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Internship and Live Projects


Throughout the academic year, a number of organisations across different industry sectors engage our MBA students affiliated with specific clubs on internship or live projects that may last from several weeks to several months. During the process, students gain hands-on experience in the operation of the respective businesses, and are hence able to make a better-informed decision about their own career.   



I worked for FCC Solutions as a Risk Evaluation Consultant. The internship enabled me to experience Hong Kong work culture, build up my network and offered me some flexibility in planning my finances.
Through the internship, I successfully built potential contacts and I understand how to deal with a client while resolving some issues, which is very important for the consulting field in which I am planning to pursue my career.
Finally, I would like to thank our Career Services for helping me in getting this internship.




India, Class of 2016
Internship: Data Analyst, FCC Solutions, Hong Kong
Post-MBA: Manager, Rotational Leadership Development Program, Gap Inc., Hong Kong
I enrolled in HKU’s full-time MBA course with the clear ambition to leverage my legal experience and build my career in compliance for financial industries. The Career Services of HKU MBA helped set up an interview for an internship with FCC Solutions. FCC Solutions is a Hong Kong based boutique financial crime compliance (FCC) consultancy providing FCC strategy, implementation, advisory, monitoring and more for global corporate, banking and financial services.
I secured the internship and half-way through my MBA, found myself seconded part-time by FCC to a global bank in their FCC department. It was part-time because I was still completing my MBA and student visa stipulations have a cap on the number of hours that can be worked. It was a great opportunity, particularly as it aligned with my next career step. After the internship, FCC Solutions offered me a full-time job and I started working with them before I finished the MBA.
The HKU MBA continues to be an excellent experience and that positive experience is compounded by the fact that I secured my intended role in compliance months before completing my MBA.


Netherlands, Class of 2016
Internship: FCC Solutions, Hong Kong
Post MBA: Reputational Risk - Financial Crime Compliance,
         HSBC, Hong Kong
“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.” - Bernie S. Siegel
I had a wonderful internship opportunity with Infiniti’s Global Headquarters in Hong Kong. Infiniti Motor Company is the premium car brand of the Japanese automaker Nissan and is the only automobile brand that is headquartered in Hong Kong.
The experience working with Infiniti was exciting and challenging. The environment was fast-paced and forward-thinking and on a daily basis I had to understand the latest market trends, investigate the competitive landscape and develop strategies for global after-sales operations. This experience gave me the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams and colleagues from different regions across the globe. I was able to leverage my prior experience in the industry and my course learnings to produce results which were well appreciated by the management.
I somehow managed to squeeze internship work of twenty hours per week into my already busy MBA schedule. Employers feel that internship demonstrates initiative.  Every employer wants “go-getters.” Given that internship is not mandatory for the course, such an experience will prove that we are proactive about career development. For me, this internship was a forerunner to securing a career in automotive consulting in China after my MBA and a great value add to my resume.
India, Class of 2015
Internship: Global Operations Team,
Infiniti Motor Company Ltd., Hong Kong
Post-MBA: Project Manager, Consulting (Experience Centre), PwC, Shanghai, Mainland China
From July to October 2015, I joined the summer internship programme for BRF, a Brazilian food company. My project was to set up E-commerce for the company's B2C business in China. It was indeed an intense, exciting and fruitful experience.
The programme started with an immersion week when all 8 summer interns from different regional offices around the globe gathered in the head office in San Paulo, to get a preliminary impression of the industry and their business across the whole value chain. Back in the Shanghai Office, I started with market research on food E-commerce, negotiation with major E-commerce platforms and online food verticals, designing online to offline sales solutions, and finally created a 16-month action plan to build BRF’s eco-system for online platform.
It was not only about an all-around business experience, but also a precious opportunity to make friends with my colleagues who share the same passion and aspirations. 
Mainland China, Class of 2015
Internship: Project Manager, BRF, Shanghai, Mainland China
Post-MBA: Assistant Business Development & Compliance Manager, Volkswagen Hong Kong Ltd.,
Hong Kong

Live Projects

As part of my MBA, I was involved with the Finance Club and had the opportunity to participate in one of the projects coordinated by HKU and several finance-related businesses. We were coached by a very experienced portfolio manager and a HKU external finance consultant in order to analyse two Chinese e-commerce giants and present our recommendations. Great hands-on experience!


Canada, Class of 2016
Post-MBA:  Senior Investment Associate, HNA Group (International) Company Limtied, Hong Kong
I had the privilege to lead a marketing consulting project on improving the end-to-end customer journey for an online legal services startup based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Through the intense 3 months of several client meetings, in-depth research, interviews with actual customers and internal stakeholders, I was able to learn a lot about the dynamics around startup businesses and their general marketing issues. The client was highly engaged and gave us very prompt response/feedback to every deliverable, which made the project extremely efficient and meaningful for both parties. I believe it was a great opportunity for me to understand consultancy as a career as well as to experience a new industry which I had no exposure of before.




South Korea, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: L Catterton Asia, Hong Kong
The Live project experience gives you the real flavour of what you are learning in the MBA. As a marketing consultant to a startup firm, I was able to apply my knowledge and skills to solve an ongoing problem faced by the firm. The best part of the project is the level of autonomy every group operated with that allowed us to develop creative solutions for the issue. Our solutions were appreciated and implemented by the start-up team which was a great achievement. Being a part of such a project not only broadened my skill set but also gave me the opportunity to gain some exposure in consulting before I step out in the real world.


India, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Assistant Brand Manager, Tata Global Beverages, Bangalore, India
At HKU MBA, I got an ideal platform through a live consulting project for Asia’s largest Online Legal Service Company. The project experience enabled me to sharpen my skills and be better equipped for the future opportunities.
This opportunity not only provided an insight into the Asian market and consulting environment but also gave me an opportunity to interact with some senior stakeholders from the industry, enabling me to have a right balance of training, mentoring and coaching required at that stage.
India, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Senior Manager, Genpact Enterprise Risk Consulting, Greater Chicago Area, U.S.A.
Finance. Technology. The Underbanked. These are all issues we dealt with during our live consulting project while studying our MBA full time at HKU. Our project spanned continents: from Sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia to the Pearl River Delta. Working with the founder of a fintech startup, we had intimate access to the intense business decisions that a founder faces each day trying to build his business. The most gratifying part was when we presented for our mentor, and he commended us on our hard work. By working hard and harnessing the skills of our diverse team, from Taiwan, Singapore, and United States, we delivered a well-polished and well-received work product that helped our client expand into a new market. 


U.S.A., Class of 2016
Post-MBA: General Manager, Soap Cycling, Hong Kong
The consulting project I worked on with Patrick and Ted combined my interest in consulting, financial technology and financial inclusion. The experience is like a sandbox which allows us to bounce back quickly from failures in a protected environment under the guidance of a forthcoming and experienced mentor, yet real enough for us to set the direction, roll up our sleeves to do the hard work and deliver results for our client. Till today, it remains as one of my most memorable experiences in my MBA.


Singapore, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Government Relations Manager,
Prudential Corporation Asia, Hong Kong
Executing a live project of choice in Hong Kong is a niche opportunity. Students can leverage and apply the concepts learnt during MBA. I chose the PR marketing strategy project for a start-up in the emerging space for ‘Fintech’ in Hong Kong.
The key learning was to understand the process and build awareness at each step while carrying out market analysis of the domestic and global landscape, communicating with internal and external stakeholders and developing strategy recommendations. Indeed, it was equally vital to see the proposed strategy getting implemented in the local market to improve a firm’s performance!
India, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Manager, Financial Services Advisory,
Ernst & Young, Hong Kong
The consulting project was an unprecedented and eye-opening experience. This project allowed me to view consulting not as an academic course but from a career perspective; Jasmine, Patrick and I had become real consultants and the FinTech Startup was our client. My most memorable experience regarding the project was the field work involved in going to Shenzhen, a fast changing city in China, to collect surveys from the blue-collar workers on their perspective of retail banking. Having obtained a complacent Master's degree, I was shocked to know some workers are not fortunate enough to graduate from middle schools. This compelled me to be retrospective about a truly profitable and sustainable business.


Taiwan, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Global Consultant, HDE, Inc., Japan
The opportunity to work on a real world consulting project with direct access to the CEO and other senior members of the organisation was a truly enriching experience. The project not only helped me develop a sound understanding of the role of legal service providers in the financial realm but also helped me accumulate invaluable hands-on experience as a real world consultant i.e. meeting, managing and delivering on client expectations on a dynamic basis.


India, Class of 2016
Post-MBA: Senior Analyst, Strategy & Planning, Global Supply Chain Management, Infiniti Motor Company Ltd., Hong Kong