal services experiences, with the business operation knowledge I obtained from HKU MBA.  The combination of everything brought me to the international platform.

Insights of working in legal industry

First, you need to be interested in the legal industry. Our work requires a lot of word processing, which some people may find tedious. However, my passion as a lawyer made me enjoy every project. I often work over 10 hours without realising.

Secondly, you need to position yourself and see what kind of legal service you would like to work in. After obtaining a master's degree in international commercial law from the United Kingdom in 2012, I was fortunate enough to go to Avion Pacific Limited; China's first private general aviation Service Co., Ltd. This is where I started my career in aviation law. To this day, I am very passionate about working in aviation legal services.

Advices to HKU MBA aspirants

Be confident and clear about your future positioning, and be brave to speak about your future goals and plans. Admissions interviewers are concerned about the preparation of every candidate for their future positioning, and hope HKU MBA will help all students set their future path.

I am a person who enjoys different learning experiences, so I work hard and earnestly, and then recharge myself occasionally by doing a professional study. My MBA is my third master's degree, but it impressed me the most. Not only does HKU MBA programme have the top professors from all over the world, but the entire professional and efficient MBA management office and Career Services Team provided me tremendous support. Last but not least, the excellent students from all walks of life whom I met at HKU MBA were very impressive. Many of my classmates accelerated their careers after graduating with their MBA: our original reason for studying for an MBA. On top of that, we built a strong bond, and this was one of the best assets of joining HKU MBA programme.

Kritika Taneja

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKritika Taneja
  • IndustryConsulting
  • CompanySynpulse Management Consulting
  • LocationHong Kong

In my line of work, knowing how to work effectively with a culturally diverse set of people is essential. I honed these skills while at HKU, within a class of 60 students representing 19 different nationalities. While bringing diverse people together might be considered as a challenge by some, I now see it as an opportunity that can bring distinctive perspectives round the table, thereby creating a greater impact.

Prior to my MBA, I worked in the advisory field for over 4 years. During this time, I managed process transformation projects across multiple industries and geographies. These assignments encompassed interactions with highly qualified professionals from different regions, equipping me with both an outlook on the international markets and comprehensive business awareness, whilst expanding my innate curiosity about the intricacies of the consulting world. With a bachelor’s degree in core finance and a fair level of varied exposure to complex business processes and corporate settings across 4 continents, I decided to pursue an MBA that would allow me to transition to a strategic role within the financial services industry. With this is mind, I set my eyes on Hong Kong!

The rigorous, yet flexible, MBA curriculum offered an all-inclusive enlightenment on key business fundamentals and areas of strategy, where I required further exposure. While the globally renowned faculty allowed us to extract maximum theoretical understanding, experiential learning modules like the capstone project provided a platform to implement these lessons.

While at HKU, I led the ‘Women in Leadership’ group. It identifies deeply with my personal values in empowering women by providing them with a strong resource pool for guidance by establishing a strong nexus with corporate organisations and women business leaders. My MBA experience was further enhanced during my international track at Columbia Business School (CBS). While on one hand the HKU curriculum prepared me to work in the Asia markets, CBS on the other allowed me to deep dive into the strategic behaviour of some of the biggest industry giants. The cultural exposure gained through my MBA journey across Beijing, Hong Kong and New York will be a strong asset throughout my life.

The other very significant part of our MBA journey here at HKU is the mentorship programme and I must say I was fortunate to have a very strong mentor who was always welcoming of discussion and questions about the industry and the Hong Kong market in general and provided sound advice and guidance .If you can make use of the various opportunities to network in Hong Kong, you might find areas of interest beyond what you thought was required to succeed and build relationships that can help make progress here. The MBA played a pivotal role in helping me land a job in Hong Kong. I am currently working as a management consultant with a Swiss consulting firm specialising in financial services in Hong Kong. My scope of work includes advising private banking and wealth management clients on operational excellence and regulatory aspects. I am grateful that I decided on HKU for my higher education and for the relationships that I have built here.

Zai Chen

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameZai Chen
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyAMTD Group
  • LocationHong Kong

Before this journey, I had 6 years of work experience in a Chinese state-owned group, including 3 years in the strategy department and 3 years in internet subsidiaries. I decided to take the MBA programme mainly for two reasons; one is to give myself a break in my career in order to sort out some entrepreneurship ideas and the second is to get a master degree to possibly enhance my competitive advantage in the future. Therefore, I took several inspiring and practical courses in my MBA programme such as Business Lab, Chinese Marketing, and Managerial Negotiations (in CBS).

At present, I am working in AMTD Group, a young and rapidly developing comprehensive financial group in Hong Kong. Considering my current position, I think the most practical gains made during my MBA journey are English skills, communication skills and understanding about people from diverse culture backgrounds. This is not specific knowledge but insights into making things work, which really help me a lot in my duties on international projects. Although I have no idea how this MBA programme will benefit me in the future, I’m sure that it has stirred up my previous way of life, shown me a bigger world of different people and cultures, and know I will never regret this decision.

David Kim

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDavid Kim
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • CompanySeAH Holdings
  • LocationSouth Korea

Before joining HKU MBA, I was always questioning the direction of my career. While I was working for a Korean conglomerate, I needed new momentum and, most of all, I wanted to experience various cultures and make friends from different backgrounds. Also, I wanted to be a person who can develop strategy and make outcomes in front office rather than supports others in back office. 

HKU MBA has definitely exceeded my expectations. Great faculty and classes reflecting the latest trends have constantly stimulated my intellectual curiosity. Through FinTech class, I realised that FinTech, using digital technology, will change the landscape of the financial industry. Also, I realised that this revolution would spread not only to the financial industry but also to industry as a whole.

Above all, my classmates were a great group of smart, intelligent and even humorous people from around the world, across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. They presented me with unforgettable and pleasant memories for life.

In particular, CDO (Career Development Office) provided numerous opportunities for internship interviews. This allowed me to have a part-time internship at a private equity fund in Hong Kong. Through internships, I learned how to create financial modeling, and I also had the opportunity to learn about new industries such as the aviation industry and SOC infrastructure.

I now have returned to Korea and work at a steel manufacturing company. As a member of the digital transformation strategic team, I participate in projects which make a smart factory.  It is undeniable that the driving force behind my career change was through the HKU MBA.

Jansen Uy

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameJansen Uy
  • IndustryRetail
  • CompanySavers Appliances
  • LocationPhilippines

With my fascination for technology and people, I decided to go into sales. Having spent most of my four years in Samsung Electronics, I immersed myself in account, project, and events management. These encounters allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the supplier's side of the consumer electronics industry. My end goal was to flip the page and join the other side - the dealer's side of the industry. I knew that an MBA in HKU was the right bookmark.

Both the city and programme attract a deep sense of internationalism. But what convinced me to pursue an MBA in HKU is the unique value and experience of Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York within 14 months, a great mix between Western and Eastern cultures with a clear focus on Asian business. Apart from collaborating with a culturally diverse group of people from different industries, HKU MBA programme allowed me to explore best practices within top corporations and served as a venue for a fruitful exchange of ideas amongst great minds.

I had a firm belief that an MBA would play a role in expediting my career from managing products, projects, and events, to leading people, and the experience paid its dues. Now, as the Deputy General Manager of Savers Appliances, a consumer electronics chain in the Philippines with 38 stores nationwide, I have learned that the entrepreneurial spirit I fostered during my studies has cemented a definitive role, even within interactions in a retail corporation.

Karen Lin

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKaren Lin
  • IndustryCosmetics
  • CompanyMeiyume (A member of the Fung Group)
  • LocationHong Kong

2017 was the year that I came to Hong Kong for my one year full-time MBA study. My aspiration to get an MBA was rooted a few years back when I was still working as a sales manager in a trading company. I got an opportunity to deal with an M&A case, including drafting a preliminary investment proposal and some due diligence work. Back then, it felt impossible for a non-finance background person like me to complete such a task. And since then, the idea of getting an MBA has been on the top of my to-do list.

As an international city in this part of the world, Hong Kong has its unshakable position in the Greater China area. So, when I was choosing my location, I chose Hong Kong with no doubts.

HKU Full-Time MBA was one of the programmes that really made a strong impression on me. The staff treated me not just as a candidate but someone they tried to understand and see if I was really the right fit for the programme. Their attention to detail really amazed me and left a great impression in my mind and resulted in my choosing to sign up for this programme.

The programme held lots of enriching and invaluable experience for me, I met a lot of international classmates with all sorts of backgrounds. There were the opportunities to participate in different clubs and reach out to professionals in Hong Kong across industries such as finance, accounting, legal, consulting and technology. Career development office put together many campus recruitment talks, and coaching sessions for both career related and personal growth. I was also lucky to be able to participate in an MBA fundraising competition in which my teammates became my lifelong friends, created great memories together, and won an award for the school. I was also able to explore areas that I had never had chance to reach. I participated as a volunteer for the Asia venture capital forum in that year and the experience really influenced me in my post-MBA direction.

My post-MBA role is a management associate in a local conglomerate. I ended up changing the work location from Taiwan to Hong Kong, changing my industry to consumer goods, and changing my function as a project manager. The biggest achievements from my MBA programme are that I learnt to navigate the dynamics of working in a team better, explored my potential in project management and problem solving, came to know myself better and am able to make concrete career goals for my future.

MBA study is not a must but almost everyone I knew who did it is not regretful. It is a process that helped many of us to learn about ourselves and get a chance to adjust a bit to where we wanted to go in our careers. It is a period that you definitely will miss after you have started working again because of the people that you have met and who accompanied you along the process.

Kyoji Fukuda

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKyoji Fukuda
  • IndustryFinTech/SaaS
  • CompanyMerrill Corporation
  • LocationHong Kong

There is much of value that an MBA programme can offer. I can tell prospective MBA candidates with confidence that the MBA is suitable for those who are seeking to switch careers. After completing HKU MBA, I managed to change all aspects of my career, industry, function and location, in just one year.

In my pre-MBA days, I had a stable career as an aviation professional with 10 years of experience in managing and operating Narita International Airport in Japan. After HKU MBA, I landed a career in a completely different industry in Hong Kong as a project manager at a U.S. Fin-tech/SaaS firm which offers a cloud-based solution to world-wide clients in 170 countries.

It has been truly a transformational career shift to move from a traditional company that manages a key domestic infrastructure with a legacy of decades to a fast-paced industry where products are boundless and evolve constantly. Thanks to the wide exposure I was given in the course of HKU MBA, I was able to manage the transition smoothly.

First of all, HKU MBA programme allows students to flexibly customise learning experiences. Before deciding on my next career direction, I needed a breadth of perspectives to gain a general understanding of the current business landscape. Some of the interesting courses I took included “AI for Business Leaders” and “Marketing for Tech-Intensive Industries.” The contents of the courses were up-to-date to help students stay current and they convinced me to pursue a career in the industry I am currently in.

Second, the diversity in the classroom was a good representation of Asia’s business dynamics and Hong Kong’s highly international workforce. A full year of intense interaction with both full-time students, who came from 16 different countries/regions, and part-time students, who are already leading successful careers in Hong Kong, has prepared me to communicate effectively with my current teammates and clients, who come from a spread of backgrounds.

I thank HKU MBA for allowing me to be exposed to a wide array of knowledge and networks in such a short period of time. The meaningful learning experiences at HKU MBA helped me gain confidence and explore opportunities beyond what I thought was available to me before pursuing an MBA.

Rosa Yoon

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRosa Yoon
  • IndustryCosmetics
  • CompanyMBX
  • LocationSeoul

I worked for global cosmetics brands in Korea, such as The Body Shop, Estee Lauder and Christian Dior. I was most interested in the cosmetics industry, especially in marketing. I joined HKU MBA because my next goal was to join the Asia-Pacific headquarters of a cosmetic brand to experience not only the Korean market but also other Asian markets.

Firstly, the HKU MBA with its geographic location in Hong Kong as a hub of Asia provided me with a variety of international business cases and a network. This exposure to a variety of global environments was an opportunity for me to broaden my thinking. Once I graduated from the HKU MBA, this experience was helpful to managing brand marketing in APAC countries.

Secondly, the Career Development Office (CDO) helped me to find a job opportunity through an MBA internship at M.A.C Hong Kong. During the internship there, I learnt about the cosmetics industry in Hong Kong and Chinese customers. Additionally, variety of workshops provided by CDO allowed me to network with people who worked in the cosmetics and marketing industry in Hong Kong. This internship experience was the key factor to finding my next job at the MBX (MEMEBOX) head offices, after the MBA.

After graduating from the HKU MBA, I joined MBX HQs in Korea as a head of the Global Brand Strategy team and now I am working as the head of the Regional Marketing team(APAC) in the Asia business development division. MBX is an innovative K-Beauty brand incubator that launched I DEW CARE and Kaja in the U.S., and Pony Effect, I’M MEME, Shine Easy Glam and Nooni in South Korea.

My work focuses on brand management. I am exposed directly to the Head Office’s strategy and, at the same time, experience various cases in different countries, mainly Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Now I oversee overall marketing operations for mainland China including Product, Influencers, E-commerce and Public Relations.

Anurag Goyal

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAnurag Goyal
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyHSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management
  • LocationHong Kong

Every learning experience is always enriching and so was the HKU MBA experience. Coming from a technology background, there were several aspects to work on: business courseware including presentations and projects, internship, skill development, targeting dream jobs and continuous networking. This process teaches you to list the requirements, prioritise them, give dedicated time, develop and manage relationships, and in this process become more aware of your candidature.

I too worked through the process which, along with HKU MBA course (plus Career Development and Training), gave me an opportunity to become an intern in the digital marketing industry which helped to improve my knowledge and also developed my network in the Hong Kong market. This further helped me to learn different roles in the marketing technology industry where I am placed today.

One lesson (and in turn, piece of advice) I take from the process is that you should keep working your candidature, keep your integrity, respect others and lastly, but very importantly, keep up with your chores.

Isabel He

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameIsabel He
  • IndustryInvestment
  • CompanyCICC
  • LocationHong Kong

I first came to HK in early 2016. Unlike most Chinese here, I came from outside China. Back then, I had been living and working overseas for nearly 10 years. I had been far from home for such a long time and I really wanted to come back. Moreover, I wanted to seize the tremendous opportunities in business that were going along with the growth of China’s economy. But my problem was lack of work experience in China, and my degrees were not strong enough to help me land a competitive position I wanted. Therefore I joined the MBA programme almost immediately. As well as considering its other merits, my main thought was that it could be a perfect transition for me to achieve my goal.

Experiencing the programme feels like entering a kaleidoscope. A door opens and shows you a lot of opportunities to strive for. The good part of it is that it opens up your mind and releases you possibilities for you, while the drawback can be that it is easy to get lost. My advice regarding the programme, especially for the candidates who are expecting a career change as I did, is to make good use of the first year, figure out your goal and strengths, get to know more people, and collect as much related information you can. 

I really appreciate the great help from the teams of MBA Admin and Career Development and Training; they have been my greatest support. The Admin team was very kind and helpful, especially helping me sort out the visa and curriculum issues of the CBS term exchange. CDT not only referred many career opportunities efficiently, but also acted as a great consultant, comforted me during hard times and shared valuable advice. The mentorship programme is another highlight, as I met a noble, sincere and kind mentor who deserves my life-long respect and, without CDT, I would hardly have had the opportunity to know him. Great people make great business. This most reliable team was my effective success accelerator.

After the MBA, it took me nearly half a year to land my desired position -- long but worthwhile. My advice for the batches who follow; be patient, do not rush (I have seen people rushing into a job they do not like, and then changing frequently), be confident and prepared. Your opportunity will be there for you!

Helena Xu

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameHelena Xu
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyJD Finance
  • LocationHong Kong

I was born in China and moved to Australia in my teenage years. After I finished my high school and undergraduate studies, I bade farewell to my beloved Sydney and moved to Beijing. This is because I was captivated by its fast-growing pace and dynamic vibe. As a result, I gained ample work experience in corporate finance, business development and relationship management within both international and local financial institutions. 

After almost 6 years in Beijing, I decided it was time to recharge myself with MBA power. With an overseas educational background and work experience in China, I believed Hong Kong was an ideal choice. It is a city where East meets West as well as being the financial hub of Asia.

HKU MBA programme became my first choice from its prestige reputation and unmatched network of alumni. Its partnerships with two world-renowned business schools, London Business School and Columbia Business School, especially offer unparalleled educational and networking opportunities. 

Now looking back on my MBA experience, I am able to say without doubt that it was an enriching adventure and a thoroughly exciting journey. The programme provided us with a number of career treks, frequent networking events and an intensive yet engaging study schedule. Also, I participated in Asia PE Forum, Women in Leadership’s panel speech, and many other social events as a volunteer. When I exchanged to LBS, I attended a number of professional events in London such as LBS PE Symposium, LBS China Business Forum and more. Students and alumni I encountered in LBS were extremely nice and eager to help beyond my expectations. Along this MBA journey, I was able to connect with many people who became my friends and inspiration, both for my career development and in my life. 

Finally, I would like to share two enlightening insights I obtained from this MBA experience. First, you unleash your curiosity and push your limits in order to absorb and grow. Second, after broadening your horizons, step back a bit and look within yourself in order to decide what the really important matters are. Then, focus on them with your full concentration. Wishing you a stirring MBA journey too.

Komal Shah

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKomal Shah
  • IndustryAccounting
  • CompanyErnst & Young
  • LocationLondon, United Kingdom

I come from India and worked in external auditing as a chartered accountant for approximately four and a half years before the MBA. I wanted to move into a more risk based role and here is my HKU journey.

The HKU MBA is a unique programme in partnership with the top-tier schools- London Business School, Columbia Business School, and Fudan Business School. The uniqueness comes from the ability to study at two very different top-tier global b-schools which helps you learn about two very different sides of the world; east and west and developed and developing. 

During the 14-month programme, I learned a lot, inside and outside the classroom. The small class size of around 50-60 students helped me create a strong bond with peers from diverse work and personal backgrounds and cultures from around the world, who brought  different viewpoints to class. I may forget some of the theory in the coming years, but the exposure to new concepts, ways of approaching challenges, ideas for innovation, and agility will stay with me as great lessons for years to come. The class in Business Lab gave me an understanding of the end to end running of a business. 

The curriculum was well organised, with a case-based approach, simulations, and lectures based on practical examples. We had regular talks from industry leaders and various career development sessions to help us on our career path, during and after our MBA. Additionally, we were put on a mentorship programme where each student is given a mentor from the industry he or she wants to go into. The Career Services team was really helpful in identifying the right mentor and I am still in touch with mine. All of this, coupled with my wonderful experience at London Business School, contributed tremendously to my overall learning. 

I wanted to give a try to getting a job in London, which most people said was next to impossible because your visa needs work sponsorship. I gave it my best shot, interviewed at a few places, and was fortunate to get an offer to work in the agile internal audit team at a UK listed company, RSA Insurance Group Plc. As a part of the group audit team, I will be able to interact with most teams in the organisation across the country which will help me develop knowledge of the business and the industry. 

The end of the MBA was like the closing of a chapter in a book, one which helped me open an interesting new chapter in a different role to my previous job and in a different country.  It is important to remember to make the most of your MBA experience and take out of it all that you want. 

It has really been a “life changing” journey, helping me evolve into a holistic individual and make some great friends and connections across the world.  I wholeheartedly thank the MBA Office, the Career Services team and the whole MBA fraternity for planning such an amazing programme, and the whole MBA fraternity for helping me in every step throughout the journey. 

Akshay Rao

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAkshay Rao
  • IndustryTextiles
  • CompanyTom Tailor Group / Tom Tailor Sourcing Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

The MBA journey through Beijing, London and Hong Kong provided great exposure to the cultural intricacies of each location and how business is managed from each location. This global exposure definitely acts as a catalyst for one’s success professionally and so I tried to imbibe as much as I could through this opportunity.  

The MBA office also assigned mentors and career coaches who were instrumental in guiding me through the programme.  The alumni were extremely responsive and always spared time to give advice or help. 

I also had a chance to hear distinguished business leaders and management experts speak about their experiences and knowledge. This helped broaden my horizons by giving me understanding of how decision making and management are handled in real life business situations.

All these factors and experiences have helped me transform into being more confident and informed to take on future challenges.  To sum it up, the HKU MBA was instrumental in nurturing my skills and providing me with the right tools to start a career in Hong Kong.

Anupriya Goswami

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAnupriya Goswami
  • IndustryRetail
  • CompanyGap Inc.
  • LocationHong Kong

After 7 years of running my own architectural design startup and simultaneously managing a family business of pharmaceutical manufacturing, I decided to join the MBA programme to gain further knowledge and work for a large scale global business. I was sure that an MBA would help me achieve the transition but unsure of what it would truly entail. HKU MBA was an attractive option for me as it provided a one year programme with exposure to local and international businesses through partnership programmes with London Business School and Beijing Language and Culture University.

Popular opinion is that it is easy to change either your function or industry through an MBA but difficult to change both. After I joined the MBA programme, I realised that the challenge was bigger than I had expected. Given the short duration of the programme, I had to take charge of my development right away to successfully take advantage of the opportunities provided by the programme. All I had to do was ask.

Alumni helped create a roadmap for my MBA programme, mentors helped me become more self-aware, and workshops helped me gain better understanding of my career options after graduation. HKU MBA provided the platform and support for bringing my values to life when I became President of the Women in Leadership club. It was here that I found my close friends in my peer group.

Transitioning requires not just networking but also knowledge. Courses such as business labs and business data analytics provided me with holistic business knowledge. Discussions with industry professionals helped me identify and highlight my transferable skills. Joining Gap Inc.’s Leadership Development Programme was a proof of a successful transition, where I got the opportunity to make use of my experience in design and manufacturing. Recently, I was also invited to participate in the World MBA summit 2018 in Cape Town as one of the top 100 inspiring MBA students from across the world to exchange ideas on creating positive change in society through business.

I came to HKU MBA with the goal of learning more about scaling a business model and building an international network. The programme not only helped me learn but also helped me figure how to continue learning on my own after graduation. While a large part of success comes down to being in the right place at the right time, I am grateful to the HKU MBA programme for opening doors to those places.

Daejung (DJ) Kim

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDaejung (DJ) Kim
  • IndustryConglomerate
  • CompanyCJ Corporation
  • LocationSeoul

My main goal in the MBA was pretty simple and clear; to work for a global company in an international city. To achieve this goal, Hong Kong gave everything that I needed. There are many global HQs or regional HQs in Hong Kong and it’s one of the most diversified of cities.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is a gateway to China and as a Korean, considering Chinese and Korean business relationships, learning about the China market and industry is very important. The physical distance between Korea and Hong Kong is also a good reason.
So my choice was not a wrong one because now I’m working in Hong Kong in a global marketing team of INFINITI Motors.

Studying in HKU MBA gave me a lot professionally and individually. Through the month long China immersion course in Beijing, I had a better understanding of China and it was fantastic to build real friendships with our classmates.

The exchange programme with Columbia Business School in New York was the best period in my life and it opened my eyes to the world. I also realised that my classmates in HKU were as competitive as the students in CBS, one of the top MBA schools in the world.

Thanks to Career Development and Training, I got my internship opportunity and it was very helpful in getting my real job.
Those global experiences have broadened my view, not only from an academic perspective but also of my life. HKU MBA should be a good option for everyone who is looking for a uniquely genuine experience.

Narumi Hashimoto

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNarumi Hashimoto
  • IndustryInternational Trade & Development
  • CompanyMitsubishi Corporation
  • LocationTokyo

Before I began my MBA journey, I had worked in the management consulting industry in Japan for more than four years. In particular, I managed management accounting projects and business process reengineering projects.

At HKU MBA, I experienced a lot of new things every day. My classmates came from all over the world, including but not limited to, mainland China, India, the United States and Germany. This environment led me develop leadership skills with future business leaders in Asia.

After I finished my MBA, I moved to Shanghai. I am working now at a Japanese management consulting firm’s Shanghai affiliate. I am creating the IT strategy and localising the business architecture for Japanese companies’ Shanghai branches. If I had not experienced the diverse culture of HKU MBA, I would not have adapted and accustomed myself to the new environment in mainland China to lead Chinese colleagues and clients.

Tanuj Bathla

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameTanuj Bathla
  • IndustryTechnology
  • CompanyGot-It AI
  • LocationHong Kong

Before I began my MBA, I was working in the operations team of an education tech company in Silicon Valley. One of the reasons I opted for HKU was the tremendous growth in the technology sector in Hong Kong and the opportunities that were present. Very soon after moving to Hong Kong I noticed a big opportunity in the fintech industry which was the perfect marriage of worlds from my past experience (corporate banking and technology startups).
Taking the opportunities afforded by the HKU alumni networking events, I was able to immerse myself in startup and technology circles in Hong Kong. During my studies in Hong Kong and during our exchange programme with London Business School, I was able to undertake live consulting projects with fintech companies. These experiences greatly helped me learn more about the fintech space in Asia and also showed my future employers that I had a genuine interest in fintech. 

By having a focused approach from the very beginning to what sector I wanted to work in, I was able grow my network, add great experiences to my CV and make my case as a well-qualified and knowledgeable candidate. It was through the network that I had developed at HKU that I met my eventual employer. The Career Services team does a great job in presenting the students with plenty of employment and networking opportunities. 

I’m currently working in the fintech space as a product manager and I continue to use the network that HKU helped me create.

Cameron Miller

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameCameron Miller
  • IndustryAutomobile
  • CompanyInfiniti Motor Company Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

Before embarking on my journey in the HKU MBA programme, I had never once been to Asia, and my world as I knew it was limited to the small, metropolitan city in the US that I called “home.” My circle of friends had been the same since childhood, and my routine was fairly monotonous and unchanging, aside from occasional travel with my family. Fast forward 2 years…

I have had the opportunity to live in, explore, and study in Beijing, London and Hong Kong. I have enjoyed travel to Dubai, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, several countries in Europe, and several cities in China. I have developed a close group of friends, my HKU family, and have expanded my network to a truly global level. I have even had the luxury of attending an Indian wedding in New Delhi with a group of close classmates, to experience a traditional Punjabi wedding! Best of all – I managed to earn a prestigious MBA degree and land the job of my dreams in the process.

My MBA experience at HKU was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life, and the amount of personal, social, academic and psychological growth I achieved along the way will most likely go unparalleled. Though the programme is only for 14 months, I feel as if I have seen and accomplished a lifetime’s worth. The HKU MBA programme truly offers its candidates an amazing experience and opportunity in many regards, be it the international exposure, the prestigious image and network access, or simply the wonderful people you meet along the way.

I traveled to places I did not even know existed before I joined the programme. I met people from different parts of the world, different socioeconomic classes, different religious beliefs, who speak different languages. I learned more about Asian and European ways of business in two years than I could have done in a lifetime without this programme. Most importantly, I belong to a close group of people who went through the same experience I did, a group that I am proud and happy to call my MBA family.

The HKU MBA programme helped to expand my perspective in ways I never could have imagined, and taught me that I should not be afraid to chase my dreams. The pursuit of a dream is a never-ending one that lasts a lifetime, but the HKU MBA programme certainly inspired me and helped me to run down that road. I now work for one of my favorite companies –Under Armour—doing corporate strategy and business development in Asian markets. Not only did the programme lead me to a dream job at one of my favorite companies, but it prepared me with the knowledge, network and insight to thrive in such a new and exciting place. I am very optimistic about my future outlook, thanks to the HKU MBA. 

Alexandre Lanoie

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAlexandre Lanoie
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyTR Capital
  • LocationHong Kong

When you decide to enrol in an MBA programme, two questions keep coming back whoever you interact with. The first one is: why do you want to do an MBA? And the second one is: why HKU MBA? Answering these two questions basically allows me to summarise my whole experience in a few sentences. I can now say that these two questions – and their answers – go hand in hand.

I had been working in Hong Kong for a few years on the M&A team of a regional investment banking firm when I decided to pursue an MBA degree. I was looking to expand my horizons, meet new people, and ultimately transition from the “sell side” to the “buy side” (sorry for the financial jargon here). Did I achieve these objectives? Yes, big time! A smooth ride? Certainly not but, as they say, worthwhile achievements don’t come easy.

During the 14-month programme, I learned as much inside the classroom as I did outside the classroom. The theory, I forgot quickly. However, I was exposed to some new concepts, ideas and ways of approaching issues and challenges which I had never thought of before. The fact that I was able to study in two very different, but both top-class institutions such as HKU and Columbia Business School also contributed tremendously to my learning experience. I had the chance to have exchanges with a wide range of people which included students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders and learn from their diverse background and experiences.

After graduation, I started working as part of the Global Investment team of a major Fortune 500 Chinese conglomerate. I am fortunate enough to be working on landmark transactions and to interact with the best institutions. As expected, the end of my MBA experience was just the start…

And don’t forget. The MBA experience; you have to make it your own!

Steven Chen

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameSteven Chen
  • IndustryManagement Consulting
  • CompanyRoland Berger
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

If there is one word to describe the HKU MBA programme, it would be “refreshing.”

In assessing my HKU and LBS journey, I would like to give heartfelt thanks to this programme, as it helped me expand my vision in ways I could never have imagined. The programme renewed and reinvigorated my perspective. I was afforded the opportunity to communicate with talented peers, as well as attend multiple events, forums, and conferences. Furthermore, I experienced the diverse lifestyles and environments of Beijing, Hong Kong, and London. Each culture provided me with invaluable insights, fresh perspectives, and learning experiences.

Upon matriculation from the HKU MBA programme, I was uncertain about my long-term career plans. Fortunately, by leveraging this platform, I was able to explore a myriad of possibilities within various industries like IBD, consulting, marketing in the FMCG industry, and even entrepreneurship initiatives. Thanks to entrepreneurial aspirations which had their roots in London, I founded my own start-up, LOFT Consulting, which focuses on talent development consulting services for students during their time studying for their MBA. Furthermore, I have enjoyed visiting different European countries, and experience of them has enhanced my academic pursuits. Ultimately, upon graduation, I decided to work for a bank-Hang Seng Bank (a core member of HSBC)-doing corporate strategy and planning for the mainland China market.

Regardless of one’s life story, one can always become a beneficiary of experience.

Jasmine Chua

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameJasmine Chua
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyUOB
  • LocationSingapore

If there was one expression I could use to describe my experience at HKU MBA, it would be “life changing”.

When I initially joined HKU, I expected only to further my personal development, but coming out of the programme, I had gained a global perspective, cross-industry exposure, practical project experiences and a network of contacts.  These made me leapfrog into the next stage of my life in which I gained a surprising opportunity which brought me back to this city.

Hong Kong and London have multiculturalism and entrepreneurship in their roots. There were many events organized by HKU, partner school LBS and interest groups around leadership and career exploration.  The pool of diverse stakeholders, involving investors, innovators, academics and government figures, created a natural knowledge sharing effect. These experiences offered me many choices which, though overwhelming at first, helped me clarify my interests and strengths that I could leverage in my future career. In my time spent in Hong Kong, Singapore and London, I was offered job opportunities in consulting and industry, ultimately deciding upon a regional role as government relations manager operating out of Hong Kong. HKU MBA was truly a journey of self-discovery and introspection. 

Patrick Davis

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NamePatrick Davis
  • IndustryNon-governmental Organisation
  • CompanySoap Cycling
  • LocationSingapore

I came out to Hong Kong with little plan as to what I wanted to do, post-graduation. Having never lived outside of my hometown, Atlanta, the simple prospect of moving halfway around the world was intimidating enough, let alone transitioning into a new line of work. In my mind, my job was to come out here, meet as many people as possible and make something happen. If it didn't work out, so be it. It would still be an amazing experience.

Starting in Beijing, HKU MBA career services was very supportive and helpful in offering suggestions and advice on transitioning to life in Hong Kong. All through the programme, though burdened with classes, I had to save time and energy for networking and career talks. Through one of my professors, David Bishop, I was able to land an internship at a local nonprofit in March of this year. Foregoing my exchange study at Fudan University, the position allowed me to gain valuable experience and earn money, and it served as a useful platform to network and learn the ins and outs of Hong Kong's nonprofit sector.

When I finished my MBA studies in August, I was offered a full-time position and now serve as the General Manager. The work I do now is both fulfilling, fun, and frustrating. I basically manage a group of 15-20 HKU undergraduate students as they attempt to manage an international nonprofit with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Singapore. As soon as they are trained up and know what they are doing, a new batch comes in. The job offers an opportunity to develop useful managerial skills as well as interact closely with the new generational of Millennials who will soon dominate workforces and demand creative strategies for motivation and engagement. When I moved out to Hong Kong for my MBA, I was interested in the nonprofit sector, but never dreamed that I would run one myself, let alone in a foreign country. Thanks to the skills and guidance provided by HKU MBA, I am now able to make an impact as well as pursue a meaningful career. 


Rose Liu

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRose Liu
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyDBS Bank China
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

Prior to my MBA, I was working for BMW-Brilliance Automotive as a supplier quality engineer. This required a lot of focus on detail and problem solving skills and, as my knowledge of the automotive industry deepened and my work experience accumulated, I became more and more curious about the work of other departments and even other industries. The MBA came as an excellent bridge at that point since it not only addressed my doubts about work, but it also allowed me to think better and plan my career path for the following 5 to 10 years.

My time in HKU MBA was busy yet fulfilling, as I had to learn like a sponge, trying to absorb as much as possible, given the calibre of my fellow classmates and professors. We not only learnt from the professors and instructors, but also learnt to teach and inspire each other, relating corporate experiences to academic courses. With 52 fellow classmates from distinctive backgrounds and different cultures, our pre-formed views and values were able to clash, just to reform and reshape themselves.

HKU MBA is definitely an experience that is worth investing in, and it will benefit me for the rest of my career and personal life. 

Ted Chou

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameTed Chou
  • IndustryCorporate Software
  • CompanyHDE One
  • LocationTokyo, Japan

I was working as a software engineer before coming to HKU to take courses on consulting, strategy and finance. A lot of the material I had not  encountered before, but I believe that the diverse group in the MBA programme helped me acclimatise to the class seamlessly. A lot of people would look for a postgraduate degree that is more specialised and narrow, but I always believed that a wider vision is essential to a more comprehensive understanding of the tasks you are doing. Having worked routinely for the previous year, I was looking to migrate to a consulting role rather than working purely as a developer in my longer term career. The MBA has helped me to justify and make the transition to the key aspect of my career.

HKU MBA was not only an intellectual inspiration but also an adventurous opportunity for me. The programme allowed me to live in and experience  three big cities that motivated me to make bolder moves in my career. I think that I would not have had the courage to apply for jobs in Japan - where I had always wanted to live - were it not for the experiences of living in an unfamiliar place such as London and travelling around Europe.

I would strongly recommend the programme to anyone who is looking for a transition in their career, has a desire to relocate or simply wants to learn something new.

Badarinath Grandhe

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameBadarinath Grandhe
  • IndustryApparel & Fashion
  • CompanyGap Inc.
  • LocationHong Kong

I am a globally cultivated operations professional with 5 years’ experience in Michelin Tires in 5 countries across the globe. Working as a quality engineer, I gained significant technical know-how along with the ability to adapt to a multitude of work cultures. However, I strongly felt that I had hit a ceiling in terms of learning and that I was limited to a particular area of the organisation where my skills were not being tested to the core. For an ambitious person like me, it was definitely the time move outwards as I wanted to get into roles that would enhance the impact I create and affect the organisation as a whole but wanted to pursue a career in operations so that I could leverage my previous experience. However, I lacked business knowledge or perspective, which I could gain in an MBA from a premium institute like HKU MBA.

The HKU MBA is one of the best programmes in the world, in partnership with the top-tier London Business School and Columbia Business School. The small class size of around 50 students helped me to create a strong bond with peers who are from diverse work backgrounds and 16 countries, bringing in varied points of view to the class, and to group projects. The curriculum is very well organised with a case based approach, real-time projects with companies, simulations, and a mentorship programme where we get to be mentored by leaders from the industries/functions we wish to get into and have regular talks from industry leaders. Finally, I secured two internships with the help of Career Services team (one during my MBA and the other post MBA). Without the help of the MBA Office, I would not have got into the prestigious “Leadership Development Programme” of GAP Global Supply Chain. Moreover, the Career Services team was really helpful in identifying the right mentor, improving my approach and my interview skills, especially for case cracking interviews that helped me secure the job in Gap and even reach the final round of the McKinsey recruitment process.

To conclude, it has been a “life changing” one-year journey, where I evolved into a holistic individual. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the MBA Office and the Career Services team for sketching such a wonderful programme and the whole MBA fraternity for helping me in every step throughout the journey. Lastly, it is not an exaggeration to say HKU MBA is the best decision I have made in life so far. 

Jimmy Yu

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameJimmy Yu
  • IndustryManagement Consulting
  • CompanySmiths Group
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

HKU MBA is truly an unforgettable journey that enriches my life. I successfully transformed to a strategy consulting role upon graduation. Furthermore, I believe the interactions with a diverse cohort during the MBA journey will bring a life-long harvest.

HKU MBA gave me a global perspective with an Asian focus during its 14-month journey through Beijing, Hong Kong and London. The arrangement of the HKU MBA programme includes not only intensive academic curricula but also plenty of career development initiatives including club events, industry talks, company visits and recruitment sessions. These experiences helped me clarify my interests and strengths that I could leverage in my future career.  Upon graduation, I was offered job opportunities in consulting and corporate strategy, ultimately deciding to join the commercial strategy practice under Deloitte Financial Advisory.

HKU MBA was beyond my expectation. What I was hoping to achieve finally came true at the end of my MBA journey. In enriching me, HKU MBA taught me, “Never forget what made you great in the first place; it might still hold the key of your future”.  I look forward to the journey ahead. Heartfelt thanks for HKU MBA! 

Yukiko Oshima

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameYukiko Oshima
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyNomura Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
  • LocationTokyo, Japan

The HKU MBA experiences were beyond my expectations.  Especially, the various types of group work with my classmates, 52 energetic and talented people from all over the world, which let me develop more leadership expertise with a global perspective. Also, I could get a deeper cross cultural understanding through my MBA journeys in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. All the experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, will make my career and life ahead more exciting.

As for my career, I initially worked for a leading asset management firm in Japan before I decided to undertake an MBA. I was mainly responsible for domestic corporate issues such as holding shareholder meetings and board meetings. Following the completion of my MBA journey, I have been able to change my role, focusing more on the finance area. It is great fun to get a new chance to work more closely with international offices and enhance financial expertise, backed by the MBA studies.

Deep Vanarasi

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDeep Vanarasi
  • IndustryManagement Consulting
  • CompanySynergy Strategic Solutions Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

Doing an MBA was one of the most important decisions that I have taken in my life and I am happy that I chose HKU to pursue this dream. I came into the MBA with no very clear goal in terms of what I wanted to do after it. I was looking to explore different industries and different job functions before deciding to settle down somewhere. HKU MBA enabled me to do that by providing a platform to interact with professionals from all industries imaginable. This also gave me a chance to analyse where I can best utilize my skills and talents.

After I realized that I wanted to work in consulting, the Career Services provided me with the opportunity to gain experience through real-life industry projects as well as providing the right guidance through the mentorship programme. This experience was enhanced by the fact that we studied in three places – Beijing, London and Hong Kong. Such a diverse experience helped me understand business in different markets, gain a unique perspective on things as well as bring something new to the table.

The experience I gained in one year of my MBA culminated in me getting a job that I was excited about. I am working at Synergy Strategic Solutions Limited as a consultant helping clients in insurance industry improve their processes. I believe that the MBA journey that I undertook will help me and guide me through the future challenges awaiting me in my career. The world is changing at a rapid pace and will continue to do so in the future but the learning imbibed during the course of this MBA will keep me prepared to succeed in such scenarios.

Pranav Krishnakumar

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NamePranav Krishnakumar
  • IndustryMaritime
  • CompanyFleet Management Limited
  • LocationHong Kong

While enrolling in an MBA programme was an easy choice, choosing which MBA was more difficult. Having been selected by some top schools across India, Asia and USA, I decided to do my MBA at HKU. This was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only did I gain extensive academic knowledge from the faculty at both HKU and LBS, I also learnt enormously from my fellow classmates. Having people come from diverse sectors, ranging from government services to the field of law, helped me gain sundry perspectives on their backgrounds. Additionally, being part of a small class of just over 50 people, I was able to form close bonds with my classmates, which I feel will go beyond just the classroom.

Prior to the MBA, I worked in different functions and different industries viz. food and beverage, information technology and real estate services. With this experience, I realised that I wanted to be part of a job which would give me access to multiple industries and hence I wanted to get into the field of consulting. To this end, the HKU MBA provided the perfect platform from which to achieve my objectives. I opted for strategy based courses such as Management Consulting at HKU MBA and Advanced Competitive Strategy at LBS which helped shape my way of thinking into a more structured form. 

Further, being part of the consulting club gave me the opportunity to exercise what I learned in class on two different live projects. I was part of the team which created a market entry strategy for one of the biggest transportation service providers and was also involved in creating a marketing plan for a start-up. Moreover, I took this learning beyond HKU and was involved in a student competition where we had to develop the business lab for the world’s largest recycling company. We were placed second in this competition and got the cash prize of USD2,000!

With the MBA completed, I enter my next phase of life with mixed feelings. While I am excited to be part of a magnificent organisation such as Infosys Consulting Hong Kong (previously known as Lodestone Management Consulting), I will definitely miss the classroom banter and jokes!

Doede Rensema

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDoede Rensema
  • IndustryAdvisory services
  • CompanyIndependent Contractor, Legal and Compliance
  • LocationHong Kong

I enrolled in HKU’s full-time MBA course with the clear ambition to leverage my legal experience and build my career in compliance for financial industries. The Career Development and Training of HKU MBA helped set up an interview for an internship with FCC Solutions. FCC Solutions is a Hong Kong based boutique financial crime compliance (FCC) consultancy providing FCC strategy, implementation, advisory, monitoring and more for global corporate, banking and financial services.

I secured the internship and half-way through my MBA, found myself seconded part-time by FCC to a global bank in their FCC department. Part-time as I was still completing my MBA and student visa stipulations have a cap on the number of hours that can be worked. It was a great opportunity, particularly as it aligned with my next career step. After the internship FCC Solutions offered me a full-time job and I started working with them before I finished the MBA.

The HKU MBA continues to be an excellent experience and that positive experience is compounded by the fact that I secured my intended role in compliance months before completing my MBA.


Abhishek Bhatia

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAbhishek Bhatia
  • IndustryAutomotive
  • CompanyInfiniti Motors Limited
  • LocationHong Kong

As an engineer, I started out as a manager in the automotive industry with Maruti Suzuki. Being a part of the supply chain management team, I was exposed to an array of technical and commercial aspects of the business. With hands-on experience in the automotive sector, I hoped to move into a leadership role and start making an impact on the business in the operational sector. However, I understood that managing a team cogently to deliver various projects and moving gradually into a management role in the operations sector would require a significant change in direction towards enhanced skills and an evolved job profile.

To achieve these goals, I saw the need for management education from a premier business school. With the immense amount of growth happening all across Asia, Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan capital of Asia, was undeniably the perfect place to embark on this journey. The HKU MBA, with its focus on the complexities of Asian business and its exposure to global business challenges, was an obvious choice for me.

The HKU MBA helped me step out of my comfort zone and aided me in honing my skills as a business professional. Hands-on learning is at the core of the teaching methodology at HKU and the multitude of simulations and case studies have provided me with the requisite tools to take on the dynamic business environment with confidence. In addition, the globally recognized faculty and the highly relevant course curriculum have provided me with an edge in founding management concepts and have acted as an impetus to my career.

Lastly, the opportunity to interact with a diverse cohort and with business leaders from across the globe and industries has been a life changing experience and has prepared me for the real life business world after the MBA.

To sum up, it’s been an exceptional experience being a part of the HKU MBA family and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire MBA team at HKU for their constant support throughout this journey.

Ronald Kwok

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRonald Kwok
  • IndustryTechnology
  • CompanyLinkedIn
  • LocationHong Kong

Joining the HKU MBA was one of the most impactful decisions I have made. Leaving behind a career as an engineer in Canada, and relocating to an international business hub in Asia has been an overwhelming and enriching experience. Not only were we students exposed to the local economy, but our exchange with Beijing, exploration trip to Singapore and final exchange with London Business School gave us a more complete perspective on the global business environment. The programme  provided a high-paced academic curriculum, mentorship and internship opportunities, as well as other career development initiatives, so that we are well prepared for the challenging job markets around the world.

In addition to scheduled programmes and network sessions, the faculty also organized many recruitment events, and Microsoft was one of the many global companies that we were put  in touch with. Microsoft recruits from the best business schools to join their accelerated MBA management trainee programme, and HKU was one of their few stops in Hong Kong. In the months to come, I was successfully recruited as their Partner Channel Development Manager; my career path  transitioned and accelerated  through the HKU MBA programme.

The experience at HKU MBA has broadened my horizons, opened up new global opportunities and I look forward to the adventures ahead. 

Xiaofei Li

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameXiaofei Li
  • IndustryMedical Devices
  • CompanyB. Braun Medical
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

Giving up my job, leaving a familiar city and environment and investing everything in a full-time MBA in a totally unknown setting was a huge decision for me. But HKU MBA proved that I made the best choice of my life.

Pre MBA, I was a marketer with five years marketing communication experience in the healthcare industry, and with a financial engineering background. For my MBA, I wanted to find some connection between my working experience and academic background. As a leading MBA programme, HKU provided me with a diversity of classmates from different industries who helped me to deeply understand marketing and finance. Professional faculties in HKU gave me knowledge of how business happens and what a professional marketer should be. The Mentorship Programme introduced me to a very senior and experienced marketing leader who showed me ways to connect marketing with finance. And Career Development and Training provided me internship opportunities to practice what I have learned.

With all of these resources HKU provided, I started my new career in Shanghai in the marketing strategy area. This is the right position, the one I wanted, which perfectly connects my past experience to my academic background as well as my interests.

As I said, starting a full-time MBA is a very important decision and HKU MBA is always the right choice.  

Kogaku Tanaka

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKogaku Tanaka
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyEBRD
  • LocationU.K.

Prior to studying for my MBA, I had been working in the investment banking industry for five years; in particular, in charge of cross-border financing and M&A advisory assignments. 

After coming to HKU MBA, I had numerous opportunities to meet professionals from diverse backgrounds at executive talks, the mentorship programme and other networking events which consequently inspired me to shift my career from that of a financial advisor to the principal-side.  

I am now working as an investment professional at a Japanese government backed private equity fund, specifically aiming to promote typical Japanese commodities / soft-contents overseas. My key responsibility is investment and post-investment strategy and it requires not only finance skill but also skills in marketing, strategy and other fields which were involved in my HKU MBA experience.

Stephan Schissler

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameStephan Schissler
  • IndustryChemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • CompanyMerck Group
  • LocationGermany

When I entered the MBA Programme at HKU I had no specific career path in mind which I wanted to pursue after my studies. I simply took the 14-month MBA as an opportunity to step back from my previous job, learn more about other areas of business and about myself.

The courses, many company visits and various Career Development and Training activities broadened my knowledge about the business world. Moreover, I had the chance to do an internship at Burberry’s Causeway Bay office and got to know how a world-renowned luxury brand works on the inside.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be selected for the MBA World Summit in Barcelona, an exclusive event for MBA students from all of the top business schools. There in Spain I met recruiters from Merck and got hired some months later as a Senior Project Manager for Supply Chain Management. In this role I work on group-wide strategic initiatives and manage the overall cross-divisional project portfolio. The topics range from Advanced Analytics over Smart Factory to Virtual Supply Chain. This global role gives me the chance to work with people from many different countries and regions. Therefore, every day at work feels a little bit like being in the MBA at HKU. 

Manasy Vidyasagar

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameManasy Vidyasagar
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyHSBC
  • LocationHong Kong

My MBA year of 2014-2015 was nothing short of a world class roller-coaster ride! I had a unique opportunity to be a student speaker at an insurance themed conference in Singapore (25th Anniversary Summit on value of Insurance to Society). I was interviewed by a magazine to explain the perks of doing a partnership programme with HKU-LBS (Western Business Schools Find Promise in China’s MBA Market). I suffered a knee injury and learned to navigate the ubiquitous Hong Kong stairs and uphill terrain with a 7-11 umbrella.

Prior to the MBA, I worked with Goldman Sachs for 6 years in the corporate action team. Corporate action refers to any activity that affects the market share value of a company through market activities including, but not limited to, dividend pay-outs, tenders, mergers and spin-offs. Working in the operations space, I was exposed to a range of processes and procedures of investment banking. This perspective empowered me to pursue my future career goals by opting for a post-graduation business degree that would help me transition to a front office role where I could contrive and execute real world business models.

Multiple classes across the MBA curriculum taught me how to solve day-to-day unstructured problems, making me realize that more often than not there are multiple solutions to a given problem. It takes a manager to choose the optimum solution to a given problem with the situation at hand. Although this might sound very generic, the MBA core courses and electives helped me to gain diverse perspectives. During the LBS leg of the programme, I specialized in strategy (Pricing, Corporate and M&A Strategy). A key learning that has stayed with me is how to develop an idea, present it to the stakeholders and see the impact of the solution in real time.

On a personal front, the MBA class is diverse and working with 51 other smart people helps build a network, exchange ideas and make friends for life. HKU has a history of 100 years and most of the alumni are in commendable positions in the industry. As a class, we went on multiple business treks, and the most insightful one for me was the Dublin Trek, especially to see how Dublin is becoming more prominent in the world space. Along with the treks, we had numerous company visits, field trips and alumni networking events.

For my internship, I took a path less taken and joined a startup named "SpotHelp" for 8 weeks. The concept of Spot Help is an on-demand concierge, which has a great demand in Hong Kong where people are cash-rich and time-poor. The startup is funded by a premium venture capital. I helped design their pricing model and growth strategy in Hong Kong and a go-to market strategy to launch in Singapore, India and Australia. It was an amazing experience to see the models designed on paper being executed on the ground. It gave me the chance to understand the Hong Kong consumer market and transition to the working culture from being a student.

What next? I have got an opportunity to work with PwC Consulting Hong Kong as a Senior Financial Consultant. And luckily, for my first project, I am seconding to a project in the IFC building. For Batman fans, it’s the Hong Kong building where Batman jumps off in the movie "The Dark Knight".

Looking forward to the journey that lies ahead..  Thanks HKU-MBA!

Bradley Morin

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameBradley Morin
  • IndustrySports
  • CompanyMinute Media
  • LocationNew York, U.S.A.

During the MBA, I decided that I wanted to focus on emerging/disruptive technology in exciting industries.  While at Columbia, I took numerous tech-related courses such as Python programming and digital content strategy. Upon graduation, I interviewed with many start-ups and tech companies and ultimately decided to work for 90min, the largest digital soccer content platform in the world. I am heading our push into American sports leagues. I am the head of content for North America and I am helping to launch our NYC office.

Francesca Lee

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameFrancesca Lee
  • IndustryRetail
  • CompanyFossil Group, Inc.
  • LocationHong Kong

In terms of how to measure success and whether the MBA is worth the time and money, I guess everyone's case is different.

In my case, despite quitting my stable job and paying the full tuition myself, I still think it has been a success because I am happy with what I have right now. I also feel I am seeing things differently after studying for an MBA. My view has broadened.

My new position in CJ Group as Senior Development Manager, in which I am responsible for the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets, is very interesting.

This job came to me through a relationship from my previous career. However, I don't believe I would have been offered it if I had not finished the HKU MBA.

I spent my internship at the LinkedIn HK office during my MBA summer break. This opportunity arose because I participated in the sessions arranged by Career Development and Training. Coming into contact with the LinkedIn people personally was the cherry on the cake.

After the exciting and challenging journey, you will win the challenge and come through with insightful classmates and cool alumni as a bonus.

Neeladrinath Sarangi

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNeeladrinath Sarangi
  • IndustryAirlines/Aviation
  • CompanyCAPA - Centre for Aviation
  • LocationNew Delhi

Before my MBA, I was a capital markets banker in India. My HKU MBA journey started when I wanted a global business education to apply to opportunities in private equity. While tracking PE activity, I countered a niche industry which instantly appealed to me: aviation finance. Being a serious aviation enthusiast for most of my life, with some knowledge of the industry, along with my finance background, I focused on aviation finance and consulting.

The Career Development and Training helped me substantially, with introductions to senior executives, company meetings and events. The LinkedIn and Mentoring initiatives allowed me to reach out to a lot of people. Job enquiries were primary, but almost equally important were industry banter and informed opinions. 

After my MBA, I joined CAPA Centre for Aviation as an associate manager at their South Asia office in New Delhi. My primary responsibility is in building out the capital advisory services practice wherein we help clients raise funds for aviation projects. 

Looking back, I am quite convinced that my investment in the HKU MBA allowed me to look at a much broader range of career opportunities, think over a larger canvas, make great friends and network with global professionals.

Sophia Huang

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameSophia Huang
  • IndustryInvestment
  • CompanyFosun RZ Capital
  • LocationShenzhen, Mainland China

Before my MBA, I worked as a project manager in China Mobile for three years. Now, after graduation, I am an Industry Analyst in Western Securities. I have totally changed my career path with the help of my MBA.  

The MBA has not only provided me with the tools I need for a career change but also the courage to embrace new challenges. I took finance courses and grasped the basic skills to survive in the field. I got the chance to meet people from all kinds of financial institutions through company visits and career talks. The partnership programme with LBS also broadened my horizon.

Even after my MBA, I find the alumni network valuable for my daily work. The MBA office offers various opportunities for alumni to make connections. I can always get the latest information and regularly seek cooperation, which is very helpful for my career growth. 

 Kaushik Gnanasekaran

Alumni Successful Stories

  • Name Kaushik Gnanasekaran
  • IndustryManagement Consulting
  • CompanyPricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting
  • LocationCanada

Prior to my MBA, I worked for major automotive OEMs in India for six years in retail network development, dealer management and enhancing customer experience. Various consulting projects through Career Development and Training’s Consulting Club and the Management Consulting course at HKU inspired my interest in consulting.

Post-MBA, I got an opportunity to work with PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in Beijing as Manager in the Customer Experience Team. At PwC, I am responsible for the business development of our consulting practice and also setting up PwC’s state-of-the-art Experience Centre in Beijing. The Experience Centre is a unique combination of the creativity of an agency and the business insights of consulting.

For me, it was not only about securing a good job but also building a great career. HKU MBA helped me achieve just that.

Rose Zhang

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRose Zhang
  • IndustryApparel & Fashion
  • CompanyPUMA Group
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

I joined HKU MBA programme with the intention of expanding my horizon and making friends from different background. Prior to MBA, I worked in FMCG and retail industry for nearly 6 years and I felt it’s quite difficult for me to make any significant breakthrough. Therefore I believe it was time for me to take a long “vacation”, recharge myself with fresh knowledge and equip myself well for future challenges.  

During 14 months in HKU and LBS, I enjoyed great experiences not only in classrooms but also with my classmates from different nations and industries. HKU and LBS partnered programme fulfills all my requirements for MBA programme since it is closely connected to china market and keeps high global exposure. Diversified classmates offered me various perspectives and ways of thinking, oversea experiences enabled me to think globally, and courses I took equipped me with theoretical ideas.

Thanks to amazing experience in HKU MBA, I was successfully rehired and promoted to my dream position in Shanghai. Although I’m back to busy office life now, I will cherish and memorize MBA experience forever.   

Harry Rao

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameHarry Rao
  • IndustryInsurance
  • CompanySwiss Re
  • LocationBeijing, Mainland China

Before taking the MBA, I worked in the insurance industry in Australia. Although I was very good in my field of work, I didn’t know how to develop my career, had little knowledge of things outside my work field and often wondered what was happening in the world.

The HKU MBA, through its Beijing-Hong Kong-London track, has broadened my views and armed me with new skills and knowledge. During the 14 months programme, I have listened to career talks delivered by industry leaders and experts, participated in competitions against elites of other business schools and visited many world-famous companies.

I took a part-time internship with Cowen and Company, where I supported their managing director in Hong Kong. Coping with the intensity of working for a boutique investment firm while studying full-time for the MBA was very challenging yet very fruitful. It allowed me to experience the life of one of today’s most attractive industries.  

After my MBA, like many of my predecessors and peers, I had to choose a field to specialize in and which would develop my career. After careful thought, I decided to focus on the insurance industry because of my expertise as well as the great potential that I see the industry having in Asia, particularly in China.

Now, as the Senior Actuarial Associate for QBE Insurance, I manage the insurance reserves for the company’s business across fifteen Asia-Pacific countries and territories. Because of my MBA qualification, I also get involved with the company’s M&A and participate in setting the company’s strategy in Asia Pacific.

I am very glad that I have taken the MBA programme with HKU. The programme not only gave me a great experience, it also made me more purposeful and tactical about my life and career. However, the most precious treasure I have received from the programme is a group of friends, both my classmates and  alumni, whom I now contact regularly for information and to share experience.

Zoe Park

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameZoe Park
  • IndustryMarketing and Advertising
  • LocationHong Kong

HKU MBA became the biggest turning point in my life. I got the career change I had wanted, a deeper understanding of business and friends from all over the world. Honestly, I would never have believed that I could achieve this much in a programme of 12 months.

Before the MBA, I had a long-time desire to work and live in a global environment. In that sense, HKU MBA provided me with all the right tools for my goal. While taking courses and working on projects with professionals from diverse backgrounds, I was able to equip myself with the knowledge and skills that I needed. Throughout the time, Career Development and Training was a great help with company visits, workshops and personal consultations in order to prepare me for my next career path.

After completing my MBA, I am now a senior marketing specialist in YOOX NET-A-PORTER group which is the biggest online luxury fashion retail company in the world. I am enjoying the challenges and achievements that this job brings me every day.

Naseer Hazarika

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNaseer Hazarika
  • IndustryFMCG and Industrial goods
  • CompanyHenkel AG & Co, KGaA
  • LocationDusseldorf, Germany

The HKU MBA has indeed turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. When I joined the course, I was not really sure about what I was expecting out of it. But my life has changed dramatically over the past 14 months. The HKU MBA programme with its robust framework and world class faculty really helped me carve out my career.    

Finance was my major focus during the MBA. However, without a background in finance, it was not easy and this being  a fast-track MBA made it even harder. But the support I got from my peers as well as the faculty helped me immensely during the whole transition. The partnership programme with LBS also proved to be of great added value. Having worked in the real estate sector before, I wanted to strengthen my knowledge in real estate finance. LBS, with its electives on Real Estate Finance and Project Finance, laid the perfect foundation.

Today, I am working in Germany in the controlling department for one of the biggest FMCG firms in the world. I am in the internal real estate strategy team working at a global level across a wide range of strategic real estate activities like occupancy planning, location strategy, lease management, valuations and capital works planning.

Finding a job in Europe was a big challenge for me and with no European language skills in my CV, it was all the more difficult.  Still I managed against all the odds to find the job I was looking for. The most important thing that I learnt is that, if you put your heart and soul to something and if you really believe in yourself, you will find the job you are looking for, no matter what.

Finally, I believe the HKU MBA is the best concoction of work and fun. I have had an amazing time and made some great friends and kudos to all of them for making the experience such a memorable one.  

Katie Fung

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKatie Fung
  • IndustryComputer Hardware
  • CompanyWestern Digital
  • LocationAsia Pacific

It was not an easy decision to quit a stable job and engage in full time study, but I do believe I made the right choice with HKU MBA. School life is always fun and exciting, especially since you are getting along with a group of specialists from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds. HKU MBA network is a large talents and knowledge pool.

To be successful is never just about technical knowledge and always about how you manage interaction with different people, the dynamic environment and the logical thinking; the critical process in addressing problems. No doubt, the 14-month programme sharpened my skill sets in all these areas with the series of networking events, CEO talks, company visits and case studies. In addition to that, the LBS track was amazing in the way it helped me to step out from my comfort zone and widen my horizons.

It was an honor to represent HKU MBA as one of the team members to participate in the Global Student Challenge organized by the Supply Chain Finance Community of The Netherlands. Neither supply chain nor finance had been my specialist area, but this was a unique opportunity for me to tackle a real business case and interact with top talents and experts in the supply chain world.

After the MBA programme, I took a position as engineering director in a world class technology company, taking care of the introduction of new products in Asia Pacific sites. Technical knowledge and customer handling are fundamental, whilst to advance my career, team management, operation strategy and financial understanding are crucial. In these, HKU MBA gave me a great and solid stepping stone. 

Nikhil Chadha

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNikhil Chadha
  • IndustryConsulting Management
  • CompanySynergy Strategic Solutions Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

To become a successful engineer, I had always fancied backing up my technological prowess with professional managerial expertise. I patted myself on the back for having landed admission to HKU’s coveted MBA programme. I was indeed in seventh heaven and promised myself silently and resolutely to keenly follow the programme - its contents, activities and advanced lay out. I pledged inwardly to excel and reward myself with the uncanny brilliance of our regular and visiting faculty, who would mentor us through our journey at HKU and LBS.

What I found as I chugged along the 14-month course was simply amazing and mind blowing; the overall course quality, the innovativeness of initiatives like then mentorship programme and the personality reinforcing career workshops by Career Development and Training. I took up a strategy-consulting project with one of the biggest transportation services in Hong Kong and later a digital marketing project with a technology start-up in London. With all this happening during the course, I felt a distinctive transformation in my perception of life and my approach to my career underwent a huge alteration. I have learnt to imbibe the value of questioning and challenging even the most straightforward views and contentions. This approach enabled and empowered me to be honest, upright and innovative.

With my first job after my MBA in Hong Kong, an entirely new chapter has spontaneously unfolded in my career and professional life, which has bolstered and accentuated the quality of my analysis, decision-making and application. I am confident that wherever we are in life and career after our chiselling at HKU, we are bound to leave a distinct  imprint as the blessed alumni of HKU Business School.  

Syed Musheer Ahmed

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameSyed Musheer Ahmed
  • IndustryFintech advisory
  • CompanyFinStep Asia
  • LocationHong Kong

They say an MBA is more than just a course. It is a journey, both personal and professional. A path chosen to lead you to your goals. An experience to enrich and build your personality, while you get to understand yourself better. A medium to build your network and learn the tricks of the trade. My MBA at HKU-LBS was all of the above.

I came to Hong Kong to understand the business environment in Asia's financial capital. As a gateway to China, Hong Kong also offered the unique opportunity to know about the Chinese work and social culture; from the strong concept of face, to learning the intricacies of guanxi and its impact on business relationships. Besides staying in and exploring Beijing for a month at the start of the programme, through constant interaction during project work and over spicy Hunan food, I got many pertinent insights from my Chinese classmates about the Chinese way of life and what makes them tick.

The courses at HKU and LBS, which are taught by leading professors who are thought leaders and subject matter experts, helped me to learn new things and upgrade my knowledge and professional skill-set; in particular, the courses on advanced financial concepts learnt in HK and the  course on leadership and people skills taught in London. By utilizing the Career Development and Training and wider HKU/LBS clubs and events, I was able to interact with established professionals and C-Level executives from all walks of life. I got an opportunity to visit some of the biggest Investment firms in the world, while also being invited to Westminster and interacting with European Central Bankers

From an aggregation of advice and insights from mentors and alumni, combined with my interaction with the industry, I was able to decide on a career path that not only builds on my past career, but also suits my personality. After exploring the job market and opportunities, I took up the role of Senior Consultant with GreySpark Partners, who are global capital markets experts. As a capital markets consultant, I am able to leverage off my background in markets and work on solving problems for our clients. Being a people's person, my personality helps in building rapport with clients and team mates, a very important part of being a consultant. 

A big part of doing an MBA came into play once I finished my course and used the HKU-LBS network to build professional relationships and establish me in the industry. Having now completed my MBA and re-entered the professional landscape, I intend to further enhance my network through more interaction with the wider and established University of Hong Kong alumni whilst helping grow the London Business School alumni base in Hong Kong. 

Yiming Zhang

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameYiming Zhang
  • IndustryInsurance
  • CompanyYingda Chang'an Insurance Brokers (State Grid Group)
  • LocationBeijing, Mainland China

I am proud to be a graduate of HKU MBA and it will definitely have been the wisest choice of my whole life. After my MBA, I joined AXA ART, focusing on art collections risk management and insurance services to museums, galleries, exhibitions and private and corporate collectors. As a senior manager in China, I am responsible for developing China business and report to the Asia regional head in Hong Kong. This is a new sector, an untouched sector, and a real challenge in my life. I have achieved a career goal of switching into a special and unique field in which I can make progress, sharpen my mind and distinguish myself.

Before my MBA, I had ten years working experience in Aon and focused on providing consulting services related to insurance and employment benefits for China SOEs and MNCs. At that time, I did a lot of research into which business school would be my best choice to help me enhance my international exposure and empower my idea to switch into different sectors. Finally, HKU MBA became my favoured choice because I was attracted to its culture of more than 100 years and its global exposure to London Business School and Columbia Business School. Even more importantly, I believed that, there, I could make a fundamental change for my future career.

In practice, HKU MBA provided a sound platform to help us to think more deeply about WHO/WHAT/HOW, about self-review, right direction and methodology to make us winners in our career lives. For myself, I joined three consulting projects involved with tram, aviation and risk mitigation to apply my learning directly to real work. Meanwhile, the McKinsey expert coached us to catch up on consulting logic to make a difference and I also got the opportunity to work in the regional energy & mining specialty in the Aon regional office to touch the real working culture in Hong Kong. When I studied in LBS, I got a more diversified global exposure and participated in the Zurich Worldwide Enterprise Competition and was rewarded with a place in the top 5.

If I could choose the MBA again, I would still make HKU MBA my choice. The passion and commitment that I took from HKU MBA gives inspiration and encouragement to my ideas and sharpens my life so that I face every challenge with a smile.

Elizabeth Stevenson

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameElizabeth Stevenson
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyAmerican Express
  • LocationNew York, U.S.A.

Prior to attending HKU MBA, I worked in Strategy Consulting, providing guidance and advice to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the U.S. and Europe. My career transition was made possible through strategic networking. I did not blanket companies with applications but rather focused on developing relationships which could lead to more impactful and productive use of my time. This networking, along with targeted Career Development and Trainig activities which solidified the focus of my job search, resulted in an offer from American Express in January, 2014.

Neha Agarwal

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNeha Agarwal
  • IndustryLuxury and Travel Retail
  • CompanyDFS Group, LVMH
  • LocationHong Kong

Prior to the MBA, I was a retail marketer in India. I spent 4 years setting up and growing the CRM division for a LVMH affiliate company. I also spent a year setting up the Digital Marketing Division for a Sequoia Capital funded e-commerce company. Digital in India was still at a nascent stage and the innovation in this industry was happening closer to China. I wanted to be part of that but was limited by my lack of experience in the Chinese market.

My decision to do an MBA from HKU was truly a life changing one. I chose courses which would enhance my knowledge of the Chinese market and the Career Development and Training team equipped me with the tools required for me to be noticed by companies in Hong Kong. Shortly after completing the programme, I responded to a lead in South China Morning Post and thus began my journey in DFS Group, LVMH where I am now working as a project manager in Digital Marketing. I have a global role in which I deal with various regions including South East Asia, Mid-Pacific, Oceania and North America. My new role not only enables me to learn about different markets but also work with emerging marketing technologies which are fresh out of Silicon Valley.

Wade Qin

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameWade Qin
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyAIA
  • LocationHong Kong

I have really appreciated the MBA experience in HKU. The systematic and insightful lectures greatly helped me understand the kernels of finance, management and marketing. I owe it to the MBA experience that I have now completed my career transition from engineering to financial sector.

My special thanks go to the comprehensive professional education and workshops organised by the Career Development and Training. Those events grant us great opportunities to understand the operations of different kinds of industries.

Alice Yoon

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAlice Yoon
  • IndustryTelecommunication
  • CompanyHuawei Technologies
  • LocationHong Kong

I am a managing consultant at Huawei Technologies in Hong Kong. After finishing the partnership programme in LBS, I returned to Hong Kong to seek future career opportunities. To be honest, I thought that landing a job in Hong Kong would be very difficult for an international applicant like me because my regional work experience was limited to South Korea. As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong, however, Career Development and Training provided a personalised consultation, encouraged me to pursue alumni networking, take online evisor lectures, and share my updates which, all together, helped me find my way on to my next career. Now, I realise that all these efforts, from the early CV workshop to Daniel Porot’s Career session in Career Development and Training events, are closely bound up with my successful career transition from product manager to consultant. I hope coming MBA students will enjoy this overall MBA experience for their own carrier opportunities to thrive.

Daniel Baumann

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDaniel Baumann
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • CompanyBSS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
  • LocationGermany

After my MBA at HKU, I resumed my previous role. I'm the Managing Director of BSS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH in Germany. The content of the courses and the people I met during my MBA journey definitely equipped me to strive and further develop in the business. The programme helped me to analyse and evaluate business problems from different angles and gave me tools which will aid me in my decision making in the future.

Duncan Yip

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDuncan Yip
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyHSBC PB
  • LocationHong Kong

Upon the completion of my MBA, I was hired as an Assistant Vice President in the Credit Advisory team of HSBC Singapore. Graduating from the HKU MBA programme has certainly opened many doors for me and allowed me to choose a career path that fits my aspirations. It has bestowed on me a newfound confidence and financial knowledge to take on daily responsibilities and challenges in my new career. I am glad I have been given a new lease of life with the support of the staff of HKU MBA, especially the Career Development and Training.

Gisheilla Costa

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameGisheilla Costa
  • IndustryInformation Technology and Services
  • CompanySalesforce
  • LocationSingapore

Post MBA, I joined a graduate programme (Account Manager) at Cisco Systems in Singapore. This was a desirable career change for me as I wanted to move from a technical role to a more business role. I have really enjoyed this role so far. It is very dynamic, challenging and motivating. The workshops arranged by Career Development and Training were really helpful and the team gave me a lot of career and interview advice. I sincerely believe that the business acumen and communication skills I gained from HKU MBA have definitely helped me excel in my career and that they will continue to do so.

Jimmy Shao

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameJimmy Shao
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyCitibank
  • LocationHong Kong

Before I came to Hong Kong, I had been working as a financial advisor. 4 years into the job, I felt that my career had plateaued. I needed a brand new platform on which to re-establish a career path with faster advancement. When I first joined the MBA class of 2013 here at HKU, I expected to break into Asset Management or Banking. After closely working with the Career Development and Training, I was given opportunities to visit companies of interest and to network with the professionals in the industry. The more networks I established, the better I understood my career aspiration. Eventually, I landed a Summer Internship position at Citibank and earned myself a permanent position in Equity Sales.

Wenjing Li

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameWenjing Li
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyStandard Chartered Bank
  • LocationHong Kong

From country perspective to regional view, I enjoyed amazing experiences not only in classes but also from time to time in communications with various well-known organizations, industrial leaders and passionate colleagues during HKU MBA life.

I succeeded in attracting offers before graduation from RBS Coutts and Standard Chartered Bank in Financial Crime Compliance in Hong Kong. For this, Career Development and Training assisted me in preparing for interviews and supported me with career counselling.

It has the same focus as my previous functions at AML/CFT/Sanctions in Citibank China in Shanghai, while the dimensions are distinctive. Along with previously acquired knowledge from China PBOC regulator, HKMA and SFC, this expertise will definitely give support to broadening my visions and expanding my skills in the banking compliance area in Hong Kong in the future.

Varun R Thakur

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameVarun R Thakur
  • IndustryTechnology
  • CompanyAmazon
  • LocationLuxembourg

I entered the HKU MBA with the intention of moving into tech-marketing.  By actively networking and meeting people in the Hong Kong tech community, I organized HKU MBA's first ever technology event with companies like Evernote on board. I also secured an internship with Easy Taxi (a Rocket Internet Company). With the extensive coaching and interview training provided by the career development office, I was successful in securing a position as the Marketing Manager of the Services division at in Luxembourg. As they say,  'All's well that ends well'.

Gunjit Chopra

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameGunjit Chopra
  • IndustryLogistics and Suppy Chain
  • CompanyLi & Fung Limited
  • LocationHong Kong

Through the diverse exposures gained through HKU MBA, I had a solid platform from which to successfully change my career from Information Technology to Supply Chain Management. Additional electives like Business Lab helped me apply the knowledge learnt in the classroom in a more practical way. Career Development and Training assisted me in preparing for my interviews, provided guidance to various career paths and gave support with career counselling.  

Christine Chow

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameChristine Chow
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyVelotrade
  • LocationHong Kong

I recently joined a fintech startup in Hong Kong as a manager of international trade. Aside from managing the credit function and daily operations of the company, I enjoy working closely with developers to streamline processes.  I worked in credit and risk related functions in JP Morgan and HSBC in Hong Kong and then I moved to Velotrade.  

Before moving to Hong Kong, I was an analyst at a venture capital financing firm in Vancouver, Canada, which sparked my interest in credit risk management. After graduating from HKU, I was able to secure jobs that were in line with my goal of pursuing a career in credit risk management. Without a doubt, the knowledge and experience I gained from HKU MBA helped jumpstart my career in Hong Kong.

I believe the guidance I received from Career Development and Training during the job hunting process helped me develop the key skills required to succeed and such skills still resonate with me today. For example, during the job hunting process, Career Development and Training offered tips on how to excel at assessment centres and provided one-on-one coaching which strengthened my interview skills. Furthermore, the MBA programme opened doors to a vast network of reputable banking professionals and mentors. As a result of the knowledge I acquired from the MBA programme and the invaluable support I received from Career Development and Training, I definitely gained confidence during the recruitment process and developed the skills required to achieve my long term career goals.

Erick Pan

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameErick Pan
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyDeutsche Bank
  • LocationHong Kong

Studying full time in HKU MBA is one of my best memories and was a life changing experience. This programme has helped me tremendously in terms of expanding business horizons, upgrading academic and professional competencies and most importantly, meeting professors, professionals, industry leaders and true friends. Before getting enrolled in the programme, I was in the debt market function within the banking industry in Shanghai. This 14 month programme has helped me locate a full time position in Hong Kong - the most dynamic and exciting financial centre in Asia.

Now and every time I look back, I feel very grateful that I made the decision to come to HKU MBA. The well-designed academic modules and various types of networking and career events, on a full time basis, forced us to stop and to think about where we were, where we wanted to go and how to get there. Basically I got all the support I needed during my study period here. 

For me, I wish time could flash back to the summer of 2012 and I could experience all of these things again. I would recommend this programme to every friend who wants to start an MBA experience.

Kshitij Registrar

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKshitij Registrar
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyCitibank
  • LocationSingapore

Citibank’s NRI business was where I resumed my career after completing my MBA. This opportunity came about through building up contacts within HKU’s alumni network and with strong backing from the Career Development and Training (CDT).

Alumni are the greatest strength of a business school and provide the most valuable connections one can make and maintain through the course of the MBA and afterwards. HKU’s alumni network has a good spread across Asia, with many alumni holding senior positions at large multi-national organisations. My first job after the MBA was obtained through the recommendation of an alumnus.

The CDT, too, can take equal credit for preparing me for my first assignment after my MBA. The advantage HKU has with its smaller intake compared to other schools is the proximity to CDT staff and the personal guidance and attention received by each student. Every staff member is aware of the career aspirations of every candidate on the programme. This helps to foster stronger relationships between the graduates and the school that continue after graduating from the programme.

Martin Hermanowski

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameMartin Hermanowski
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyHSBC
  • LocationHong Kong

One of my objectives in studying for an MBA was to find out which industry I wanted to continue my career in, and both the classes and the intensive interaction with classmates from a wide range of industries helped me to make a decision.

After spending six months in Shanghai to maximise my China experience and further improve my Chinese language skills, I returned to Hong Kong to take up a job at Accenture. I am now based in Hong Kong, as a manager in financial services IT consulting, and am looking forward to growing my career in Asia.

Noel Hanssens

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameNoel Hanssens
  • IndustryGovernment and Public Services
  • CompanyAustralian Government
  • LocationMelbourne

I am an Australian graduate from HKUMBA2013 and  I'm currently Manager, Information and Data Systems with a department in the Australian Government based in Melbourne, Australia. 
Making the transition to a new opportunity, to a new city and taking a further step up the career ladder were, in equal parts, exciting and challenging. The Career Development and Training provided me with resources and assistance to reach this point, opening my mind to numerous ideas about exploring and developing which triggered the desire to invest in myself even further.

Shuhei Aoki

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameShuhei Aoki
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyAmidas Partner
  • LocationTokyo, Japan

3 years after my MBA, I moved from structured finance to the M&A advisory field, and I'm currently engaged in cross-border M&A deal closing. My MBA experience helped my career change by deepening my finance expertise and expanding my network in Asia. I will keep positioning myself to contribute to clients and society through my career, using my experience in HKU MBA, the precious asset in my life. 

Before my MBA, I worked as an associate managing securitized products and loans in a servicer. Since my MBA, I've started my career as a product officer of structured finance in a bank, which is related to my previous job in terms of real estate finance, but is different because my current role is more dynamic as a risk taker.

Through Career Development and Training (CDT), I was given some interviews and introductions to jobs. Also, I prepared my CV and for my interviews with CDT's advice.

Chandan Gupta

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameChandan Gupta
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyJulius Baer
  • LocationHong Kong

Having worked in strategy consulting for three years and finding the PPT-making business slightly monotonous, I wanted to get a flavour of other things before settling down in life. So, similar to most of the other MBA candidates, shifting industry post-MBA was one of the key career goals for me. And considering I chose Finance as my new interest, I eventually landed up at the financial centre of this part of the world – Hong Kong.

Coming from a healthcare background, I was really apprehensive about being able to enter into the financial services industry. So, for me, an entry-level position with a robust training platform seemed to be the most appropriate choice. Hence, I chose to apply for these types of roles once I started with my MBA. I applied to all of the training programmes offered by both global and regional banks and was fortunate to secure an offer as a Management Associate at DBS. It is very important to start sending out applications as soon as the first term begins, considering that the whole recruitment process takes 4-6 months.

Management programmes are primarily entry-level training and leadership development programmes. Companies use these programmes to build future leaders, investing a lot of resources in providing the best training and exposure. Both technical and soft-skill training is provided via classroom lectures, e-learning modules, project work and actual on-the-job responsibilities. The key focus is on gaining exposure to products, processes, policies, systems, strategy and most importantly, people. The power of networking is crucial even during the training programme if you want to outperform and gain a competitive edge. If you are looking to gain a holistic view of a company/industry, and want to identify synergies between your skills and prospective job requirements before really being able to add value to a company/industry, these programmes are a good way to start your career.

During the course of the programme, you will spend time across various departments through different rotations. For example, I will be spending seven months each in the bank’s front, middle and back offices, understanding business, meeting clients, learning policies and gaining system knowledge. During the rotations, you could be assigned rotated through routine jobs at a department or you can get assigned to various projects that aim at providing you with a learning experience and also giving you the opportunity to recommend changes to improve processes. 

Once you finish the programme, you can choose to join a particular team that creates the most value for you as a professional and for your employer. The best part is that you always remain tagged as having been a Management Associate/Management Trainee, which will have unique advantages at various crossroads of your corporate career.

All the best with your career, and remember that “the universe always conspires to place you at the right place at the right time.”

Dion Hemaratanatorn

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameDion Hemaratanatorn
  • IndustryReal Estate
  • CompanySACOAD Corporation
  • LocationU.S.A.

The MBA degree I obtained at HKU opened up many opportunities for me to advance in my career. Their Career Development and Training hosted numerous networking events to meet with top global companies. With the knowledge and skill set acquired from the HKU MBA programme, I transitioned to become a Senior Operations Manager for one of the largest sourcing firms, Li & Fung, headquartered in Hong Kong, where I work closely with global sportswear brands on product development and supply chain management.

Erik Ruthrauff

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameErik Ruthrauff
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanySociete Generale
  • LocationNew York, U.S.A.

The General Inspection Department of my bank evaluates all aspects of the Group’s organisation, operation and activities through audits and advisory assignments. Inspectors are sent on short (4-5 month) assignments to all areas of the bank in all parts of the globe. Our main duties are audit focused, generally reviewing and analysing credit files. 

Russell Zhou

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRussell Zhou
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyUBS
  • LocationHong Kong

HKU MBA was a journey of discovery for me. Here, I found myself again. I knew exactly that I wanted to explore a financial career although I didn’t touch finance before the MBA. After graduation from HKU MBA, I joined IBD of China Everbright Bank in Guangzhou. However, I still hoped I could develop my career in Hong Kong, one of the world’s international financial centers. With the help of Career Development and Training, I maintained a relationship with Noah Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, which is a private wealth management firm listed on the New York Exchange. Noah needed to expand its business in the 2nd half of 2013 and offered me the position of Relationship Manager in Hong Kong.

In my current position, I have opportunities to be in touch with High Net Wealthy Individuals and utilize the knowledge gained in my MBA to meet clients’ requirements. After more than 2 years’ experience in the wealth management industry, I was approached by a headhunter. The headhunter was very interested in my HKU MBA experience and she could leverage that experience to help me to land a position in UBS. Finally, we got the goal. I am working in UBS Wealth Management as Associate Director now. It's another challenge for me, and I believe HKU MBA team will support me as they did before. 

Shaista Jhaveri

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameShaista Jhaveri
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyANZ
  • LocationHong Kong

Prior to my MBA I was a part of Edelweiss Capital, within their Investment Banking Team. One of the main reasons I joined the HKU MBA Programme was to grow within the financial services domain and explore investment banking and private equity opportunities on an international level. During the MBA I built a network and met with several private equity funds and investment banking firms offering opportunities. With the help of the Career Development and Training, I also had an internship with the Hong Kong Venture Capital Association which was a great platform to meet many PE/VC teams in Hong Kong. However, I realised that language is a barrier since a large number of deals take place with corporates in China. Even though a majority of my skillsets was within the IB space, I decided to look outside my comfort zone and utilise much of my undiscovered skills. Hong Kong is the best place to meet new people and learn about different industries. I attended many events and seminars where I met professionals to understand which other industries I could add value to. I realised that affluent banking/wealth management is an industry which would be a good choice as I believe I am an extrovert and tracking the markets is something I have been doing from a very young age. My endless efforts paid off when I got introduced to ANZ and my interviews began. Since then, there has been no looking back.

I am now the relationship officer at the Affluent Banking of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) in Hong Kong. At ANZ, I am a part of the Expatriate Team where I manage clients’ investment portfolios across asset classes and geographies. My key role lies in advising my clients on various financial investments that suit their risk profiles. So far, it has been an exciting ride and I am elated by my shift in industry. There is no doubt in my mind that the HKU MBA programme provided me with the opportunity to live up to my full potential. 

I would really advise the current batch to spend most of their time networking and meeting with professionals from their desired fields as it is the most effective way of securing a future in Hong Kong. I believe patience is not the ability to wait but to keep a positive attitude while waiting!

Sheila Xu

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameSheila Xu
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyTMF Group
  • LocationBeijing, Mainland China

With Career Development and Training’s assistance, especially in Mock Interview, I secured an offer from Johnson & Johnson. In Jan 2014, I joined Horwath Capital China as Manager of Business Development Department (location: Beijing) to continue my career journey in capital markets.

Life consists not only in holding good cards, but also in playing your hand well. The HKU MBA experience is a good card we hold, so let’s play it well.

Karan Choksey

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameKaran Choksey
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyBNP Paribas Private Bank
  • LocationHong Kong

After five years of wealth management experience in India, I joined the HKU MBA programme with the aspiration of pursuing a career in private banking at an international level. I have always been an extrovert, tracked the markets as a hobby and like most private bankers, loved interacting and meeting new people to get their perspective on various topics. The first step to entering the international private banking space for me was to know as many people as possible, which is precisely what HKU gave me.

I chose the HKU MBA first because Hong Kong is not only the main hub for financial services in Asia, but also one of the main markets for non-resident Indian (NRI) private banking. The programme itself boasted full-time and visiting professors with vast experience. I also had the opportunity to gain priceless exposure to the London Business School, interacting with a highly responsive alumni base.

Networking events organised by the programme were all held in Hong Kong’s Central district, where I met many business owners, bankers and affluent people in the industries. This platform for interaction with the who's who of Hong Kong is something I believe no other programme could provide.

I am now a part of BNP Paribas on their NRI Desk, Private Banking and living the dream I dreamt back in 2006.

Laurence Wong

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameLaurence Wong
  • IndustryGlobal Sourcing
  • CompanyLi & Fung
  • LocationHong Kong

The HKU MBA was an experience like no other and I would not trade it for anything in the world. It brought me friendships that will stand the test of time, a new perspective on life and a renewed focus on a rewarding and exciting career. These things were all made possible through the programme’s structure, especially with the month-long pre-MBA Beijing experience, as well as the mandatory exchange to London, New York or Shanghai. Being surrounded by and having the chance to take leadership roles among so many talented and intelligent people really challenged me and expanded my capabilities. More important than the actual in-class learning, however, was the development of soft skills that the MBA environment fosters. In no particular order, I drastically improved in leadership, negotiating, prioritising, organising, networking and communicating, to list just a few. This is probably one of the leading reasons for the promising job prospects I had before graduation.

The MBA helped me to transition my career from an operational/sales and marketing role in the stagnant printing and publishing industry to a new and exciting career in analysis and strategy for brand acquisition in the dynamic fashion retail industry. While the knowledge I gained in the classroom does help me in my job, the international exposure I received in Beijing, London and other parts of Europe is also proving to be invaluable, as a large part of my current job involves acquiring and signing deals with European and North American fashion brands to help them establish retail operations in China. While the MBA was just the first step to “getting my foot in the door”, the life-long friendships gained also come in handy. Everyone invariably goes in different directions after graduating with an MBA, so there is an extensive network of knowledge that is very accessible. There is no doubt in my mind that the HKU MBA programme provided me with the opportunity to live up to my full potential.

Rex Lin

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRex Lin
  • IndustryE-commerce
  • CompanySHOPAL
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

Before I joined the HKU MBA, I worked as a computer programmer at Kodak for five years. I was then an e-commerce manager at Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), Shanghai.

HKU MBA provided me with the business skills required to change career in a very short time frame. I was hired as a business analyst at APP in October 2012. Due to the wide-ranging experiences provided by the MBA, I was able to perform many diverse activities within this company, from monitoring manufacturing efficiency to performing M&A due diligence. In July 2013, I began managing the company's e-commerce channel, which focuses on servicing sales directly to customers, consignment partners and any new business model opportunity.

Arafat Sheik Jabbar

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameArafat Sheik Jabbar
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyCitibank
  • LocationHong Kong

Before joining HKU MBA, I was an Infoscion for seven years. I joined Infosys after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Madras. I spent seven years on Europe-based assignments engaged in Transaction banking projects, which led me to understand and develop solutions for global banking majors, including ABN AMRO, Fortis and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). As a corporate banking solutions consultant, I provided functional solutions during critical EU-wide banking initiatives such as the Single Euro Payments Area and on post-merger programmes for RBS and ABN AMRO.

MBA programme helped me transition personally and professionally onto a global, corporate and institutional banking career path. The business fundamentals, diversity of classes coupled with a strong alumni network aided in a holistic view on life, post graduation.

After finishing the MBA, I was hired as an Associate Director, Regional Channel Manager for North Asia in Standard Chartered’s Transaction Banking business. But I did not stay there long, as a little over a year later, I was approached by Citi about becoming Regional head of Online Banking Product Management for corporates in Asia Pacific in Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business. TTS provides an integrated suite of innovative and tailored cash management and trade finance services to multinational corporations, financial institutions and public sector organizations across the globe. I have since been promoted to the current post of Director, Asia Pacific Channel Services Head. I find this career path highly enriching. Product Management is an opportunity to carry out what I learned at MBA which is to be responsible for market management and all aspects of the product life cycle, from the original idea through commercial implementation, to ongoing profit and loss management.

Tim Chan

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameTim Chan
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyUnited Asia Finance Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

Before joining HKU MBA I worked in HSBC’s Retail Banking business. After I completed the MBA, I briefly worked at Shangri-La and HSBC before landing a strategic role in MetLife, a leading global insurance company.

The knowledge of the global business world I acquired through the dynamics of case study and LBS partnership in the HKU MBA definitely exceeded my expectations. The right mix of nationalities in my class also helped me to appreciate different cultures, which is an essential skillset in my new role. I made new friends from both inside and outside the classroom who all supported each other along the way even after graduation. Career Development and Training not only provided professional career training but also connected me with many top tier companies. In fact, my job interview with MetLife was referred by Career Development and Training.

In 2016, I joined UA Finance to set up the new Business Intelligence Department with the goal of promoting fact-based, data-driven culture across the whole company. Over a period of 2-years, we have successfully applied business intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to explore new business opportunities, achieve higher profitability and enforce better risk management in this market-leading consumer finance company. I have just moved to Bank of East Asia to cover Business Intelligence, Big Data and Market Insights functions. Doing that, we aim to make possible strong growth by providing business insights and customer understanding from all the data we have. 

In a nutshell, I highly value the experience gained and would recommend HKU MBA to anyone who is considering a world-class MBA programme.

Rahul Nigam

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRahul Nigam
  • IndustryConsulting
  • CompanyKPMG
  • LocationIndia

I was trained as a physician in India and the HKU MBA was just the right push that I needed to cross over from seeing a patient to viewing the broader canvas of healthcare delivery. Exposed to health systems across Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, and trained in electives such as health economics and business consulting, the Career Development and Training’s arrangement of interactions with leaders like Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Eli Lilly, among others, was the crucial connection which took me into a successful career in consulting. I joined the business advisory practice of Ernst & Young in India where I worked as a Senior Consultant and leading healthcare transformation projects across India.

Ryan Xu

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRyan Xu
  • IndustryBanking
  • CompanyCitibank (Hong Kong) Limited
  • LocationHong Kong

My pre-MBA position was Senior Risk Solution Consultant, Protiviti Inc., New York. Upon receiving my MBA, I joined Citibank as a graduate-level Management Associate. In the last two years, I have rotated through and completed different assignments for various departments within the bank, ranging from Finance to Compliance to Ops & Tech. With the help of Career Development and Training – through resume workshops, mock interviews, recruitment talks, and one-on-one coaching sessions – I successfully made a career switch from consulting to business management and I am reaping the rewards of the MBA education.

Sean Wang

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameSean Wang
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanySequoia Capital
  • LocationHong Kong

When I started business school, I only had a vague idea of what was involved in switching from IT to finance. Finance is such a broad term that I possessed very little knowledge of its scope. Studying in HKU’s MBA programme has brought me great range of benefits and has helped to improve my vision by widening my perspectives. Through Career Development and Training, not only was I offered career coaching sessions from industry veterans, but I also secured an internship at an investment bank, where I learned the functions of different departments via their rotation programme. Each of these experiences has helped me evaluate what is important in accomplishing my career goals.

Stuart Mercier

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameStuart Mercier
  • IndustryReal Estate
  • CompanyBrookfield Asset Management
  • LocationShanghai, Mainland China

The HKU MBA was a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally. As someone who had come from a real estate private equity background, my goal was not to transition industries but to pivot geographies and HKU afforded me that opportunity by allowing me to immerse myself in Asia while learning from some of business’ best thought leaders at HKU and LBS. Global business leaders of our generation will require a deeper understanding of Asia and the HKU MBA provides the perfect platform to facilitate that invaluable process.

William Akers

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameWilliam Akers
  • IndustryInternet
  • CompanyNetroadshow Inc.
  • LocationHong Kong

I am currently working as Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific for Netroadshow Inc and am based in Hong Kong. The HKU MBA Career Development and Training was a huge help in guiding me to my first job out of the programme by doing everything from making me aware of interesting job openings, coaching me through the interview process, assisting in the salary negotiating process and, finally, in accepting an offer. In my current role, I work with the equity and debt capital market teams at investment banks across Asia Pacific to assist with marketing IPOs and debt offerings. Due to the travel requirements of the role, I often have a chance to reunite with classmates from my programme when visiting Japan, Korea, China and Singapore.

Ariel Woo

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameAriel Woo
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyAllianz
  • LocationSingapore

Studying for an MBA and getting international work experience had always been on my bucket list. After working in the FMCG industry in Singapore for 5 years, I wanted to break away from my routine and challenge myself through a reputable MBA programme. After much research and speaking to different faculties through MBA fairs, I decided to apply for HKUMBA programme.

HKU MBA has 3 unique propositions that attracted me

1) One year Full-time MBA programme - Though intensive, the 1 year programme meant less opportunity cost for me and that I would be equally equipped with new knowledge and experience for my next career move.

2) HKU-LBS/CBS partnership – Being in partnership with one of the top MBA schools in the West, this East-meets-West programme definitely provided me with a well-rounded education, from classmates from all over the world with great variety of professions and disciplines, to world-class lectures and reputable faculty members. We not only had the opportunity to take a semester in LBS/CBS, we also had an excursion to Macau and visited the back office of “City of Dreams”, plus another elective course that took me to Shanghai for a week to learn about “Doing Business in China”.

3) Small class size – With a class size of 50-60 students, this definitely allowed me to build a stronger and more personal relationship with each of my classmates through closer and more frequent interactions.

The 1 year HKU MBA programme has been both intensive and rewarding. Most of the coursework was team based and having an international pool of classmates, they often brought to it different, yet interesting opinions and solutions, which was an eye-opener to me. As we learnt together and met project deadlines together, my classmates, the friendship we built and the memories that we  shared, have become one of the things that I treasure. They have become an important network for me, both personal and career-wise.

HKU MBA also has a professional Career Office. 1 month into the HKU MBA Programme, we had an interview and resume workshop where we were given valuable tips on polishing our resume. There were also mock interviews by HR professionals in the industries that provided feedback to us from which we could improve. The Career Office also had a 1-on-1 chat with each of us to know our career aspirations so that they could help us with our job hunt. I was interested to move into the Banking industry in HK and not having prior experience, a Management Associate Programme with a reputable bank was my first career choice. With the help of the Career Office, I went through numerous rounds of interviews and successfully secured a job as a Graduate Management Associate with Citibank Hong Kong, 6 months prior to graduation.

After graduating from HKU MBA in 2010, I joined Citibank in Hong Kong and was rotated within the Consumer Bank in various roles for 2 years. Last year, I had an opportunity to return to Singapore with Citi and I am now working as a Talent Manager, strategizing and executing a bank-wide High Potential programme and managing succession planning for the bank. I am in touch with my fellow MBA classmates and whenever I fly to Hong Kong for vacation, we meet up for “Yum-Cha".

I have seen myself develop through the HKU MBA programme in all aspects and I am happy that I joined it.

Mohit Ishar

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameMohit Ishar
  • IndustryTechnology
  • CompanySparshik Technologies Private Ltd.
  • LocationHong Kong

I am a resource for versatile project management and digital enablement, with over 10 years of rich global experience. To help clients capture the most value from data, I combine the latest tools and methodologies with technology, functional, and analytics expertise. I lead the design and development of client strategies in machine learning, blockchain, IoT and data science projects for pillar client accounts in the South-East Asian and Greater China regions.

I worked with the Regional CIO and the Regional Procurement Manager of my company to identify and engage key vendor partners. I was responsible for sourcing inputs to the digital businesses of clients (in terms of costs and value added) and providing consistency in those inputs to support their service offerings. I was also responsible for carrying out the development and implementation of engagement programmes and activities, including agency briefings, demonstrations, training courses, newsletters, intranet sites, manuals and procedure documentation, conferences and other activities in conjunction with key vendor partners.

Rakhi Sehrawat

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameRakhi Sehrawat
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • CompanyHSBC
  • LocationSingapore

Prior to joining HKU MBA, I was working as a senior business analyst at an investment research firm in India called Evalueserve. I was responsible for multiple projects with investment banking and private equity clients and I wanted to move up the value chain into the investment banking industry. To achieve this, I decided to broaden my horizon and join HKU-LBS partnership MBA programme.

After finishing the MBA, I was hired in an equity research role at Credit Suisse in London. Following this, I took up a new role at Rabobank in the Netherlands in the food & agribusiness research and advisory division, and worked as sector expert in various investment banking deals. Having worked in the banking industry for over three years since my MBA, I had also joined a private equity fund in Dubai as a food & agribusiness specialist at Robeco. Career Development and Training has been an important influence in my professional journey during and after MBA. It has provided me with the right connections, internship opportunities and guidance that has helped shape my career.

Vishwanath Desai

Alumni Successful Stories

  • NameVishwanath Desai
  • IndustryStrategy Consulting
  • CompanyDeloitte Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited
  • LocationHong Kong

I am currently working as Associate Director with Monitor Deloitte, a strategy consulting arm of Deloitte Consulting. In my current role, I mainly focus on helping multinational companies operating in China and globally on growth through mergers and acquisitions. Further, I also advise companies on their corporate and business unit strategies, digital transformation and innovation. 

Prior to joining Monitor Deloitte, I worked for a boutique strategy consulting firm that specialised in market intelligence and advisory on growth-related issues. I led a team of consultants there and managed cross-regional advisory projects on issues such as market entry and growth strategies, pricing strategies, new product development, channel strategies, commercial due diligence and advisory on strategic acquisitions for sector leading companies in private equity, financial services, technology and media. 

Working with senior-level industry executives on a diverse range of strategic issues and striving to deliver actionable results that have impact is something that keeps me motivated to be in the strategy consulting field.