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Overseas Business Trek

In addition to company visits in Hong Kong, Career Services also organises trips for students to visit companies and recruiting partners around the region and learn about career opportunities in other business hubs.



Shanghai Business Trek


Shanghai Trek

Shanghai Trek

As the financial capital of the country, Shanghai is the  China headquarters for many conglomerates  and is also emerging as their APAC headquarters. Over the last few years, Career Services has organised trips to Shanghai for our students to meet with recruiting partners in financial services, industrial, luxury retail, consumer, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, as well as HR consulting firms to understand the employment trends in the country. Very importantly, students take this opportunity to meet with HKU MBA alumni as well as other senior business leaders through networking events hosted by the Career Services team.



 Shenzhen Business Trek


Shenzhen is now an innovation centre in Southern China. The MBA Programme organised a day-long excursion for students of the full-time MBA programme to visit Tencent, DJI and SF Express. Students attended the company presentations and also networked with senior business executives to learn about the organisations’ cultures and the success stories behind them, as well as career opportunities available to both Chinese and non-Chinese speakers.



Singapore Business Trek



Singapore Business Trek

The Career Services team has been organising excursions to Singapore regularly over the years for full-time MBA students to meet with recruiting partners. Visits have taken place across a number of different industry sectors, including finance, consulting, technology and logistics, with the majority of them being globally or regionally headquartered in Singapore. Students learnt about career opportunities in the country, and gained insights into the work permit application process. In addition, Career Services has organised networking events during these trips for students to mingle with HKU MBA alums, executive search consultants and other business leaders.