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Mr. Fabrice Fischer

Mr. Fabrice Fischer

Visiting Lecturer

Founder and CEO, Blu Artificial Intelligence


About Mr. Fabrice Fischer 


Fabrice Fischer is the Founder and CEO of Blu, an Artificial Intelligence advisory firm that specializes in disruptive innovation within the Financial Services industry, based in Hong Kong. Over the past 20 years, Fabrice has taken up multiple roles in Financial Services and IT within Asia, Europe and North America.

In his six year stint as CFO of Sentient Technologies, Fabrice oversaw a period of extraordinary growth, which resulted in Sentient becoming one of the world’s best funded AI companies. He also played an integral part in the launch of Sentient Investment Management, Sentient’s artificial intelligence based Hedge Fund, which continually evolves and optimizes its investment strategies. He also headed Sentient’s Distributed Computing grid in Asia. 

Fabrice’s career highlights also include starting a HK-based IT-services company in infrastructure and ERP for the Asset Management industry. Subsequently, he joined Bain & Co. as a Consultant advising companies in the IT, Telecom and Private Equity industries across Europe and then continued as an independent advisor to Banks and Asset Managers. He was the CFO and COO of Bryan Garnier, a European boutique Investment Bank that specialized in Corporate Finance, Brokerage, Asset Management and Private Banking. There he managed the asset management activities and also the equity analysis team of the bank. 

Fabrice is currently advising on a variety of projects in numerous industries and geographic markets. His AI expertise includes Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks (NN) and Deep Learning (DL), Evolutionary Algorithm (EA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image recognition and video processing. He also has a rare hands-on experience in Distributed Computing at a very large scale (over 2M CPU cores and thousands of GPUs). In addition, Fabrice has also spoken at multiple Artificial Intelligence and Technology conferences and events, both in Asia-Pacific, and around the world.

Fabrice holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from University of Montreal and an MBA from INSEAD.