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Career Services


“ I3 ” Career Development Series

We invite professional coaches to provide career coaching, training & workshops to HKU MBA full-time students in one-on-one coaching and group coaching formats. Through " I3 " Career Development Series, students will acquire the essential skills  for their career advancement.

Below are some of the Training & Workshops that we have tailor-made for students:

Goal Identification & Setting

CV Clinic & Résumé Workshop



 Knowing the difference between a Curriculum Vitae and a Résumé already answers correctly the first question on the application. Here we give you a professional check-up and advice on how to get your latest CV and résumé ready for different uses.

 One-on-One Coaching


We understand and appreciate how each individual is unique, hence we emphasise the importance of personal attention to every student. Our  coaches will listen to your needs and go with you through your career aspirations.

Market Insights & Readiness

  Personal Branding



Storytelling and personal branding have emerged as trendy topics in business and beyond. The challenge in personal branding is to present yourself as a person with unique skills, views, values and stories and not simply as a product. With storytelling, it is far too easy to just tell stories without examining why those stories are important and what they reveal about you.

 Career Visioning & Career Transitioning



Plan ahead for your career with a strategy which makes your “unique selling points” known, so increasing your possibilities of success in getting the job of your dreams. In this workshop, some insights will be given into leveraging students’ previous background to help them get to their new destinations, the perception of career transitions in Asia, and what type of back-up strategies they might want to develop.

 Interview Skills Enhancement


Interview Skills

Processing excellent communication skills might be one of the important elements in a job interview. Yet, there are other contributing factors which enable you to qualify for the job. The workshop covers creating a great first impression, job interview etiquette, the use of voice & non-verbal communication and navigating a non-technical interview.

 Case Cracking Practice              


The case-based interview is becoming increasingly the most common selection method, not only with professional service firms but also with industrial corporations. Success in case-based interviews comes from developing the case cracking technique and practising it thoroughly     through mock Interviews.

  Mock Interviews  


Our coaches are there to give you the interview experience closest to real life before you go for the actual interview.

Industry Outreach

  The Power of Networking and Social Media for Career Success



What works and what doesn’t in networking seems to be hit-or-miss. In this coaching session, we will explore how to make a positive and memorable first impression, what is the most resourceful way to connect with people, how to make the right offers, and how to make a graceful exit from a conversation.