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HKU Part-time MBA Advantage
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Part-time MBA
Programme Highlights

  • Completion in a minimum of two years and maximum of four years
  • Asia-focused, with case-based learning materials and methodology
  • Courses taught by renowned professors with strong regional business and industry experience
  • Modular structure, with each module lasting about five weeks to allow students to concentrate on one course at a time
  • Opportunity to spend a semester at London Business School or Columbia Business School
  • Opportunity to join HKU’s strong alumni network

HKU Part-time MBA Advantage
Weekday/ Weekend mode

The part-time MBA programme is offered in both weekday and weekend modes. Courses are offered on a modular basis, with each module lasting about five weeks. Students obtain their MBA in two to four years.

Weekday mode

Study in the heart of the city at our Town Centre in Admiralty. Classes meet twice a week on weekday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:45pm.


Weekend mode

Classes are held on Saturdays at the Town Centre in Admiralty or Pokfulam main campus. As Saturday classes are conducted only once a week, students are expected to dedicate the entire day, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, to the programme. Some weekend classes are occasionally conducted on Friday evenings.

Four essential themes critical to the success of multinational and regional firms in Asia today are featured in our courses:

  • Entrepreneurship
    Innovation &
    Operation Management
  • Financial
  • Managing in
    China & Asia
  • Marketing &
    Services Management

These four themes identify the various challenges faced by firms in Asia as they build sustainable corporate advantage. We believe that by acquiring up-to-date knowledge, analytical tools and management skills related to these themes, MBA students will be well prepared for careers as senior executives in Asia.