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MBA Student Clubs


A number of student clubs have been formed to help students with common interests share insights and broaden their exposure to situations beyond the classroom.



Consulting Club


The Consulting Club helps our students who are interested in opportunities in management/strategy consulting to connect with potential employers and alumni. Through case study practices as well as other networking forums, the students gain an understanding of the day-to-day lives of consultants and make well-informed decisions about the career opportunities in the sector.



Entrepreneurship Club


The Entrepreneurship Club provides a platform for students who have an interest in nurturing and incubating new business ideas to network with like-minded professionals. Activities include panel discussions with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who will be able to provide insights into the start-up process.



Finance Club


The Finance Club connects students who are interested in investment banking, private equity, asset management, equity research, corporate finance, risks and compliance as well as other financial services related opportunities and topics. Through this club, the student body is able to liaise with executives and professionals to learn about evolving trends in the sector.



The HKU MBA Finance Club, and the extracurricular clubs in general, provide current students with an exceptional opportunity to put lessons learned in the classroom into practice. Members have an exclusive chance to participate in projects for real financial industry firms—involving asset management, FinTech, equity research, and more—in which students interact with a firm’s representatives to complete a hands-on project related to a real need facing that particular firm. This opportunity, paired with a plethora of networking opportunities, social events, and general club camaraderie, truly enhances the MBA experience.  As the President of the Club, I was very much pleased with the opportunities the Club could provide its members with, as well as with the unparalleled leadership experience I gained throughout the process.
 U.S.A., Class of 2016 (Finance Club President)
 Pre-MBA: Financial Analyst,
Northrop Grumman Corporation , U.S.A.
 Post-MBA: Project Manager, Under Armour, Shanghai, Mainland China

Industry Club


The Industry Club is angled towards students who may have diverse interests in consumer, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, real estate, supply chain, TMT and other sectors. The club has been particularly active in inviting professionals to share their experience with students who are developing careers in their area. The Club also participates in CSR / charity events, including the Lonely Christmas @ HKU as well as the Running Santa campaigns.



The Industry Club provided our members with a great overview of the professional landscape in Hong Kong and China. Unlike other clubs, the Industry Club was involved in multiple disciplines such as Logistics, Retail, and Technology. Throughout the year, our members played a variety of roles: as industry ambassadors, charity fundraisers and interns with industry partners. The wide range of talent and background among members gave the club its unique personalities, strengths and opportunities like no other focus group in the program.


Canada, Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: Engineering Sales, HTS Engineering, Toronto, Canada
Post-MBA: Partner Channel Development Manager, Microsoft, Hong Kong
The Industry Club devoted its time and resources to engaging external speakers from different industries to deliver invaluable insights. One can expect to learn more with an open mind. We fielded strong team dynamics and passed the baton among members, each time playing host to guests, thus allowing greater interactions. The mandate for the club is broadly defined and allows creativity and imagination in how to approach activities. We successfully organized Operation Running Santa, a charity run. It was a great experience managing the project in addition to being a lot of fun on race day!
Singapore, Class of 2016



Women in Leadership Club


The Women in Leadership Club promotes gender diversification in corporate leadership. The Club provides a means of connecting students with organisations that support the cause, and organises panel discussions and networking opportunities with female business leaders across all industries.



As the President of the Women in Leadership Club at HKU MBA, I had a fantastic experience organising activities for the club. We had three wonderful industry mentors from last year and this year I invited a fourth mentor to guide us. These women are powerful professionals in their industries and were very excited to be associated with the club. I had a fabulous experience organising The Gender Experiment, our flagship event, which had a reputed panel, an interactive live poll and 90+ attendees. I approached The Macquarie Group to host our event in their office for the second consecutive year and we made phenomenal partners.
This event provided me a platform to sharpen my event management and networking skills. It also gave me an opportunity to interact with male and female professionals from companies such as Citi Group, Eximius Group, AllianceBernstein, Capco, Room to Read, Women in Finance Asia, who want to support more women in business to reach top leadership positions.
India, Class of 2016 (Women in Leadership Club President)
Pre-MBA: Research Associate, Public Finance & Macroeconomics, Moody’s Investors Service, Gurgaon, India
Post-MBA: Global Strategy – EcoBuilding, Schneider Electric, Hong Kong
The Women in Leadership club helped me connect with strong willed, passionate and purposeful women who have successfully proved their merit in the real world. It made me appreciate the power of women in business and the surge of opportunities through which they can scale the ladder. The gender experiment event organised by our club was attended by senior leaders from the industry and was a tremendous success. Organising an event like this added another dimension to my MBA experience, provided immense exposure and helped me build a network with successful leaders from the corporate world.


India, Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: National Head of Communications,
Becoming I Foundation, New Delhi, India
Post-MBA: Assistant Brand Manager, Tata Global Beverages, Bangalore, India

Social Engagement Club

Social Engagement Club supports a wide range of activities including social service projects, corporate social responsibility initiatives and charity events, and gives our students the opportunity to initiate a long-term interest in and commitment to serving the community. Through this involvement, our students will experience substantial personal growth.