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Career Services

Mentorship Programme





Career Services invites seasoned professionals from different industries and   backgrounds to become mentors to our MBA students. The Mentorship Programme usually lasts for six months during which mentors and mentees meet as often as possible, depending on their schedules.


Mentors’ Objectives:


To connect with young professionals to expand their network

To influence future business leaders by providing guidance and sharing relevant experience

To facilitate knowledge exchange on new business trends and industry developments


Mentees’ Objectives:


To connect with senior professionals and  obtain real-life business knowledge

To enhance and enrich the MBA experience

To strengthen communication and networking skills



Senior Vice President, Regional head of Technology, Asia Pacific
Enterprise Information Technology
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
The HKU MBA Mentorship Programme has been an effective and well-run programme that has focused on creating a balanced and pragmatic approach to making connections with the real world outside the academic environment for students who have had past exposure to the corporate world, but strive to develop greater awareness and appreciation of the commercial and corporate landscape in Hong Kong. The programme , whilst being flexible enough to allow the mentor/mentee partnership to evolve and mature at a pace suitable for their specific needs and circumstances, caters extremely well for the various industries and sectors where Hong Kong plays a leading role in the region. The programme has attracted a wealth of mentors who have in-depth knowledge and experience in their own field of expertise whilst having a real passion for serving the community and investing their time and effort on future leaders of our society.
The opportunity I have had with the HKU MBA facility over the past year has been gratifying and has allowed me to share my experience, passion and personal values with a set of highly talented individuals as well as groups of students. The breadth of talent, the eagerness to learn and develop and the dedication to the programme shown by the MBA students have been admirable, and I have been particularly impressed by their social and professional skills which include team work, communication and collaboration.
I have no doubt that the MBA programme, with the aid of the mentorship, is designed to identify and develop future leaders of our society. I look forward to continuing to support the programme in future years.
I have had the pleasure of mentoring an HKU MBA student every year for the last few years. The students have consistently shown passion in the area that they wish to develop after the MBA. Hence, each meeting becomes a constructive discussion between the mentee and the mentor, where we both learn from each other. The HKU MBA is a wonderful experience and I congratulate the Career Development Office for this mentorship initiative!


Chief Operating Officer 
SAIF Partners Group


I was assigned Mr. Vel Mayooran, Regional Head of Technology, Wells Fargo as my mentor by the Career Services. The mentorship programme has helped me learn a lot and more so as I came from India and did not have any previous exposure to the corporate world of Hong Kong.
Vel gave me insights into the business scenario in Hong Kong. He was kind enough to spare time from his busy schedule and I used to meet him once a month to discuss how my studies and career planning were progressing. Following his advice, I went through many personality tests which helped me to know myself better. He also used to regularly share with me interesting business news articles which helped me to be more aware of corporate life in Hong Kong. He was always very patient and helpful and has been a wonderful mentor.
I am grateful to HKU for assigning me a mentor as it has helped  me gain exposure to the corporate world and receive guidance from a senior professional. The programme has contributed immensely in preparing myself in the course of my MBA journey.
India, Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: Deputy Manager, ICICI Bank, Mumbai, India
Internship: Technology, Wells Fargo, Hong Kong
Mentorship Programme is one of the most valuable features of the HKU full-time MBA programme. After study begins in Hong Kong, every student is assigned  a mentor by Career Services according to their previous background and future career path. Actually, it’s a valuable chance to meet a career coach and lifelong friend.
 I feel very grateful to have an excellent mentor. I got my bachelor degree in accounting. Before the MBA Programme, I worked in the ‘big four’ as an auditor and consultant for around four years. I aspired to transfer to the  investment industry through this programme. After acknowledging my aspiration, Career Services arranged a mentor for me who had  rich markets experience, focused on alternative investments in the hedge fund industry. Looking back, I see that it really helped me a lot.
My mentor regularly holds a meeting with me either in a café or his office. He is happy to share his previous experience with me and give me some advice about my career path. I still remember when I got my first internship offer, which was a real estate PE fund, and sought his advice. He told me,  “Don’t hesitate to take it. If you want to develop a career in an industry you should enter this industry first.” He also shared his own career pattern with me, that is, what internship he took when he was in business school, where he began his career, how he found his first job after MBA programme and more. He always encourages me to insist on my targets and take action regardless of how difficult that might be, which gives me great confidence in achieving what I aspire to. When I meet difficulty, he always helps me analyse it and gives his suggestion, patiently. Actually, he is not only my mentor but also my lifelong friend.


Mainland China, Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young , Shenzhen, Mainland China
Post-MBA: Senior Vice President, China Huarong (Macau) International Company, Hong Kong